1. The Cabal has arrived.

    Monday, 04-Apr-11 23:23:56 UTC from web
    1. @vt3c Why would you want that

      Friday, 19-Jul-13 09:59:42 UTC from web
    2. @vt3c You can always try Adultcatfinder.

      Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:01:31 UTC from web
    3. @vt3c Hi.

      Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:02:08 UTC from web
    4. @vt3c No it's horrible, you have to notice new shoes and plan dates and listen to people talk

      Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:13:42 UTC from web
      1. @vampirequeen I hate all of those things

        Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:14:26 UTC from web
        1. @scoot I will cut you

          Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:15:37 UTC from web
          1. @vampirequeen no pls

            Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:15:49 UTC from web
            1. @scoot

              Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:17:46 UTC from web
              1. @vampirequeen ?????

                Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:19:05 UTC from web
                1. @scoot I will CUT YOU

                  Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:19:45 UTC from web
                  1. @vampirequeen buh

                    Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:21:15 UTC from web
                    1. @scoot Yeah

                      Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:21:38 UTC from web
                      1. @vampirequeen why r u so mean

                        Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:22:40 UTC from web
                        1. @scoot Do I need a reason?

                          Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:23:35 UTC from web
                          1. @vampirequeen one would be nice

                            Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:24:22 UTC from web
                            1. @scoot No

                              Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:24:35 UTC from web
                              1. @vampirequeen :(

                                Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:24:51 UTC from web
                                1. @scoot Why are you so mean

                                  Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:25:24 UTC from web
                                  1. @vampirequeen I'm never mean

                                    Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:25:41 UTC from web
                                    1. @scoot Yes you are

                                      Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:27:15 UTC from web
                                      1. @vampirequeen name 1 time

                                        Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:28:45 UTC from web
                                        1. @scoot I don't need to name one time because you are mean all of the time

                                          Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:29:10 UTC from web
                                          1. @vampirequeen No but that's not true

                                            Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:30:12 UTC from web
                                            1. @scoot Yes it is

                                              Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:30:32 UTC from web
                                        2. @scoot (forget about @vampirequeen, get isabelle and come deeper into the waif world, i can guide you if you need help)

                                          Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:30:20 UTC from web
                                          1. @mushi

                                            Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:31:40 UTC from web
                                            1. @scoot No don't do that

                                              Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:32:03 UTC from web
                                              1. @vampirequeen But you're always so mean to me

                                                Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:32:28 UTC from web
                                            2. @scoot i'd like to playportal with that, maybe bioshick

                                              Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:32:13 UTC from web
                                              1. @mushi What kind of OS are you running ?

                                                Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:35:12 UTC from web
                                                1. @critialcloudkicker win 7

                                                  Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:35:43 UTC from web
                                                  1. @mushi Can you run Bioshock 1 ?

                                                    Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:36:21 UTC from web
                                            3. @scoot good, now get one of these and maybe soe figures

                                              Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:33:52 UTC from web
                                              1. @mushi oh god

                                                Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:34:08 UTC from web
                                                1. @scoot it is pat of the process. here, have these too

                                                  Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:36:32 UTC from web
                                                  1. @mushi I do want that actually, super cute

                                                    Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:37:05 UTC from web
                                                    1. @scoot i dont really like the shape of her head, but these are cute

                                                      Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:37:35 UTC from web
                                                  2. @mushi I have that on preorder. I can't wait for it to be released.

                                                    Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:37:25 UTC from web
                                                    1. @ceruleanspark that one on the right is really cute

                                                      Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:40:16 UTC from web
                                                      1. @mushi It's actually all the same model. She just comes with different heads to change her expression.

                                                        Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:41:33 UTC from web
                                            4. Cool, as i googled for "isabel dakimakura" i found the hawtest dakimakura in the existence

                                              Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:35:00 UTC from web
                                              1. @mushi L-lewd!

                                                Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:35:40 UTC from web
                                          2. @mushi Um excse me??

                                            Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:31:50 UTC from web
                                            1. @vampirequeen excuse*

                                              Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:31:55 UTC from web
                                            2. @vampirequeen you are being mean to my friend, i'm trying to help him

                                              Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:32:37 UTC from web
                                              1. @mushi @scoot あなたはそれを間違って持っている!

