1. All Russians are the same anyway, right? It's not like they've got 50 ethnicities across the vast expanse of land that used to be a dozen different countries over the last thousand years.

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    1. @moonman It's surprising how much this is on par with any westerner's mindset I've met irl. Like, 1/6th of the world's land mass and somehow the only ethnicity is a bunch of Scandinavians who mixed with Slavs in the far west.

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      1. @awl @moonman but muh white people

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    2. @moonman
      >Russia is a multi-national state with over 185 ethnic groups designated as nationalities
      >Among the 85 federal subjects which constitute Russia, there are 21 national republics (meant to be home to a specific ethnic minority), 5 autonomous okrugs (usually with substantial or predominant ethnic minority) and 1 autonomous oblast.
      bob (((chipman))) is a kiwiing retard

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