1. The shot progression in this scene in particular in the most recent episode of Steven Universe is pretty great. It isn't the first time the show has conveyed a ton of emotion through body language but it's nice to see such a stark contrast between characters, Steven is immediately open and forward but Peridot has to reach out. It shows in the directing too, Steven gets all the wide full frame shots of the scene while Peridot gets the closeups, this is about Steven helping Peridot out of her comfort zone both literally and metaphorically which works really effectively for the relationship dynamic between the two, culminating in that really subtly pretty final shot for that scene. I've complimented the backgrounds on Steven Universe a ton but it has lots of great character blocking peppered throughout if you really pay attention. Great scene, great episode. #

    Friday, 02-Oct-15 05:01:46 UTC from web
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