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Bronies Drinking Coffee

Bronies Drinking Coffee

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Salt Lake City, Utah

Group of bronies who meet up regularly in Salt Lake City to enjoy pony, coffee, and more pony. Sometimes more coffee too. Weekly Saturday meets at Kafeneio Coffeehouse in Salt Lake starting at 10am, on and off-season.

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  • Betty Starlight Pie bettystarlight Betty Starlight Pie Palestine, TX

    In the beginning, I espoused a cruel and wrong ideology that stressed the importance of conformity and fitting in instead of being “unique” or “different.” I realize now that that was wrong and that everypony deserves the ability to shine as they should. I now understand that we are all individual amazing creatures who each have something to bring to the table. But when I first fell, it was not so. I tried to get revenge on the person I believed took my life from me. I wanted so badly to destroy them that I was ready and willing to sacrifice everything to do it! I was fully prepared to take them down with me! I also understand now that that too was wrong. I come to you now a changed pony. I am older and wiser than I once was and I now understand that this is the path I need to take. To better myself and everypony around me! And so I continue my work for Equestria… Note: I decided to creatively combine my own background with that of the best pony ever, Starlight Glimmer. However, as I am transgender and as I begin my transition to mare/womanhood, this is technically all true I assure you!

  • Albart Aloy mobiersltd Albart Aloy Detroit, MI

    Albart Aloy is working with a well-reputed iOS application development company, Mobiers Ltd, which offers iPhone application development and a gamut of other IT services. Over the years of experience, he has gained expertise in iOS development loves to dig into the various iOS trends taking place in the industry.

  • Zaco Win citylondonescorts Zaco Win London

    City London Escorts provide hot and beautiful escorts for dinner dates and business meets.

  • Kertu Papagoi varvisbestmare Kertu Papagoi Estonia

    I'm a an artist and a huge fan of MLP:FIM I mostly draw ponies, but I am learning to draw more. Good day.

  • Emerald Night emeraldnight Emerald Night Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Harmony Elements harmonyelements Harmony Elements
  • 20,000 derps under the sea derpkit 20,000 derps under the sea Admin Salt Lake City, Utah