1. So apparently Chuck Wendig could not get through the LOTR books, then some people made YouTube video's about how they think Chuck is an idiot. Which led Chuck to decree them all alt-right/ComicsGate trolls.

    Is this how the 'game' is going to be played until the end of days now ? I just want GOOD Star Wars stuff.

    about 4 months ago from web
    1. @drinkingpony I couldn't get through the LOTR books too. I stopped mid The Two Towers. It was tedious to read all the long-winded and boring descriptions and such and at that point I was fed up with that Potato Knishes. I couldn't bring up any energy for that. This is also a reason why I love comics because they skip that boring banana and make the scene impression more immediate by actually showing what's happening.

      about 4 months ago from web
      1. @adiwan Yes, but I really doubt that you are even halfway insane enough to talk about it negatively with broad strokes, or even spit on it in the way that words can paint such a picture.

        Because everyone can see the proverbial papayastorm coming from miles away.

        However, if someone were to dub it 'LOTRgate' and scream that various flavours of trolls are now out to get that person, then I think I know more than enough of that persons personality to realize a few things.

        1. Mostly doing stuff for the attention
        2. Negative attention is also attention
        3. You probably should not give such a person the reigns to a big franchise, unless if you desire big controversies.

        about 4 months ago from web