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  1. Interested in registering a GNU Social account, and found this provider, perfect for my correct tastes.

    about 3 days ago from web
  2. Also, every time I see my new avatar, I scream a little and weep a single bloody tear

    about 5 days ago from web
  3. Every time someone advertises a vaporizer, and I find out it ISN'T a ray gun, I die a little inside.

    about 5 days ago from web
    • Sad times for New Zealand.

      Meanwhile, arguments about whether the shooter was legit or a CIA/whatever plant trying to do a 9/11 are popping up.

      about 6 days ago from web
    • in other news i'm abruptly having to simultaneously find a new apartment/job/car, which is depressing to say the least

      about 6 days ago from web
    • Consider this for the upcoming pokémon game starters:
      Water/Dragon for the chameleon
      Fire/Fairy for the rabbit
      Grass/Steel for the monkey

      Then for the first time each starter would have one advantage and one disvantage over each other, and the rock paper scissors nature of starters would disappear once they evolve.

      about 6 days ago from web
    • Ever since "Press F to pay respects" became a meme posting "F" as a comment is kind of like when people said "bad" because maybe you're grading them harshly or maybe it means "cool" this time

      about 6 days ago from web
      • Haha wow there is so much radiator fluid under my truck, when I use the blacklight it looks like a CSI hotel room

        about 7 days ago from web
        • So thanks to this internet I now know that Bob killed at least 300 cows to reach 100k burgers, assuming a quarter pound patty

          about 8 days ago from web
          • Oh boy that sure was a cracked block gushing radiator fluid

            about 9 days ago from web
            • I got my internets up on at the new pad. Cables aren't managed, though.

              about 10 days ago from web
              • Yeah, this whole "unperson the problematic" movement is getting kind of like one of the more horror-y Bradbury stories.

                about 11 days ago from web
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                • @drinkingpony Broad strokes: the general atmosphere of the internet and this outrage culture we're going through. Specific instigator: The Simpsons pulling a Stalin on the Michael Jackson guest star episode and deleting it entirely from the catalog as though it had never happened. You know, exactly like Warner Bros DIDN'T DO about their WWII propaganda shorts.

                  about 11 days ago in context
                • @scribus " the general atmosphere of the internet and this outrage culture we're going through"

                  Oh, yeah, Outrage culture. Also known as the "Age of Apathy" for some. I know nothing of The Simpsons so I guess it is/was a recent episode.

                  But I guess most people have forgotten about it now since Notch ( the Minecraft dude ) done did something.

                  about 9 days ago in context
                • @drinkingpony @scribus It's not really about whether it was a good episode or not, it's about revisionism and a fascist mindset without any of the good parts of fascism, where anything that is deemed not kosher is censored and removed from public records.

                  It was an old episode that was relevant for the time it came out, but the kind of individual that complains about things being "problematic" has no sense of nuance, historical significance, context, or anything like that. Some would see anything that doesn't match the current discourse removed entirely.

                  about 6 days ago in context
              • So I've been contemplating purchasing the domain then running a Diaspora server under the blackjack.-subdomain. Start my own Facebook....

                about 12 days ago from web
                • give me the chicken

                  about 12 days ago from web
                • 22 years ago, human-scientists cloned a sheep. Dolly the Sheep they called her. But I am pretty sure it suffered from something that sounded like 'checkerboard'-ism? If someone knows the exact name of that, I would love to know it, for google is not playing nice with me on that font.

                  about 12 days ago from web
                • "Shin Godzilla" is my new favorite !movie because it is all about a group of renegade low- and mid-level bureaucrats bucking the system to actually get something done in the face of obvious impending disaster that the officials refuse to move on.

                  about 12 days ago from web
                  • Holy chrome. Fascinating, and terrifying, and otherwise presented without comment:

                    about 12 days ago from web
                    • beat Kingdom Hearts III

                      about 13 days ago from web
                    • @Mushi and his Bug Memes would be a good #

                      about 13 days ago from web
                      • The exam wasn't even that in-depth when I was bus driving, and they had to be sure you weren't going to have a diabetic heart attack on an overpass with a busload of passengers.

                        about 14 days ago from web
                        • OH GOD YES I got a call from the job I applied for, physical exam tomorrow for a March 18 start date! :D

                          about 15 days ago from web
                        • I have spent way too much of my life furry-adjacent for Slipknot's music festival "Knotfest" to not sound dirty....

                          about 15 days ago from web
                          • @Gherkin do you have a Tweetle accound?

                            about 17 days ago from web
                          • What's the polite, professional way to yank a coworker's tongue out through their eye hole?

                            about 16 days ago from web
                            • So I filed my taxes today, and, uh, there's a comic about it now. Gonna try and do a weekly strip.


                              about 17 days ago from web
                            • Can you tell where I've been focusing my collection? !vgp

                              about 18 days ago from web
                            • You guys heard of horses

                              about 18 days ago from web
                            • Yass

                              about 18 days ago from web
                              • Some 10 years ago I remember seeing a police show on TV and loving it, but I could never remember the name. The squad-cars were black and white, there were 3 newbs, one ( the main character ) was obviously Italian, the guy whom was supposed to teach him could have been Officer Hightower in appearance but with Samuel L Jackson's potty mouth and mean demeanor.

                                Anyone know what show I am talking about? For it seems google has failed me, big time.

                                about 19 days ago from web
                                • @drinkingpony Was it a current show at the time, or were you catching re-runs even back then?

                                  about 19 days ago in context
                                • @scribus Since I am pretty sure I watched it on TV on a channel owned by RTL, and it started at 23:00 (11 PM I believe that is), So I am pretty certain that it was not anywhere a new show at that time. But then I would have to assume mostly that RTL are cheapskates (they are) and that 23:00 is nowhere near prime-time for either a premiere or a new-ish TV show.

                                  about 18 days ago in context
                              • I also made the hardware store clerk count 232 rivets one by one. He had hand rivets, which are a rarity here since everyone uses pop rivets, but refused to sell me a box, insisting that they were sold by the unit.

                                He spent 10 minutes counting for $3 of rivets and $0.50 of nails.

                                about 19 days ago from web