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  • That really annoying kid you know randomkid That really annoying kid you know New York State Rochester

    I am a Brony and a gamer. My favorite pony is Rainbow Dash and I'm a Guy. Very weird and also can be annoying.

  • steven L. oakley shyfan2012 steven L. oakley fredericktown

    I have ben a fan of the show sence last year when my friends kep asking me to watch it.... they kep relating me to fluttershy and i didnt know what they were talking about untill i finaly broke and desided to watch it and i fell in love with it XD... and i fully understand why they kep describing me as fluttershy and soon i found that she would be my fave of them all :b.... but the only thing is people keep asking me why fluttershy when shes rely not that out of place and i say its cuz as i grew up i alwase wanted a friend like her but that never happened sence i live in a town of nuthing but red-necks and am alwase looking for that friend who acts like her. v.v

  • Pinkie Pie partypinkiestyle Pinkie Pie

    Helllloooooo. I'm a 18 y/o pegasister and I enjoy anime, manga and chatting along with mlp ^^

  • Aly Copeland rainbowdash17 Aly Copeland Cloudsdale, Equestria, USA

    I LOOOOOOVE MLP FIM!!!! It's the best show EVER! Rainbow Dash is the best pony! :D I AM A GIRL! Shoot me a message anytime! i love to talk! also email me when u want, just make sure u say that you're from rdn. My email is Have a ponytastic day!

  • deletemyaccount notabronyanymorepleasedelete deletemyaccount


  • Forest Rain forestrain Forest Rain Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

    Hi everypony! ^.^ I'm Forest Rain. I produce music (alternative, orchestral, pop), sing, paint, and narrate fanfictions. I love nature, art, music, and the use of technology for good. I am proudly a blank flank! ;p

  • Jonathan Burgess ral Jonathan Burgess Infamy

    N'er-do-well of the highest order.

  • Eli Hekel modulusshift Eli Hekel Arkansas

    I'm musicssound from twitter, Eli Hekel from everywhere else, including, an awesome writer's site that could probably use a few more bronies in it's forums.

  • gabumon gabumon Cache
  • Beth Eyestone sugarhooves Beth Eyestone the Everfree forest, Morrilton, AR

    a fairly reserved pegasi simillar in personality to Fluttershy until you get to know her then she's like a Rainbowdash with a bit of Pinkipie random thrown in XD, only flies at night due to being very shy. loves animals and tends to share random baked treats with the woodland critters, tends to keep to herself due to being mistreated in Manehattan for being a Lesmarian or "fillyfooler" as they called her. has a pet Bat named Squeaks who follows her everywhere.

  • derps derps
  • Marissa moonprincess Marissa Texas

    I like ponies and RPing and stuff.

  • Frank Anthony noizybrony Frank Anthony Bakersfield, CA

    I'm outgoing-ish or i'm shy-ish, idklol! Music is my main thing, but my interests definitely vary (yayversatility!) I'm a nice person, kind of obnoxious, but i'll help a friend in any way i can and i just love to make new friends! Sooo... there you go! :D :D :D :D

  • Ben Rose rarityfan Ben Rose Michigan

    I am a huge fan of the fabulous Rarity but I love all of the mane cast! I am a shipper through and through and my favorite couples are Applejack x Twilight, Pinkie x Rainbow, Fluttershy x Rarity, Snips x Snails, Spike x Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo x Applebloom, Luna x Derpy, Fluttershy x Macintosh, and Rarity x Applejack! Also I'm 17 years old and love writing fanfics!

  • Adam tannenbaum punchline Adam tannenbaum Hooflyn

    Favorite ponies are scootaloo, DJ PON-3, and RAINBOW DASH!

  • Genivieve Darkehouf thekeikoisalie Genivieve Darkehouf South Australia

    Wow, it's been 2 years since I've been on here, well, I'm now eighteen. Woo. I'm a perverted grape of a brony who cares not for everyday life (other than to finish school and draw) and usually wastes her time with nothing but YouTubers of the gaming and analyzing kind, Art of the pony and Pokemon kind, Tumblr of the fangirl and pervy kind, Facebook of the... Facebook kind? ...Ah...and random fangasm'ing, yeah. Hm, anyway, more importantly I'm one of /those/ types of bronies. The ones who are overly obsessed with every single bad kind of bronydom you can imagine. And I'm loving every minute of it. Also, don't take me too seriously. Really. Got a problem with art I draw, opinions I share? I'd like to hear about it. It'd be hell fun. ;D

  • Lady Abraxas galaxy Lady Abraxas New York

    Currently working in a Psych lab for my thesis. I enjoy collecting ponies, drawing/painting, gory movies/comics and old video games PVP Friend Code is 15485-0970

  • Tim Latshaw presspass Tim Latshaw Wyoming, MI

    A former reporter and current games freelancer who writes stuff; sometimes even pony stuff. Pinkie Pie is the best pony.

  • Colin S elision Colin S Near Boston

    Musician, Programmer, failartist

  • Leon K. Fox leonkfox Leon K. Fox England

    Just a guy that adores gaming, Ratchet and Clank, Doctor Who, Disney, Pixar, Resident Evil, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, WWE among other things ^^ You can also find me on YouTube.

  • Jaelithe Triellis binarywitchery Jaelithe Triellis Glen Burnie, Maryland, USA
  • Milo milo Milo Richmond, Virginia

    I'm a derp. Catch me here:

  • Meredith Miles autumn Meredith Miles New York, NY (Upper West Side)

    I'm a female who loves ponies! I spend pretty much all of my time customizing brushable ponies and dreaming of BroNYCon. Next year I will be beginning my freshman year at Bates College with an intended double major in geology and biology. If I ever manage to grow up, I want to be a paleobiologist. I have no idea what my Cutie Mark would be, and Apple Bloom is the best pony! I used to post from @applebloom.

  • Rainy Daydream rainyd Rainy Daydream Brooklyn, NY

    Brooklyn dwelling Bronette with aspirations towards writing who's finally got off her rump to join up. Signed up after BroNYCon's June 2011 meetup.

  • Tom sonicrainbro Tom Bethlehem, PA
  • Erika Lind elind85 Erika Lind Brooklyn, NY

    Admin and Top Moderator of RDN. I serve on the council for Bronycon and I head the HR and Store departments. Contact me if you'd like to volutneer or work at the next convention!

  • Jonathan Conrad fnordly Jonathan Conrad Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

    Born on the 16th of October, 1975. Energetic and outdoorsy. Programming at 7 years of age. RPGing on-line in 1993. IRCing in the final hours of 1999 and first few of the new millennium. Roofing. Electrical work. Shovels, tractors, concrete, recreational surfaces. Etc. Puppetry. Tae-Kwon-Do. Little school. Blah, blah, blah... Watched "My Little Pony" for the first time a few hours ago. Friendship *is* magic! I will probably not sleep until my free, open-source Brony Tripcode Generator for Windows is complete. (See where "b" is for pony!)

  • lilytheamazingfaintingpony lilytheamazingfaintingpony Østlandet, Norway


  • Erik Banner communistprime Erik Banner Kenosha, WI

    I do quite enjoy this 'pony craze' the young kids are talking about these days. Otherwise I'm a big gamer and currently in the military. I love me some tabletop action as well as computer and console stuff. Wanna contact me online? Ask for my info! I've got an MSN, AIM, Xfire, Steam, FurAffinity, DeviantArt, Flankbook, facebook and EVE account. 'Do good, for good is good to do.' I like that old Roman quote.

  • I don't know extremedash I don't know Florida

    Don't take anything I say seriously.