1. "Many people are being harmed by policies that increase economic inequality and decrease working and sub-working class people’s access to resources. With the level of economic, political, and racial injustice the state perpetuates, frankly it is a wonder that violent attacks against congressmen are so rare. Political violence directed up the social hierarchy is an inevitable byproduct of the daily injustice the state sends down the social hierarchy."

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    1. @csaurus Only when it reaches the scale of inarguable war will the mainstream deign to even discuss whether or not it is just...

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      1. @scribus Of course not, most of the things mentioned in the article that the state does don't even get called "violence" most of the time - the powerful frame discussion and debate the same way the "political spectrum" in the US is so constrained and unimaginative. My bet is they'll just call it terrorism as a way to fight a war against inconvenient people.

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