1. You know, I miss that site I used to go to for reaction faces. I think it was called My Little Face When dot Com or something. Whatever happened to it ?

    Sunday, 26-May-19 23:16:43 UTC from web
    1. @drinkingpony Looks like it might have died at the end of 2017. I was sure the Slackbot I had connected to it worked later than that though.

      Monday, 27-May-19 10:12:31 UTC from web
      1. @thismightbeauser Could you explain this idea of a Slackbot to me like I am only 5 years old ?

        Monday, 27-May-19 12:50:02 UTC from web
        1. @drinkingpony I had a program connected to MLFW that would do a search and then post a random image from that search to Slack, which is like IRC or AIM for work. A work chat network. So you could type "mlfw surprised" and it would reply as mlfwbot with something like

          Monday, 27-May-19 20:03:16 UTC from web
          1. @thismightbeauser I also had one connected to Derpibooru. I don't think that one was ever broken. MLFW was occassionally flaky.

            Monday, 27-May-19 20:04:19 UTC from web