                                                Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:33:46 UTC from web
                                                1. @vampirequeen xqzme

                                                  Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:34:50 UTC from web
                                                  1. @scoot アホ

                                                    Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:37:33 UTC from web
                                                    1. @vampirequeen teme

                                                      Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:38:25 UTC from web
                                                    2. @vampirequeen b-baka

                                                      Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:39:20 UTC from web
                                                      1. @scoot My Naegi pillow. Also, I put up pictures of all those dear to me in my AC house

                                                        Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:40:45 UTC from web
                                                        1. @vampirequeen Creepy

                                                          Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:41:44 UTC from web
                                                          1. @scoot No

                                                            Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:42:09 UTC from web
                                                            1. @vampirequeen Completely

                                                              Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:42:21 UTC from web
                                                              1. @scoot At least mine's a HUMAN BEING

                                                                Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:42:40 UTC from web
                                                                1. @vampirequeen Mai waifu is a human being

                                                                  Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:43:42 UTC from web
                                                                  1. @scoot She's stupid

                                                                    Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:44:13 UTC from web
                                                                    1. @vampirequeen No she's pretty

                                                                      Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:44:34 UTC from web
                                                                      1. @scoot Ew

                                                                        Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:45:50 UTC from web
                                                                        1. @vampirequeen [jealousy intensifies]

                                                                          Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:46:17 UTC from web
                                                                          1. @scoot

                                                                            Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:49:26 UTC from web
                                                                            1. @vampirequeen Looks like a really forgettable character.

                                                                              Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:50:56 UTC from web
                                                                              1. @scoot

                                                                                Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:52:50 UTC from web
                                                                                1. @vampirequeen He's clearly saying "duhhhhhhh" in that picture

                                                                                  Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:54:01 UTC from web
                                                                                  1. @scoot

                                                                                    Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:55:41 UTC from web
                                                                                    1. @vampirequeen looks like a loser

                                                                                      Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:56:51 UTC from web
                                                                                      1. @scoot No, you're mistaken, you are the lsoer

                                                                                        Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:57:39 UTC from web
                                                                                        1. @vampirequeen loser

                                                                                          Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:57:43 UTC from web
                                                                                        2. @vampirequeen I am the winner, it's me

                                                                                          Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:57:57 UTC from web
                                                                                          1. @scoot No. That i the opposite

                                                                                            Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:58:45 UTC from web
                                                                                            1. @vampirequeen is, Jesus Christ

                                                                                              Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:58:52 UTC from web
                                                                                            2. @vampirequeen At least I can spell ;) ;) ;)

                                                                                              Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:59:09 UTC from web
                                                                                              1. @scoot Did you seriously just Potato Knishesing go there

                                                                                                Friday, 19-Jul-13 11:00:06 UTC from web
                                                                                                1. @vampirequeen I did, yeah

                                                                                                  Friday, 19-Jul-13 11:00:32 UTC from web
                                                                                                  1. @scoot Are you kidding me you always typo stuff you loser

                                                                                                    Friday, 19-Jul-13 11:01:44 UTC from web
                                                                                                    1. @vampirequeen I don't know what you're talking about.

                                                                                                      Friday, 19-Jul-13 11:02:09 UTC from web
                                                                                                      1. @scoot Do you want me to find the stuff

                                                                                                        Friday, 19-Jul-13 11:02:57 UTC from web
                                                                                                        1. @vampirequeen I don't know what stuff you're referring to

                                                                                                          Friday, 19-Jul-13 11:03:17 UTC from web
                                                                                                          1. @scoot Don't make me do it, man

                                                                                                            Friday, 19-Jul-13 11:04:57 UTC from web
                                                                                                            1. @vampirequeen It doesn't need to be done.

                                                                                                              Friday, 19-Jul-13 11:05:24 UTC from web
                                                                                                              1. @scoot Whatever, man, just admit it, you suck and I'm cool

                                                                                                                Friday, 19-Jul-13 11:06:27 UTC from web
                                                                                                                1. @vampirequeen Well you're admin of !funkybunch, you /have/ to be cool.

                                                                                                                  Friday, 19-Jul-13 11:07:09 UTC from web
                                                                                                                  1. @nerthos Damn straight B-)

                                                                                                                    Friday, 19-Jul-13 11:07:56 UTC from web
                                                                                                                    1. @vampirequeen B)

                                                                                                                      Friday, 19-Jul-13 11:09:07 UTC from web
                                                                                                                      1. @nerthos Nooo man you hecked it up, where's the nose B-)

                                                                                                                        Friday, 19-Jul-13 11:10:02 UTC from web
                                                                                                                        1. @vampirequeen I don't know. The non-cool ones stole it probably

                                                                                                                          Friday, 19-Jul-13 11:11:38 UTC from web
                                                                                                                          1. @nerthos Who did it, I'll kill them

                                                                                                                            Friday, 19-Jul-13 11:13:07 UTC from web
                                                                                                                            1. @vampirequeen I don't know. We need to form a coolquisition to find them.

                                                                                                                              Friday, 19-Jul-13 11:13:36 UTC from web
                                                                                                                              1. @nerthos Quickly, summon Satan.

