1. Today isn't worth experiencing after how much fun yesterday was.

    DXM and goodnight.

    Sunday, 02-Jul-17 20:44:33 UTC from
    1. @takebatcaveakenji sleep tight

      Sunday, 02-Jul-17 20:45:37 UTC from
    2. @takebatcaveakenji sleep well buddy. On another note if you end up sodding from social media altogether I wouldn't mind having another way to keep in touch with you. I'll gladly share contact info if you'd like.

      Sunday, 02-Jul-17 20:49:13 UTC from web
      1. @awl I was thinking the same thing. What means do you have in mind? E-mail?

        Monday, 03-Jul-17 09:22:48 UTC from
        1. @takegrapeakenji Sure. My job makes to check it regularly.

          Monday, 03-Jul-17 13:14:21 UTC from web
          1. @awl Just send an e-mail so you'd get my address.

            Monday, 03-Jul-17 13:17:31 UTC from
            1. @takeFluffle Puffakenji thanks my man.

              Monday, 03-Jul-17 13:23:43 UTC from web
    3. Slept for 12 hours and had 4-5 distinct !dreams . The best way I could've spent that day alone since nobody had time for me.
      One dream involved the descendents of characters from Digimon Adventure. Another involved the characters of Hey Arnold and a bus being driven to the scrapyard way out in the country with them in it.

      Monday, 03-Jul-17 09:21:39 UTC from