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  1. Double Fine kicks off Amnesia Fortnight 2014 Game Jam: Back in 2005, I wandered into the Game Crazy attached to my local grocery store and began perusing the selection. There, in the new releases category, was a game called Psychonauts. A game about going into people's brains?! Awesome! I bought it immediately. It quickly became one of my favorite games of all time.So imagine my surprise and delight when Double Fine, >http://ur1.ca/gl3yt http://ur1.ca/gl3yu

    Friday, 07-Feb-14 22:10:06 UTC from PK
    • Pinnacle of Pony Music: dbPony + Mic: Big HORSE: Three years; that's how long the pony music scene has been thriving.  We have had songs that tug at the heartstrings, some that energize, and others that are just fun to just chill to.  A few get millions of views and break out of pony to the main stream, something that many musicians only dream of.  While the quality of those is undeniable, nothing comes anywhere nea >http://ur1.ca/gl3g3 http://ur1.ca/gl3g4

      Friday, 07-Feb-14 21:10:05 UTC from Sethisto
      • Here ya go @Ceshira # @GregCipes @kharypayton @scottmenville http://t.co/LrB3HqJpEs

        Friday, 07-Feb-14 20:40:17 UTC from Tara's Hands
        • My main squeeze @GregCipes gettin my lips ready for some # # http://t.co/axryozYtYU

          Friday, 07-Feb-14 20:22:08 UTC from Tara's Microphone
          • Comic: Fun / Heads and Tails Pt 18 / Fallout Equestria: The Ghost of the Wastes / Good Morning: Going up a princess would be a bit intimidating I have to admit though it would be a little fun at the same time, eh?Comics once again guys. Click for full!Twitter: >http://ur1.ca/gl2y0 http://ur1.ca/gl2y1

            Friday, 07-Feb-14 20:10:06 UTC from Calpain
            • Streams and Marathons Today!: It's Friday! Time for parties, marathons, streams, and whatever else is planned.  Head on down below for all of it! >http://ur1.ca/gl2jy http://ur1.ca/gl2jz

              Friday, 07-Feb-14 19:10:05 UTC from Sethisto
              • Vinyl Figures on We Love Fine Purchasable on their Own Now - Adds Chrome Version:  In a move that I'm sure a bunch of you are going to be happy about, We Love Fine has switched their Derpy and Vinyl Scratch vinyl figures off of the pay x amount to unlock buying them plan and now offer them separate! Three variants are available for both ponies, including a brand new chrome version.  If you want one, hit up their vinyl figure >http://ur1.ca/gl273 http://ur1.ca/gl274

                Friday, 07-Feb-14 18:10:05 UTC from Sethisto
                • Comic: Cadence Gets A Makeover Pt 6 / By The Book / Fishy Business: Aw, come on Cadence, you look great! I really like, um, your mane?Early morning comics guys! Click for full.Twitter: >http://ur1.ca/gl1uh http://ur1.ca/gl1ui

                  Friday, 07-Feb-14 17:10:05 UTC from Calpain
                  • The Hub Ratings for Pinkie Pride: The viewer ratings for Pinkie Pride are in! Seems ponies are topping the Hub charts by a large margin, again.The early leaks did leave it's mark on viewership though, placing this episode in 11th place for season 4.Thanks to everyone that send it in! >http://ur1.ca/gl1mn http://ur1.ca/gl1mp

                    Friday, 07-Feb-14 16:40:06 UTC from Gameleon
                    • Entertainment Weekly Posts Yet Another "Simple Ways" Clip: Teaser clips everywhere! As usual, I cant embed from Entertainment Weekly, so check out their article and a third teaser clip instead!Thanks to Nathan for the first heads up! >http://ur1.ca/gl1kj http://ur1.ca/gl1kk

                      Friday, 07-Feb-14 16:30:06 UTC from Pegasus Rescue Brigade
                      • Another "Simple Ways" Clip from TVguide: Another week, another set of teaser clips.  Check out this one from TVguide below the break! >http://ur1.ca/gl1ek http://ur1.ca/gl1en

                        Friday, 07-Feb-14 16:00:06 UTC from Pegasus Rescue Brigade
                        • SFM: Paperderp - Quest for the Lost Muffins: As many of you have probably picked up by now, I love me some well animated SFM stuff.  The community around it is relatively small, but has built up to some amazing stuff over time with new models and the transition from Gmod to the actual Source Film Maker program. Based on the image above, you may be saying But Sethisto! That's paper style animated ponies, not SFM!.  Wel >http://ur1.ca/gkzqd http://ur1.ca/gkzqf

                          Friday, 07-Feb-14 13:30:07 UTC from Sethisto
                          • RT @MattDusza .@Tarastrong is doing a reddit AMA on sunday at 3pm EST

                            Friday, 07-Feb-14 11:22:27 UTC from Context Retweet
                          • Nightly Roundup #: Look at how happy Lyra is about you guys wanting her for header tonight! Her love is literally just shining out through her eyes. But who will be the winner for tomorrow night? Leave a comment down below and vote!Not much news today, but I do want to try out something tonight. Since EqD doesn't have a dedicated forum the community here has sort of a hard time talking about what they want to without derailing more s >http://ur1.ca/gkwuf http://ur1.ca/gkwug

                            Friday, 07-Feb-14 05:30:07 UTC from Calpain
                            • RT @Funporium: You ask, we deliver! All fandoms: Reddit, 02/09@noonPST: AMA w/ @tarastrong. Also, Tara messages as rewards are up! https://...