                                                                                                                                Friday, 19-Jul-13 11:14:49 UTC from web
                                                                                                                                1. @vampirequeen Ok I'll go get a goat

                                                                                                                                  Friday, 19-Jul-13 11:15:35 UTC from web
                                                                                                                                  1. @nerthos Don't forget the pig blood

                                                                                                                                    Friday, 19-Jul-13 11:16:36 UTC from web
                                                                                                                                    1. @vampirequeen I can get some easily

                                                                                                                                      Friday, 19-Jul-13 11:16:54 UTC from web
                                                                                                                                      1. @nerthos Awesome, I'll get the bug milk.

                                                                                                                                        Friday, 19-Jul-13 11:19:14 UTC from web
                                                                                                                                        1. @vampirequeen We're making it happen.

                                                                                                                                          Friday, 19-Jul-13 11:19:32 UTC from web
                                                                                                                                          1. @nerthos B-)

                                                                                                                                            Friday, 19-Jul-13 11:20:16 UTC from web
                                                                                                                                        2. @vampirequeen bug milk you say?

                                                                                                                                          Friday, 19-Jul-13 11:20:10 UTC from web
                                                                                                                                          1. @mushi Yeah

                                                                                                                                            Friday, 19-Jul-13 11:22:39 UTC from web
                                                                                                                2. @vampirequeen If that'll make you happy

                                                                                                                  Friday, 19-Jul-13 11:07:18 UTC from web
                                                                                                                  1. @scoot Ok

                                                                                                                    Friday, 19-Jul-13 11:07:48 UTC from web
                                                                                                                    1. @vampirequeen OK then you are cool and I am not. Has that appeased you?

                                                                                                                      Friday, 19-Jul-13 11:08:08 UTC from web
                                                                                                                      1. @scoot Yeah

                                                                                                                        Friday, 19-Jul-13 11:08:39 UTC from web
                                                                                                                        1. @vampirequeen Alright

                                                                                                                          Friday, 19-Jul-13 11:08:53 UTC from web
                                                                                                                          1. @scoot Goodbye

                                                                                                                            Friday, 19-Jul-13 11:09:42 UTC from web
                                                                                                                            1. @vampirequeen What

                                                                                                                              Friday, 19-Jul-13 11:09:50 UTC from web
                                                                                      2. @scoot

                                                                                        Friday, 19-Jul-13 11:00:26 UTC from web
                                                                                        1. @nerthos That's my steam avatar

                                                                                          Friday, 19-Jul-13 11:01:04 UTC from web
                                                                                          1. @scoot It was everyone's abatar somewhere at one point or another. It's just soo good.

                                                                                            Friday, 19-Jul-13 11:02:08 UTC from web
                                                                                            1. @nerthos *avatar

                                                                                              Friday, 19-Jul-13 11:02:48 UTC from web
                                                                                            2. @nerthos It's been my Steam avatar since I joined Steam like 5 years ago.

                                                                                              Friday, 19-Jul-13 11:02:55 UTC from web
                                                                                              1. @scoot Cool.

                                                                                                Friday, 19-Jul-13 11:03:18 UTC from web
                                                                  2. @scoot God-tier waifu

                                                                    Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:46:31 UTC from web
                                                                  3. @scoot Is Rei a human being?

                                                                    Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:48:17 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                                                                    1. @ceruleanspark More or less

                                                                      Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:48:48 UTC from web
                                                                      1. @scoot You could call the types of girls I like "More or less" as well.

                                                                        Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:49:29 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                                                                    2. @ceruleanspark Isnt she a clone who came into contact with chlorine or something ?

                                                                      Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:49:19 UTC from web
                                                                      1. @critialcloudkicker She's derived from both Shinij's mothers DNA and DNA from Lillith. The Evangelions are also derived from combining human and Lilliths DNA, which is why they're able to play host to a human soul.

                                                                        Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:51:38 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                                                                        1. @ceruleanspark ... I must admit I forgot who Lilith was

                                                                          Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:52:49 UTC from web
                                                                          1. @critialcloudkicker Giant crucified legless white lady in Nervs basement.

                                                                            Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:53:21 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                                                                            1. @ceruleanspark Really ? All the kids were clones of that thing in one way or another ?

                                                                              Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:54:08 UTC from web
                                                                              1. @critialcloudkicker No, Just Rei and the Mechs themselves. Rei had to have some of her DNA so that Gendo could use her to initiate and control Instrumentality. She was his interface.

                                                                                Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:55:17 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                                                                                1. @ceruleanspark Then how about the 13th angel ? ... Or the blue haired boy thing... That was 13 right ?

