1. "You know Jews get welfare using all kinds of scams right, not just the Israelis. For example, Jews copyrighted the letter 'U' and make all companies with 'U' in their logo pay them millions each year." - Reddit

    Thursday, 14-Dec-17 22:40:30 UTC from web
    1. @ceruleanspark My favourite part about this is that it's the least deranged thing the guy says.

      Thursday, 14-Dec-17 22:43:27 UTC from web
      1. @ceruleanspark That was pretty much the last thing I could successfully run through my parser.

        Thursday, 14-Dec-17 23:07:06 UTC from web
        1. @scribus It's like if the "First we need to talk about parallel universes" guy was an insane anti-semite.

          Thursday, 14-Dec-17 23:16:56 UTC from web
    2. @ceruleanspark i don’t suppose he mentions that it’s posted on its side because it more reaembles a triangle or some batcave

      Thursday, 14-Dec-17 22:45:44 UTC from web
      1. @awl No, he follows up that paragraph with "I don't really care about that now I'm more concerned about how Jews did 911"

        Thursday, 14-Dec-17 22:52:45 UTC from web
        1. @ceruleanspark are these people aware that there are 10-15 million practising Jews in the world

          Thursday, 14-Dec-17 23:28:13 UTC from web
          1. @awl but what are they practicing for

            Thursday, 14-Dec-17 23:35:52 UTC from web
            1. @ceruleanspark i guess to fake more terrorist attacks or turininf the ‘U’ on its side to get past geniuses like this chap

              Thursday, 14-Dec-17 23:37:04 UTC from web