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This is the start of a group to organise a London based meet! Please sign up if you live anywhere near the area and want to meet other UK bronies.

So if you have any ideas of places we could go please let me know and help this become an awesome meet.

London Bronies (londonbronies) group


  1. !londonbronies oh oh oh anypony live in the south west of london

    Sunday, 15-Sep-13 20:32:46 UTC from web
  2. !londonbronies anypony from Eastbourne? awful lonely as theres no pegasisters

    Sunday, 27-Jan-13 19:01:35 UTC from web
  3. !londonbronies Anypony know when there will be a brony meetup in the south of England?

    Tuesday, 06-Nov-12 02:28:25 UTC from web
  4. !londonbronies !bronylon What to watch on telly today... =/

    Monday, 08-Oct-12 21:34:00 UTC from MuSTArDroid
    • !LondonBronies !BronyLon Yay! I'm staying at the new hotel "Novotel" until Thursday :3 Going to get some food at one of the hundred McDonalds-places here now x3

      Monday, 08-Oct-12 19:45:27 UTC from MuSTArDroid
      • !londonbronies Hey, I'm from Hungary and am coming to live in London starting from November the 7th. I don't know anyone in London yet. How about we organize a meet-up? I'd really like to meet you all!

        Monday, 08-Oct-12 11:11:20 UTC from web
      • !londonbronies perhaps one down in eastbourne would be epic!!! i know we have quite a few bronies down here!

        Monday, 08-Oct-12 09:47:45 UTC from web
        • !londonbronies Hey can u guys do a meeting in poole in dorset? theres loads of bronys down here and we feel alone over here :(

          Friday, 14-Sep-12 17:13:05 UTC from web
        • !londonbronies Reporting live from the Pub Party! It's really hot in here!

          Saturday, 21-Apr-12 12:03:56 UTC from web
        • !londonbronies Pub party this Saturday is turning out busier than I thought... We could potentially have just under 100 attendees (or over, if people continue to late-confirm the way they are until saturday)!

          Thursday, 19-Apr-12 15:51:09 UTC from web
          • !londonbronies Pub event in london on the 21st, for the season 2 finale. See Hope everypony knows about this.

            Wednesday, 18-Apr-12 00:43:27 UTC from web
            • !uk !londonbronies !midlands I have some photos up of the Nottingham meet

              Sunday, 08-Apr-12 02:28:00 UTC from web
              • !uk !londonbronies !midlands Just less than 2 days until the coveted Nottingham meet-up! Details:

                Friday, 06-Apr-12 00:12:28 UTC from web
                • !uk !midlands !londonbronies see the vlog of Chelmsford meet by Denegoth

                  Monday, 02-Apr-12 13:37:37 UTC from web
                  • Are there any UK/Britian/England groups here?

                    Thursday, 29-Mar-12 18:25:26 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                  • !uk !londonbronies !midlands Couple of reminders. This Saturday is Chelmsford meet: ... and Leeds meet: ||||| Following Saturday on the 7th April is Nottingham (this one's turning out to be pretty huge!) If you are coming to Nottingham make sure you reserve a nametag here:

                    Tuesday, 27-Mar-12 23:52:34 UTC from web
                    • Here's a vlog by danspy1994 of the Watford meet yesterday funfact: you can see me skipping with a skipping rope at one point in this video.

                      Sunday, 11-Mar-12 20:40:34 UTC from web
                    • Forgot to mention: Had a great time at the meetup today! I managed to get the Golden Harvest (Carrot Top) blind bag, and Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash brushables ^^ Now I only need those unicorn brushables to have all the mane six.

                      Saturday, 10-Mar-12 21:19:38 UTC from web
                    • !londonbronies !uk !midlands Dumping a bunch of meetup info. Watford Junction, March 10th ||| Exeter, March 17th ||| Chelmsford, March 31st ||| Nottingham, April 7th ||| Maidstone, April 14th ||| Bristol, April 21st ||| Exeter, May 12th ||| London MCM Expo, May 26th

                      Monday, 05-Mar-12 22:53:02 UTC from web
                      • @reallifefluttershy !uk !midlands !londonbronies you are far from alone.

                        Thursday, 23-Feb-12 18:31:09 UTC from web
                      • !londonbronies !midlands It's a little short notice, but there is a minor meetup in Aylesbury next Saturday, 18th Feb

                        Saturday, 11-Feb-12 16:24:12 UTC from web
                      • Hey, the pub meet up was great! Quick question; were a few of the bronies there from around central London (as in close to Waterloo)? I'm trying to find locals to chill with on weekends and stuff. (P.S. I'm the American)

                        Monday, 06-Feb-12 23:38:24 UTC from web
                      • For any fans of AcousticBrony here is a live performance of "I'll Fly Higher" at the London Pub meetup !londonbronies

                        Sunday, 05-Feb-12 02:35:22 UTC from web
                        • Reeaally tired from the !londonbronies meetup. Was a lot of fun though!

                          Saturday, 04-Feb-12 22:49:08 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                        • About to leave for the !londonbronies meetup. I'll probably post stuff from it later!

                          Saturday, 04-Feb-12 10:48:06 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                        • Home from school. And now I can spend the rest of the day looking forward to the !londonbronies meet up tomorrow!

                          Friday, 03-Feb-12 15:31:11 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                          • !londonbronies Here is a big document with pretty much everything you need to know about the meetup on Saturday

                            Thursday, 02-Feb-12 01:21:48 UTC from web
                            • So I finally checked my local ASDA, no blind bags :( The low stock of MLP stuff they had seemed to just be G3. Luckily it seems there will be plenty available at the !londonbronies meetup next week, so not all bad, but I still hope they will stock them at my ASDA at some point. All this put aside, still got a new episode to look forward to :)

                              Saturday, 28-Jan-12 13:55:11 UTC from web
                              • Gooooood morning everypony! Or should I say afternoon. I really need to start waking up earlier...

                                Thursday, 05-Jan-12 12:25:07 UTC from web
                              • !londonbronies Less than a month to go now! Details are still being finalised on Venue location. For more information, and to get involved with the event, please visit

                                Monday, 09-Jan-12 15:23:25 UTC from web