1. So I was at Big Lots and found all of the MLP figures except for Fluttershy. So I got those along with a few Hot Wheels and I felt like a badass 4 year old going to McDonalds and getting the boy toy and girl toy. Although this lack of Fluttershy makes me sad...

    Friday, 29-Apr-11 06:51:01 UTC from web
    1. @twinkiepinkie I've heard that Fluttershy isn't available in that style... =/ I did the same a couple weeks ago, but no Hot Wheels. !c !ponytoycollectors

      Friday, 29-Apr-11 06:55:55 UTC from StatusNet Android
      1. @scribus no fluttershy? D:

        Friday, 29-Apr-11 07:55:03 UTC from web
        1. @nutterguy So I have heard. :( But, with a second season, and @purpletinker's survey, I like to think there's hope. :)

          Friday, 29-Apr-11 08:21:51 UTC from StatusNet Android
          1. @scribus I certainly hope so ^^

            Friday, 29-Apr-11 08:23:29 UTC from web
            1. @nutterguy As do I... I mean, really Hasbro? 5 out of 6? Come on...

              Friday, 29-Apr-11 08:31:31 UTC from StatusNet Android