1. So today my friend bought a keytar from the local YMCA store for 3 dollars. It's a pretty sweet keytar if I do say so myself. It is currently selling for around $200 on ebay. Best random buy ever?

    Friday, 08-Apr-11 04:20:24 UTC from web
    1. @loak Incredible Random Buy! That's a great rate of return.

      Friday, 08-Apr-11 04:25:10 UTC from web
      1. @haganbmj Ugh don't talk about rate of return x.x I have an engineering economy test on Monday bleh

        Friday, 08-Apr-11 04:27:04 UTC from web
        1. @loak Engineering Economy - eww - That sounds really horrid. Think it's going to be a challenge? Or is it more just a nuisance to prepare for? I'm not looking forward to a Physics next Friday, that's going to be a pain.

          Friday, 08-Apr-11 04:37:03 UTC from web
    2. @loak My dad bought a beatles record for $1 from a thrift store that was a really collectible one that's worth a good amount

      Friday, 08-Apr-11 04:26:41 UTC from web