1. far cry 3/4 is what happens when you give the player every single quality of life upgrade imaginable without thinking of how simple or boring it makes the game

    Friday, 17-Feb-17 15:39:47 UTC from
    1. @why Far cry 3 only got boring when I ran out of outposts to hit. Also the ending is banana.

      Friday, 17-Feb-17 15:38:57 UTC from web
      1. @nerthos @why Blood Dragon is best Far Cry

        Friday, 17-Feb-17 15:41:29 UTC from
        1. @gameragodzilla @nerthos Potato Knishes please. it has all the downsides of 3 and 4 but people sing it praises because it's self-aware.

          Friday, 17-Feb-17 15:42:37 UTC from
          1. @why @nerthos @gameragodzilla and it was very much a product of its time, I liked the faster movement options it offered for snappier gameplay but I can't stand the art style which is so overused by now and the insane amounts of aforementioned self awareness

            FC1 is still the best far cry, by far (as long as you don't play on 1.4 which breaks the AI)

            Friday, 17-Feb-17 15:45:49 UTC from
            1. @shpuld @nerthos @why Far Cry 1 was just an inferior Crysis IMO. Which doesn't make it bad as Crysis is goddamn amazing, but everything I want from Far Cry 1 I got it better in Crysis.

              Friday, 17-Feb-17 15:48:57 UTC from
              1. @gameragodzilla @why @nerthos Crysis added and improved (more dynamic envoironments are cool as FrankerZ, the nanosuit is a 10/10 gameplay feature) a lot but also made quite a few things much worse. Most importantly the basic gunplay doesn't feel even nearly as good in Crysis as it does in Far Cry, it's a combination of how the weapon recoil and damage works (locational damage and body armor made too many shots feel like shooting air in Crysis), sound and the variety of them that makes it worse in Crysis. Then there's the non-human enemies, which are WAAAYYYY worse in Crysis, I cannot overstate how cherryty of an enemy the flying blue tentacle FrankerZs are. I know people complain about the mutant monkeys in Far Cry, but I think they're fairly fun to fight if you're not a complete casual who can't play careful and aim fast. There's also the game length, Crysis is much shorter, painfully few actually good levels. Not much more to say about that, Far Cry i

                Friday, 17-Feb-17 15:59:34 UTC from
                1. @shpuld @nerthos @why Ehh I found the gunplay superior in Crysis as well, especially with regards to how bulletspongy enemies felt in Far Cry 1. Unless you nailed a headshot, enemies took a massive amount of hits, especially the papayaing Trigen. This wouldn't have been much of an issue but the stealth system also feels rather flawed because there's no real indication when the foilage is concealing you. Crysis got around it by making the cloak, which broke the game somewhat but was still far more effective for guerilla warfare.

                  As for the non-human enemies, I was the opposite. The Trigen were absolutely annoying to deal with due to how powerful and spongy the Trigen enemies were, doubly so as FC1 doesn't have quicksaves or regen health so any damage you take is permanent and if you die, you're thrown way back. I do know you can quicksave in FC1 via the console and I found a mod that added it, but it should've been included from the get go.

                  Friday, 17-Feb-17 16:08:02 UTC from
                  1. @nerthos @why @shpuld Meanwhile the aliens were just kinda generic run and gun type enemies. Not as fun to fight as the Koreans but having access to powerful weapons like the Gauss Cannon, alien gun etc. made them far less annoying and bulletspongy as the Trigen IMO.

                    And length isn't that much of an issue for me as I beat Crysis multiple times while I eventually gave up on Far Cry 1. Though I am going through the game again with a quicksave mod (that also fixes the bugged AI from the latest patch) so maybe I'll enjoy it more now

                    Friday, 17-Feb-17 16:10:43 UTC from
                  2. @gameragodzilla @why @nerthos >how bulletspongy enemies felt in Far Cry 1 They're less spongy than the Crysis equivalents tho, which is why I brought it up, especially when comparing the body armored ones in both games. Without armor, guys drop really quick in both. Most of the time going for headshots using single-shot is still the most effective tactic but close range automatic from the M4 would take down late game human enemies really quick as well. >This wouldn't have been much of an issue but the stealth system also feels rather flawed because there's no real indication when the foilage is concealing you. This problem was introduced by the 1.4 patch that completely broke the AI in this regard. They could even see you through goddamn tents in some maps with the patch installed. Without it you could be quite sure that you're invisible in the bushes and you could play some 10/10 guerilla warfare gameplay. >The Trigen were absolutely annoyin

                    Friday, 17-Feb-17 16:20:24 UTC from
                    1. @shpuld @nerthos @why I never really found that though. Enemies were generally shrugging off rounds unless I nailed the headshot. Headshots dropped FC1 enemies like a bag of dirt but trying to nail that was more difficult. Maybe that's why I had less issue with Crysis because the cloak meant I could easily line up shots, not to mention grabbing and throwing with maximum strength was an instant kill. I cleared some battles without firing a shot, which would've been extremely difficult if not impossible for FC1.

                      Yeah and apparently the I found mod fixes this somewhat based on me playing the first level so maybe this problem is solved. Still have no idea what constitutes hidden or not, though. Maybe I just haven't fully learned the system. Crysis was obvious because if I was invisible, nobody could see me.

