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Philadelphia, PA Bronies (Philly Bronies)

Philadelphia, PA Bronies (Philly Bronies)

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Philadelphia, PA

A Group for all ponies living in Philadelphia, PA to meet up

Philadelphia, PA Bronies (Philly Bronies) (phillybronies) group


  1. !phillybronies Hey Philly Bronies! I am a new member of the group and was just wondering something. I, along with you I would bet, have been vigorously waiting for the new season of MLP to come out. I was informed that there would be a meetup of the Philly Bronies on Nov. 23 to view it as a group. If this information is correct, I would like to to know the address and time of the meetup so I will be able to attend. Thanks

    Thursday, 07-Nov-13 01:57:55 UTC from web
    • !phillybronies Is anyone from Deleware County? I've been pretty lonely down here. I can't seem to find anyone close.

      Thursday, 24-Oct-13 16:05:10 UTC from web at 39°52'56"N 75°23'35"W
      • !phillybronies Anyone here from Delaware county? Been feeling pretty lonely around here.

        Thursday, 10-Oct-13 01:14:01 UTC from web
      • !phillybronies Anybody live right across the bridge from Gloucester City, NJ that are from Philly?

        Friday, 07-Dec-12 05:43:07 UTC from web
        • !phillybronies, sup. I know most of ya'll are leigh valley bronies, but the Philly Bronies are have a meetup at valley forge. Check it out! Lots of fun is always had at our meets.

          Friday, 13-Jul-12 05:38:40 UTC from web
        • !phillybronies Hey, I just moved here, BronyCon was crazy, So here's my username, meetups, maybe?

          Saturday, 07-Jul-12 04:12:51 UTC from web
        • !phillybronies Hey I just moved here. Okay I moved here three weeks ago but Bronycon was crazy and I just settled in. Any plans for meetups at any point soon?

          Saturday, 07-Jul-12 04:07:56 UTC from web
        • Hey Lehigh Valley !phillybronies I am sorry I can't make it to the talent show and meetup. (I can never get to these meet ups, they are quite a distance) Anyway, here is a video to make it up to you guys since I can't be there.

          Friday, 11-May-12 22:29:07 UTC from web
          • Working on a video for !phillybronies Since I can never make it to the meetups in Lehigh. Since there is going to be a talent show i thought of playing a song. It will make up for the fact I can't be there, and the video will be SO AWESOME!!!!

            Friday, 11-May-12 03:03:36 UTC from web
            • !phillybronies just a quick reminder. We have a zoo meetup today (saturday) at 1:00pm!!

              Saturday, 14-Apr-12 04:34:50 UTC from web
              • Anyone know why I can't see the button to show old messages in my group anymore?

                Friday, 13-Apr-12 05:41:32 UTC from web
              • Hey !phillybronies the Lehigh Valley Bronies have another meetup this Saturday the 31st, Go here for all the details:

                Tuesday, 27-Mar-12 03:13:12 UTC from web
                • !phillybronies we have a zoo meetup planed for april 14th.

                  Monday, 26-Mar-12 02:56:44 UTC from web
                  • !phillybronies We have another meetup happening on Saturday here in the Lehigh Valley. Go here for details.

                    Friday, 16-Mar-12 00:59:27 UTC from web
                    • !phillybronies oh, since I "accidentally" erased all my posts, there was meeting at Eastern University, and it was pretty cool. Pictures are here:

                      Wednesday, 14-Mar-12 20:23:18 UTC from web
                    • !phillybronies I'm kind of wrapped up in getting a job at the moment, but as soon as I get free time I'll look into securing a meeting location I've had in mind.

                      Wednesday, 14-Mar-12 20:20:05 UTC from web
                      • Looking forward to whenever the next Lehigh !phillybronies meetup is. Fun time at my first meetup. :)

                        Saturday, 03-Mar-12 03:46:50 UTC from web
                        • !phillybronies, ok so, I have made a philly brony group page. Check it out, come join, lets meet up! lots of fun!

                          Tuesday, 28-Feb-12 06:01:30 UTC from web
                          • !phillybronies so I'm curious, who do most of you guys use this network over something like facebook or ponysquares?

                            Sunday, 26-Feb-12 18:27:03 UTC from web
                            • Toy(s) acquired. All I did was make an introduction at the !phillybronies meetup. I then say "Hold back your tears, I still have yet to acquire a toy." And then I get 2 free toys. I love you bronies who gave me the toys. I got a blind bag Pinkie Pie, and a brushable mane of I have no idea who she is, it's a recolour of Pinkie Pie it looks like on the box. It has an Ice Cream sundae cutie mark.

                              Sunday, 26-Feb-12 00:11:57 UTC from web
                            • Just got back from my first Brony Meetup. !phillybronies you rock. Woohoo.

                              Saturday, 25-Feb-12 23:24:26 UTC from web
                              • Trying to make this work, I will bring my guitar and mandolin to the !phillybronies meetup, the only problem is no gig bag, oh well, I'll make it work somehow.

                                Saturday, 25-Feb-12 02:23:46 UTC from web
                                • @trister @ecmc1093 Well, I was thinking of bringing a guitar or mandolin to the !phillybronies meetup, not to be a show off, just to play.

                                  Wednesday, 22-Feb-12 23:56:25 UTC from web
                                • !phillybronies are Brony Musicians allowed to play at the meetup in Lehigh?

                                  Wednesday, 22-Feb-12 22:36:30 UTC from web
                                  • I got someone to carpool with for the !phillybronies meetup :) Do they allow musicians to play at the meetup?

                                    Wednesday, 22-Feb-12 22:26:37 UTC from web
                                    • Can any !phillybronies going to the Lehigh meetup by any chance carpool? I don't drive yet.

                                      Tuesday, 21-Feb-12 20:39:44 UTC from web
                                    • !phillybronies hopefully I can make it, It's about an hour away from my location, and my dad is... not exactly the most supportive of bronies. If only I could carpool with somepony.

                                      Tuesday, 21-Feb-12 20:34:35 UTC from web
                                      • @hiccupflux I'm fine here and holy Zapapples, 50 Members, Wow, just wow !phillybronies

                                        Tuesday, 21-Feb-12 15:21:46 UTC from web
                                        • !phillybronies We are having another meetup here in the Lehigh Valley this Saturday. Check it out here:

                                          Tuesday, 21-Feb-12 04:36:54 UTC from web
                                        • !phillybronies so Fillydelphia type ponies, what's going on?

                                          Saturday, 18-Feb-12 16:07:02 UTC from web