                              Friday, 07-Feb-14 04:46:31 UTC from Tara's Headphones
                              • RT @RobFendler: Renegades new Amazon pilot # has debuted, starring @tarastrong, @KariWahlgren and @TheJohnDiMaggio http:...

                                Friday, 07-Feb-14 04:44:14 UTC from Tara's Lips
                                • Simple PMV Compilation #: I have no idea why Rarity is riding a Kirby star, but we have some Simple PMV's for you all, and that looked like a fun one to use for it!Get some below! >http://ur1.ca/gkwjh http://ur1.ca/gkwji

                                  Friday, 07-Feb-14 04:30:06 UTC from Sethisto
                                  • Episode 13 "Simple Ways" Teaser Clip appears + Screenshot from the Hub: The MLP facebook page brings us the first look at Saturday's upcoming episode!  Get it below the break as usual, along with an... unusual screenshot from the Hub's twitter! >http://ur1.ca/gkw2d http://ur1.ca/gkw2e

                                    Friday, 07-Feb-14 02:40:06 UTC from Pegasus Rescue Brigade
                                    • Discussion: What are your Theories on the Rainbow Items Spread Throughout the Season So Far?: This season has an arc! As of right now, it's still unknown what exactly is going to happen with it. We have keys to unlock a box, and these rainbow objects that may or may not be keys popping up for each of the mane 6.We have received countless emails with people's thoughts and ideas on what they think is going on, so I figure >http://ur1.ca/gkvr4 http://ur1.ca/gkvr5

                                      Friday, 07-Feb-14 01:20:05 UTC from Sethisto
                                      • Even Bieber is on Board with Micheal: So, . I wonder if his 49.4 million followers will actually read it instead of whatever! Can we officially consider this story everywhere by now? >http://ur1.ca/gkvo7 http://ur1.ca/gkvo8

                                        Friday, 07-Feb-14 01:10:05 UTC from Sethisto
                                        • Drawfriend Stuff #: Would you build a snowman with Elsapony? Even if she had the potential to accidentally freeze you?We have bunch of art today! Get it all below.SnowSpell >http://ur1.ca/gkv7r http://ur1.ca/gkv7s

                                          Friday, 07-Feb-14 00:10:05 UTC from Sethisto
                                          • Story Updates - February 6th: Everyone needs beards! Go read about it. >http://ur1.ca/gkur2 http://ur1.ca/gkur4

                                            Thursday, 06-Feb-14 23:00:06 UTC from Sethisto
                                            • PMV: Silhouette / Wake Me Up When September Ends / l, , : Applejack... so loyal, so stubborn, so PMV.  Dedicate that first one to her, grab some green day, then have some shipping to finish it! It's PMV time.  Get them all below. 1.)[PMV] - Applejack (Owl city - Silhouette) 2014 2.) PMV - Wake Me Up When September Ends 3.) ѕωєαтєя ωєαтнєя | ρмν | αρρℓє∂αѕн, тωιριє, яαяιѕну >http://ur1.ca/gkuh9 http://ur1.ca/gkuha

                                              Thursday, 06-Feb-14 22:10:06 UTC from Sethisto
                                            • Custom Compilation #: I have not seen Frozen yet, but from what I hear I guess I really should. What do you guys think?Anyhow, have a bunch of wonderful customized ponies after the break!Let it Go >http://ur1.ca/gku8v http://ur1.ca/gku8x

                                              Thursday, 06-Feb-14 21:20:05 UTC from Calpain
                                              • BronyCon Announces Daniel Ingram: Musician extraordinaire Daniel Ingram has been announced to be attending BronyCon later this year! Looks like the largest brony convention by far is already shaping up to be pretty awesome.Check after the break for the full press release! >http://ur1.ca/gktwi http://ur1.ca/gktwj

                                                Thursday, 06-Feb-14 20:10:05 UTC from Calpain
                                                • Comic: Derpsnickers / Some Dreams Pt 2 / No One Expects: Got to love Derpy in that episode! I'd be tempted to do the same thing if I was around a delicious fountain like that.Comic time, click for full.Twitter: >http://ur1.ca/gktgu http://ur1.ca/gktgw

                                                  Thursday, 06-Feb-14 19:10:05 UTC from Calpain
                                                  • Wow, just noticed almost $60,000 in 9 days for sweet @MichaelBrony623 what a beautiful community # http://t.co/UmNrZ1PS2V

                                                    Thursday, 06-Feb-14 18:50:28 UTC from Tara's Microphone
                                                    • My friend @GwendolynMaryLA will give 20% of valentines profits to @MichaelBrony623 type in code TARAVDAY at checkout http://t.co/NtdVVN9TJX

                                                      Thursday, 06-Feb-14 18:32:30 UTC from Tara's Lips
                                                      • Another 24 Hour Shirt: Oh hey, we totally had a banner of that one. Dashy is yet another one of those 11 dollar 24 hour shirts, this time from community artist Drawponies. Get it over ! >http://ur1.ca/gksr1 http://ur1.ca/gksr2

                                                        Thursday, 06-Feb-14 18:10:05 UTC from Sethisto
                                                        • YTPMV: Super Mare-io 64 / A Second Glorious Morning in Ponyville: Suddenly these are becoming more common! Derpy would be proud. We have two YTPMV's today. Get both below! 1.) Super Mare-io 64 - Select a Pony [YTPMV] 2.) A Second Glorious Morning in Ponyville >http://ur1.ca/gks1n http://ur1.ca/gks1o

                                                          Thursday, 06-Feb-14 17:10:06 UTC from Sethisto