1. ... Sweetie Belle would probably go well in !Oatmeal. # #

    Wednesday, 13-Apr-11 11:51:00 UTC from web
    1. @retl You know, this whole obsession with eating Sweetie Belle is probably driving away anyone who wants to RP as her.

      Wednesday, 13-Apr-11 12:04:02 UTC from web
      1. @thelastgherkin Wow, I hope not. XD They don't have to worry about me. Just use the RP consent rule and disregard it, because I'm pretty much not going to jump into RP after a certain event that happened to me a few years ago. :B (If I did RP, I'd probably be the creepiest dragon or pony ever.)

        Wednesday, 13-Apr-11 12:09:21 UTC from web
      2. @thelastgherkin (Karmic Backlash Version: I end up required to RP Sweetie Belle to stay on the site, and am promptly chased around every time I stay out past 8PM by people who are convinced they must eat me.)

        Wednesday, 13-Apr-11 12:17:38 UTC from web
        1. @retl Ha ha ha. I was actually considering RPing her, just because I think it would be hilarious watching what you guys say.

          Wednesday, 13-Apr-11 12:27:33 UTC from web
          1. @thelastgherkin This suddenly reminds me of the theme I've been seeing of Bon-.

            Wednesday, 13-Apr-11 12:47:54 UTC from web
          2. @thelastgherkin Der. *Bon-Bon trying to fatten up Lyra. Also, I made an icon I might use someday, but probably won't. X3

            Wednesday, 13-Apr-11 12:49:46 UTC from web