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A group for all the minecraft players on RADN

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  1. Man, how the hell am I supposed to *not* consume the bottle of Zombie Virus that's specifically labeled "WARNING! DO NOT CONSUME!"? !minecraft

    Tuesday, 11-Nov-14 17:45:34 UTC from web
    • My sheeps are so durn colorful~ !minecraft

      Monday, 10-Nov-14 03:42:09 UTC from web
    • I want a world generation in !Minecraft where you can choose a "primary" biome like "Desert, Large" and tick off other available biomes to generate, so it's almost entirely one thing, but with little pockets of other potential things thrown in there.

      Tuesday, 04-Nov-14 18:49:19 UTC from MuSTArDroid
    • Well, looks like a !Minecraft world of 100% desert is pretty nearly impossible to survive in the long term.

      Tuesday, 04-Nov-14 04:28:08 UTC from web

      Sunday, 26-Oct-14 23:51:17 UTC from web
    • I discovered flint & steel in !Minecraft and proceeded to burn an entire village to the ground. #

      Friday, 10-Oct-14 01:17:35 UTC from web
    • @vt3c Did I tell you I got into the !Minecraft server? Because I did.

      Saturday, 04-Oct-14 20:19:41 UTC from web
      • Today was my last day working in the horrible block-programming language that is Scratch. On Tuesday I'll be starting in Java. !coderponies

        Saturday, 27-Sep-14 01:34:58 UTC from web
      • HA! I just egged a zombie in !Minecraft! #

        Friday, 26-Sep-14 02:39:27 UTC from web
        • I am a really bad !Minecraft shepherd.

          Monday, 22-Sep-14 00:43:16 UTC from web
          • Gog, I really need to be able to find some sheep in !Minecraft so I can make a ruttin' bed!

            Sunday, 21-Sep-14 22:46:13 UTC from web
          • papayas. It's raining and I haven't found enough wood to build a roof on my house yet. :c !minecraft

            Saturday, 20-Sep-14 21:53:52 UTC from web
            • Contemplating starting a !minecraft server....

              Saturday, 20-Sep-14 04:03:42 UTC from web
              • a good texture pack that i use is the love and tolerance texture pack its a good one for minecraft. :D

                Wednesday, 04-Jun-14 03:21:47 UTC from web
                • Gnah. !minecraft throws a 503 HTTP exception at me when I try connecting to a minecraft server.

                  Tuesday, 13-Aug-13 17:40:02 UTC from Choqok
                  • Got some of my soundscapes and made myself some nicer rain sounds for !minecraft.

                    Wednesday, 31-Oct-12 07:02:53 UTC from web
                    • For users of !Minecraft mods, here's one you may want to add to your collection - Audiotori, allowing for loading soundmods that stack and take priority over others.

                      Tuesday, 30-Oct-12 05:19:39 UTC from web
                      • !minecraft vroom! If you have motion sickness, probably best to pass on this :(

                        Sunday, 14-Oct-12 22:39:50 UTC from Choqok
                      • Time lapse !minecraft video coming your way. I think I might have done a bad thing by putting frame blending on. :P

                        Sunday, 14-Oct-12 22:15:00 UTC from Choqok
                        • !ponycraft Try this seed: Hardcore48326n

                          Wednesday, 10-Oct-12 02:17:39 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                          • !ponycraft Unoffical RDN server:

                            Friday, 24-Aug-12 19:29:08 UTC from web
                            • How come no one's on the new unofficial # server?

                              Friday, 24-Aug-12 19:14:31 UTC from web
                            • NOR gate is best gate. !Minecraft

                              Wednesday, 18-Jul-12 16:54:44 UTC from web
                              • 4-bit decoders are the best thing. !Minecraft

                                Wednesday, 18-Jul-12 16:51:09 UTC from web
                                • Is anyone else having trouble connecting to the !Minecraft server?

                                  Saturday, 14-Jul-12 19:33:59 UTC from web
                                • !ponycraft anypny have minecraft on xbox or have the clone total miner forge on xbox?

                                  Thursday, 31-May-12 03:38:49 UTC from web
                                  • DEAR CELESTIA DO I EVER LOVE PONYCRAFT!! !ponycraft

                                    Sunday, 04-Mar-12 08:34:03 UTC from web
                                  • psst !ponycraft

                                    Thursday, 09-Feb-12 09:49:58 UTC from web
                                    • I just made the most special place for a chest JUST because it was going to have my IRON in it !vgp !minecraftponies !ponycraft

                                      Saturday, 10-Dec-11 21:34:01 UTC from web
                                    • "I’d love to see achievers thrown a bone at some point, and for NPC villages to have some kind of interaction, and for more interesting monsters to appear, and for Mojang to give me a pony." - from the GameInformer review of Minecraft. !ponycraft !vgp

                                      Saturday, 10-Dec-11 00:44:53 UTC from web