                      I found all of them quite spongy. The smaller ones are less powerful but their speed and high damage means they're too spongy for me to effectively kill them without either

                      Friday, 17-Feb-17 16:28:53 UTC from
                      1. @nerthos @why @shpuld door/corner camping or trying to go for headshots. Since Crysis gave you an uberpowerful Gauss Cannon and an alien minigun with unlimited ammo, I could cause huge damage to the aliens much quicker

                        I'm starting to think some of my difficulties with FC1 stems mainly from me not fully "getting" the mechanics though. Pretty sure if I get the stealth more, the shooting and checkpoints become less annoying. Though I'm not sure how well stealth works against the Trigen (cloak still works against the aliens in Crysis)

                        Friday, 17-Feb-17 16:31:27 UTC from
                        1. @gameragodzilla @why @nerthos yeah the games do play quite differently, which is also why I refuse to call one the inferior version of the other. What they have in common is how figuring out the best ways to proceed and to approach fights is loads of fun. Oh and stealth works against trigen as well, not as easy as against humans but when you get the thermal/night goggles you'll be sure to get the surprise advantage on them.

                          Friday, 17-Feb-17 16:35:59 UTC from
                          1. @shpuld @nerthos @why Well they're both "mini-sandbox" type games, which I love. Has the freedom of an open world game without the boring commute time/padding a la most open world bullbanana. 

                            That being said, how does the stealth work in Far Cry 1? I think not knowing fully how it works is the reason why I had such a tough time with Far Cry so if I knew how it worked, it'd make the game much more enjoyable to play. Using the cloak to sneak around setting up hilarious, over the top antics in Crysis was hilarious, such as killing half a base full of bad guys by attaching C4 to a truck, crashing through the back gates then cloaking away while enemies swarmed the truck to look for me and KABOOM

                            Friday, 17-Feb-17 16:40:03 UTC from
                            1. @gameragodzilla @why @nerthos you have a stealth meter that should teach you well enough when you're being exposed and when not, the MP5-SD also makes it much easier. It's more about taking care of enemies quickly from shadows before they're able to return fire instead of going invisible to get past enemies and to disappear completely when seen.

                              In general I'd say FC gameplay shifts closer to something like the old Ghost Recons, whereas Crysis is more about the nanosuit.

                              Friday, 17-Feb-17 16:44:46 UTC from
                              1. @shpuld @nerthos @why I thought the stealth meter told you how aware enemies were to your presence. I was hoping more for something like Thief's light gem or Splinter Cell's light meter where I know if the meter is at full darkness, any enemy that looks in my direction will not see me. If I knew when and where I'm fully hidden even if enemies glance at me, I would know when I can shoot from with relative safety and take my time with shots

                                Friday, 17-Feb-17 16:48:05 UTC from
                                1. @gameragodzilla @why @nerthos yeah the stealth meter does exactly what you thought, if you see it going up, you know you should get into a bush or something (which should serve as reliable line of sight blockers against unaware enemies in the correct versions). Mostly it's about staying far enough so the noise won't alert too many people and staying in foliage.

                                  Oh and extensive use of the binoculars is also kinda essential, while they were useful in Crysis, they were absolutely necessary in FC.

                                  Friday, 17-Feb-17 16:50:52 UTC from
                                  1. @shpuld @nerthos @why Yeah, and my issue was I didn't know if the bush I jumped into would actually hide me or not.

                                    Though that was me playing the bugged version (never owned the unpatched retail copy) so maybe that's where the crux of my issue was. It always felt like on top of the enemies being juiced up on the super soldier serum and shrugging off shots, they were also gifted with eagle eyes to see me through even the thickest shrubbery 

                                    Friday, 17-Feb-17 16:54:07 UTC from
                                    1. @gameragodzilla @why @nerthos yeah the 'patched' version really does break the game.

                                      Unfortunately for me I can't seem to play the game at all anymore thanks to crytek using some really obscure d3d extensions that aren't supported well enough in modern AMD drivers anymore apparently.

                                      Friday, 17-Feb-17 16:58:11 UTC from
                                      1. @shpuld @nerthos @why That sucks. Seem like it's an AMD thing as FC1 runs in my Nvidia 980M

                                        I'll give the modded version another whirl as fixed stealth might help the game immensely 

                                        Friday, 17-Feb-17 17:12:20 UTC from
          2. @why @nerthos The smaller open world and faster upgrading removes a lot of the grindiness and commute time, so it does fix a lot of the fundamental gameplay issues. Not all of them, it's still Far Cry after all, but it's better

            Friday, 17-Feb-17 15:48:12 UTC from
      2. @nerthos B a n a n a s?

        Friday, 17-Feb-17 15:39:56 UTC from web
      3. @nerthos it doesn't provide a real challenge, and outposts are the closest thing to real challenges in the game. 4 has a handful of larger outposts, but they're not significantly harder, only more tedious

        Friday, 17-Feb-17 15:43:51 UTC from
        1. @why I mostly enjoyed the outposts because I had to be careful if I wanted to clear them with a noisy rifle but no detection. It was fun sniper action. The rest of the game as you point out is extremely easy

          Friday, 17-Feb-17 16:04:01 UTC from web