1. It turns out, one of my roommates either maliciously, ignorantly, or accidentally turned off the power strip with my modem, router and server on it. I'm looking into offsite hosting. !eqdawn

    Friday, 29-Apr-11 14:29:18 UTC from web
    1. @scribus blast him with the friendship ray.

      Friday, 29-Apr-11 14:47:29 UTC from StatusNet Android
      1. @carcinopony yes blast him

        Friday, 29-Apr-11 14:50:05 UTC from web
        1. @theawesomepony @carcinopony # Yes, let us prepare the friendship ray.

          Friday, 29-Apr-11 14:50:40 UTC from web
          1. @chipthe3rd LOAD ANOTHER TOLERANCE SHELL!

            Friday, 29-Apr-11 14:52:57 UTC from StatusNet Android
          2. @chipthe3rd indeed lets prepare for our friendship ray and double its power and strength :)

            Friday, 29-Apr-11 15:03:09 UTC from web
      2. @carcinopony Man, whichever roommate it is has really been testing the limits of the friendship ray. I might need to upgrade, or dual-wield them.

        Friday, 29-Apr-11 14:58:09 UTC from web
        1. @scribus you need to finish the rapid fire challenge before you can file wield bro.

          Friday, 29-Apr-11 15:00:15 UTC from StatusNet Android
          1. @carcinopony I keep forgetting about that, drat!

            Friday, 29-Apr-11 15:11:23 UTC from web
            1. @scribus but its cool DAWG because for 800 Microsoft points you can get into a prestige lobby!

              Friday, 29-Apr-11 15:15:02 UTC from StatusNet Android
        2. @scribus I'm just imagining you going around shooting rainbows from twin cannons, with pony murals appearing on walls and people being converted into bronies in your wake.

          Friday, 29-Apr-11 15:08:06 UTC from web
          1. @thelastgherkin And now I am, too. And I like it. :D

            Friday, 29-Apr-11 15:11:08 UTC from web
      3. @carcinopony im ready to load the friendship cannon

        Friday, 29-Apr-11 15:14:23 UTC from web
        1. @theawesomepony you ever just...polished your spear?

          Friday, 29-Apr-11 15:15:49 UTC from StatusNet Android
          1. @carcinopony naw i havnt but i have a friendship spear in my room its a bit broken i need to fix it

            Friday, 29-Apr-11 15:18:21 UTC from web
            1. @theawesomepony well you should polish it. In public. Like I do. Right in front of everypony.

              Friday, 29-Apr-11 15:21:12 UTC from StatusNet Android
              1. @carcinopony you know what ? .....your right im gonna do that infront of every pony

                Friday, 29-Apr-11 15:24:16 UTC from web
                1. @theawesomepony good.

                  Friday, 29-Apr-11 15:25:50 UTC from StatusNet Android
                  1. @carcinopony yepp my face when i have a quiz after doing a review sheet for math....ugh

                    Friday, 29-Apr-11 15:34:47 UTC from web
                    1. @theawesomepony mfw I'm drawing more blind Zambo.

                      Friday, 29-Apr-11 15:37:23 UTC from StatusNet Android
                      1. @carcinopony you need your walking stick

                        Friday, 29-Apr-11 15:52:38 UTC from web
                      2. @anarchycarcino draw more blind zambo now

                        Thursday, 11-Oct-12 02:02:42 UTC from web
                        1. @abigpony That's a good idea.

                          Thursday, 11-Oct-12 02:34:41 UTC from web