1. Should anyone of you have Vine (which I highly doubt but still. :P) I have a purely art page called "Aurora Artworks". Juuuust saaaaaying

    Thursday, 09-Jul-15 01:43:13 UTC from web
    1. @deadmadness665 If there is anything NSFW there you should indicate it in your post

      Thursday, 09-Jul-15 01:44:45 UTC from MuSTArDroid
    2. @deadmadness665 (And Vine doesn't condone pornographic material so it's my SFW art of course)

      Thursday, 09-Jul-15 01:44:49 UTC from web
      1. @deadmadness665 Alright, then you're fine

        Thursday, 09-Jul-15 01:45:21 UTC from MuSTArDroid