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Fellow Ponies that enjoy technology in general. Or more specifically: coding, designing, building, modding etc.

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  1. Downloading and installing an official software update for my htc Desire Z. Not sure if it'll do anything major, but may as well see. !androidbronies !techponies

    Thursday, 17-May-12 14:52:48 UTC from web
  2. Lost my phone's 32gb Micro SD Card x.x Phone fell on the floor and it flew out. I have a spare but replacing all that stuff will take AGES. !techponies #

    Wednesday, 16-May-12 11:53:15 UTC from web
    • !TechPonies -- This just popped up on my LUG mailing list: "An ARM GNU/Linux box for $25."

      Thursday, 10-May-12 22:55:02 UTC from web
      • I now have £300 towards my gaming PC ^^ Think it'll be fitting to have a PC to go into what will be a newly redecorated room, heh. !vgp !techponies

        Tuesday, 08-May-12 11:40:33 UTC from web
      • I just realised another few perks that having a more powerful PC will bring, faster video rendering and the ability to use an HD PVR. ^^ !techponies

        Monday, 30-Apr-12 22:02:43 UTC from web
        • Killing time in the Apple store atm. Using an iPhone 4S. iOS has the unique distinction of having the only on screen keyboard that I find easier to type on using Portait rather than landscape O.o !techponies

          Saturday, 28-Apr-12 15:56:54 UTC from web
        • New video uploaded, Vlog- Building/Saving Up for a Gaming PC (Finally) !vgp !techponies

          Friday, 27-Apr-12 21:01:25 UTC from web
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        • We've been getting spurts of internet downtime for ages. I thought it was down to Virgin Media, turns out our router is on its way out. x.x !techponies

          Thursday, 26-Apr-12 13:31:30 UTC from web
          • Think I'm gonna record a vlog about my plans to build a new PC and as a gaming rig :) !vgp !techponies

            Tuesday, 24-Apr-12 16:29:19 UTC from web
          • I'll say it again, I absolutley love the new mobile site for RDN. It easily beats both StatusNet Android and Mustard for browsing the site on an Android phone. :) !techponies !androidbronies

            Tuesday, 24-Apr-12 11:24:19 UTC from web
            • Really glad I have a second battery for this phone, this one is nearly dead. This is why I love user replaceable batteries and it's one of the few thungs I'm dubious about with regards to going over to whatever the latest iPhone is when I change contracts/phones January of next year. (I already know I'm going with 3 for the carrier, just haven't decided the device 100%. !techponies

              Friday, 20-Apr-12 14:08:26 UTC from web
              • Oh great...I think the "Home" button on my phone (htc Desire Z) has stopped working. >.< Getting nothing from it whatsoever! !androidbronies !techponies

                Tuesday, 17-Apr-12 03:21:23 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                • Sister just got an iPhone 4S on 3 (carrier) I have an Android (htc Desire Z) and she has an iPhone :P (The whole Android vs iOS thing xD) !androidbronies !techponies

                  Thursday, 12-Apr-12 16:24:09 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                • Okay, so... The wired internet in my room is borked. I have a computer without wireless which I want to be able to use. My old wireless router doesn't work with dd-wrt. My current working desktop has both a wireless card and onboard ethernet. Is there some twisted workaround I can apply here? !techponies

                  Wednesday, 11-Apr-12 03:16:17 UTC from web
                • Really sick of my phone's physical QWERTY keyboard, endless misplaced full stops and capital letters >.< Mostly use the on screen one now. !androidbronies !techponies

                  Wednesday, 04-Apr-12 14:45:52 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                  • The power button on this phone is getting really stiff :/ Not a good sign... !techponies !androidbronies

                    Sunday, 01-Apr-12 20:10:56 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                    • God damn, the space bar on the family laptop is on its way out x.x I press it and it doesn't do a space sometimes. MeaningIWindUpWithSentencesLikeThis. >.< !techponies

                      Friday, 23-Mar-12 12:13:54 UTC from web
                      • the most nerdy and pony thing on the planet: !techponies

                        Thursday, 22-Mar-12 02:56:05 UTC from web
                        • I WAS going to do a live stream via LiveStream (very apt name, I must say) earlier tonight, but my PSEye doesn't seem to want to be recognized by my PC anymore x.x I tried uninstalling and re-installing the CL Eye Driver for it, but it didn't do a damn thing. Sucks as I really wanted to stream as well :/ !techponies

                          Friday, 09-Mar-12 22:07:42 UTC from web
                        • Dang, the little diodes they use for back lights in mp3 players are powerful, three of these little things the size of watch screws are as powerful as a regular flashlight. Now the only question is what to use them for, maybe I'll put one or two in my watch so that it can be used as an actual light !techponies

                          Friday, 09-Mar-12 04:06:25 UTC from web
                          • So looking around quickly on the web, my problem sounds suspiciously like a PSU problem. More specifically that the voltage it supplies isn't enough. !techponies

                            Tuesday, 06-Mar-12 07:32:06 UTC from web
                          • So. Every so often I hear a click and then my computer BSOD's. It's also not the HD cause I replaced that. Not dust in anything either cause I cleaned the crap out of everything. Any ideas? !techponies

                            Tuesday, 06-Mar-12 07:14:29 UTC from web
                          • Was going to watch the latest FiM episode on the 360 in my nan's spare bedroom on an HDTV, but it's saying I don't have the Optional Media Update...even though I already installed it onto this bloody 360 and storage device. >< # !techponies #

                            Monday, 05-Mar-12 18:55:06 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                          • why does the top of my laptop screen have flashing horizontal lines? !techponies

                            Thursday, 23-Feb-12 15:47:57 UTC from web
                          • Looks like a fuse may have blown in the main AC adapter. Brilliant. Well, I guess I needed to unplug it all and sort out the wires anyway. !techponies

                            Wednesday, 22-Feb-12 23:21:36 UTC from web
                          • Even though it's all plugged in, most of the stuff in my room isn't getting power :S I can't turn my 360, PS3 etc on, only my PC turns on. !techponies

                            Wednesday, 22-Feb-12 22:42:15 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                          • any retroPC users/collectors out there?? if so what is your favorite machine. Mine is the Atari ST, I have more but if i had to choose one that would be it !techponies

                            Tuesday, 21-Feb-12 01:51:10 UTC from web
                          • I wonder if subscribing to 2600 would get me on any watchlists... !techponies

                            Wednesday, 15-Feb-12 21:01:44 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                            • My balance was only updated 5 days ago, and I'm already down to 711MB of internet. # # # !techponies

                              Wednesday, 15-Feb-12 13:23:34 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                            • !techponies ...

                              Saturday, 11-Feb-12 05:03:27 UTC from web