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Children's Cards Game Fanclub

Children's Cards Game Fanclub

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ATTENTION DUELISTS: My hair says this is the official RDN Group for fans of Yugioh!

Children's Cards Game Fanclub (yugioh) group


  1. I wish I had games to play with you people

    Sunday, 27-Dec-15 02:24:59 UTC from web
  2. We should revive !ygo

    Monday, 18-May-15 00:53:27 UTC from web
    • !yugioh there is a new Ban list. Ring of destruction has been unbanded. But they changed the effect a little, Now you take the damage before your opponent and you cant use it if you'd deal damage enough to win the game =(

      Friday, 20-Mar-15 23:45:17 UTC from web
    • man remember when !yugioh was the big thing here

      Wednesday, 24-Dec-14 20:59:54 UTC from web
    • Aaaah, the good ol' days where fusions were the most OP thing in !yugioh

      Saturday, 27-Dec-14 00:10:24 UTC from web
      • *uses Monster Reborn on the !yugioh fad*

        Wednesday, 24-Dec-14 21:03:09 UTC from web
      • !yugioh

        Monday, 03-Nov-14 10:57:11 UTC from web
      • oh wait it's not am for another 15 minutes

        Monday, 10-Nov-14 23:44:52 UTC from web
      • !yugioh coming in 2016, a new yugio movie with yugi and Kaiba

        For real, i mean

        Thursday, 11-Dec-14 17:22:51 UTC from web
      • is there really no magic the gathering group here?

        Wednesday, 19-Nov-14 04:21:33 UTC from web
      • I've had this game minimized for over three hours

        Sunday, 02-Nov-14 06:43:40 UTC from web
      • !yugioh

        Saturday, 25-Oct-14 00:28:07 UTC from web
      • !yugioh So, today my kohai asked me if i rememberd of a yugioh card that was a gray monster with red crest. Any idea?

        she also said that she is bad at descriptions

        Saturday, 25-Oct-14 00:22:38 UTC from web
      • !yugioh

        Monday, 20-Oct-14 21:43:01 UTC from web
        • I'm gonna get a !yugioh body pillow. A dakibakura

          Sunday, 12-Oct-14 14:58:00 UTC from web
        • !yugioh COME ON AND play a children's card game

          Friday, 10-Oct-14 00:50:35 UTC from web
        • hey @ghoultz what anime is your avatar from

          Saturday, 11-Oct-14 22:15:12 UTC from web
        • !yugioh @mastertdi Mind Crush isn't really that broken, but if you battling an AI that uses one it will always guess right because it's an AI and it's silly. The unbanning of Raigeki on the other hand...

          Sunday, 28-Sep-14 19:41:18 UTC from web
        • Ugghhhh why is Mind Crush so broken !yugioh

          Sunday, 28-Sep-14 13:26:29 UTC from web
        • !yugioh so, i downloaded ygopro for this laptop, but it is running at 6 FS and i dont havepatience enough for that

          Saturday, 27-Sep-14 01:36:25 UTC from web
        • !yugioh i got new cards

          Friday, 26-Sep-14 23:34:54 UTC from web
        • !yugioh so, this is the new ban list. . as you can seen, reigeki is no longer banned. I think it is time to pack my things and leave this game

          Thursday, 25-Sep-14 19:13:39 UTC from web
        • Tempted to make a !yugioh deck just so I can name it Vehicroid Manslaughter

          Wednesday, 24-Sep-14 17:18:59 UTC from web
        • Soo... I've been sucked in. Is there still an official RDN Minecraft server?

          Monday, 15-Sep-14 21:40:02 UTC from web
        • Dang. 5000 ATK Chimeratech Fortress Overdragon and AI Mirror Forced me. !yugioh

          Sunday, 14-Sep-14 12:56:01 UTC from web