1. Tbh I think that the fact that real X-Wings have taken flight is proof that Disney needs to be stopped.

    about 8 months ago from web
    1. @mrmattimation Really ? That is the point where you go "I think Disney might have gone too far" ?

      I won't rant at you for hours on end about how Rey Skywalker is a gigantic Mary Sue, or that Oscar Isaac is going to be GLAD to be gone from the franchise soon enough, or how everyone is expecting John Boyega to squeal like a piggy about how bad Disney is before long enough ( I honestly have higher hopes for Mark Hamill )... or hell, the parks...

      Instead, Disney could not even secure the 'rights' to do these cargo-drone flyby 'stunts' for longer than just the weekend because the FAA does not want them to.

      And after some contractor hired a contractor to install the trackless system upside down ( which meant the concrete needed to be torn out ) or the MULTIPLE breakdowns of Rise of the Resistance ( because it needed more time in the oven before being ready for prime-time ) I am not sure if I can blame ANYONE for thinking Disney is too fat&bloated&incompetent.

      about 8 months ago from web
    2. @mrmattimation I say it doesn't count until they are capable of space flight, THEN it's too far. But I'll still hold out for warp capabilities.

      about 8 months ago from web