                                                                                  Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:56:29 UTC from web
                                                                                  1. @critialcloudkicker Kaworu is angel number 1

                                                                                    Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:56:59 UTC from web
                                                                                  2. @critialcloudkicker Kaworu Nagisa, the sexiest angel was the 17th in human guise. He had no human DNA.

                                                                                    Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:58:38 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                                                                                    1. @ceruleanspark How about "angelic" or "Lillith"'s for that matter ?

                                                                                      Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:59:52 UTC from web
                                                                                      1. @critialcloudkicker "Lillim" (Children of Lillith) and the Angels (Children of Adam) are human names assigned to the pair of seed races despatched into the universe by the enigmatic First Ancestral Race. Each race travelled in colony ships, referred to as the "white" and "black" moons. Unfortunately, something went wrong in the seeding of earth, which had previously been designated an "angel" planet when a second colony ship, bearing "Lillith" type life slammed into the surface. Emergency protocols forced the angels, specifically, Adam, into stasis, impaled on a device humans came to call the "Lance of Longuinus".

                                                                                        Friday, 19-Jul-13 11:06:52 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                                                                                        1. @ceruleanspark ... Seems I really either not understood anything beck when I saw it. Or I do not remember ANY of that... Then again I saw it like 15 years ago or something

                                                                                          Friday, 19-Jul-13 11:10:01 UTC from web
                                                                                          1. @critialcloudkicker The series explained it immensely poorly, spent two movies trying to get the point across, and eventually settled on a reboot.

                                                                                            Friday, 19-Jul-13 11:11:11 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                                                                                            1. @ceruleanspark The movies just screwed it up worse.

                                                                                              Friday, 19-Jul-13 11:12:06 UTC from web
                                                                                              1. @nerthos Yeah. I was just about following what was going on at the end of the series then GIANT NAKED SPACE REI WITH FOREHEAD GENITALS UNBIRTHING A CRUCIFED EVA IN SPACE and I just stopped watching.

                                                                                                Friday, 19-Jul-13 11:13:49 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                                                                                                1. @ceruleanspark Pretty much my reaction, though I sticked to the end. I outright tell people not to watch the movies when they tell me they want to watch Evangelion.

                                                                                                  Friday, 19-Jul-13 11:16:46 UTC from web
                                                                                                  1. @nerthos I tell them to watch the movies because it gives them the true Evangelion experience, by which I mean "extreme confusion"

                                                                                                    Friday, 19-Jul-13 11:17:59 UTC from web
                                                                                                    1. @scoot If they're into confusion they'll just ignore me and watch them anyway.

                                                                                                      Friday, 19-Jul-13 11:18:38 UTC from web
                                                                                            2. @ceruleanspark I never saw the reboot, I think

                                                                                              Friday, 19-Jul-13 11:12:56 UTC from web
                                                                                              1. @critialcloudkicker Yup, quite sure. I did not even knew it existed

                                                                                                Friday, 19-Jul-13 11:13:20 UTC from web
                                                                                              2. @critialcloudkicker The Rebuild series is actually very good and more or less entirely standalone. The third one is weird as hell, but still not as weird as the original eva movies.

                                                                                                Friday, 19-Jul-13 11:14:37 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                                                                                                1. @ceruleanspark "The third one" ? What third one ? Third episode ?

                                                                                                  Friday, 19-Jul-13 11:15:30 UTC from web
                                                                                                  1. @critialcloudkicker They're movie-lenght OVAs.

                                                                                                    Friday, 19-Jul-13 11:15:58 UTC from web
                                                                                                  2. @critialcloudkicker Third movie

                                                                                                    Friday, 19-Jul-13 11:16:21 UTC from web
                                                                                                  3. @critialcloudkicker At this time there are 3 movies in the "Rebuild of Evangelion" quartet.

                                                                                                    Friday, 19-Jul-13 11:16:40 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                                                                                      2. @critialcloudkicker Second Impact happened when Humans removed Adam from its stasis, freeing the 17 sealed angels on earth and causing the massive explosion that altered the earths climate by destroying the entire north pole. Millions died. After this, the re-activated angels sought out Lillith in order to put /her/ in stasis and take back the planet they they were "Owed". This precipitates the formation of Nerv and the events of the series.

                                                                                        Friday, 19-Jul-13 11:08:52 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                                                                                    2. @ceruleanspark i love kaworu

                                                                                      Friday, 19-Jul-13 11:00:00 UTC from web
                                                                    3. @ceruleanspark I'd say homunculus, but it's pretty close.

                                                                      Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:49:46 UTC from web
    5. @vt3c Laaaame

      Friday, 19-Jul-13 10:18:03 UTC from web