John Abbott (jla)

  1. Cro Magnox is #'s best yet!

    Friday, 29-Mar-13 16:31:41 UTC from web
  2. Another price increase on Fujifilm photographic films coming next month !photography

    Saturday, 23-Mar-13 08:48:39 UTC from MuSTArDroid
  3. From ambient mailing list: "Confirmed contributors for the Namlook tribute release...Bill Laswell, Spyra, Lorenzo Montanà, Mick Chillage, Charles Uzzell-Edwards, Eraldo Bernocchi, Krystian Shek, Gate Zero, Material Object"

    Thursday, 21-Mar-13 01:52:13 UTC from MuSTArDroid
  4. I'm thinking about buying a Dell Vostro 470 desktop. Dell Finland seem to be selling them with Ubuntu on... if you call them (!)

    Wednesday, 20-Mar-13 14:32:11 UTC from Repeat of sazius
  5. New info about # tribute album:

    Tuesday, 19-Mar-13 17:25:36 UTC from MuSTArDroid
  6. The # citizens' initiative has started taking signatures. If you are Finnish, I ask you to sign. !glbt !finland

    Monday, 18-Mar-13 22:29:52 UTC from web
  7. m.o.v.e holds their disbandment live

    Monday, 18-Mar-13 12:44:35 UTC from web
  8. Here's that new Blade Runner LP for pre-order at # # # #

    Sunday, 17-Mar-13 12:51:39 UTC from web
  9. This is really useful if you live in a small town like me. # !photography

    Sunday, 17-Mar-13 00:53:42 UTC from web
  10. !listening Papercuts - Once We Walked In The Sunlight, thanks FPP.

    Sunday, 17-Mar-13 00:21:27 UTC from MuSTArDroid
  11. Guardian interview with Lustmord

    Saturday, 16-Mar-13 13:10:45 UTC from web
  12. Happy 60th # @rms!

    Saturday, 16-Mar-13 12:28:13 UTC from web
  13. Finnish enterprise SC5 tests paying salaries in !Bitcoin

    Friday, 15-Mar-13 16:23:53 UTC from at 9°55'59"N 84°10'59"W Repeat of csolisr
  14. Ridiculous Fishing is basically the beginning of MÄX - Miesten kanava.

    Friday, 15-Mar-13 14:03:19 UTC from MuSTArDroid
  15. Gee whiz, I didn't know about Crystal Fair Con. Now we need a furry con.

    Thursday, 14-Mar-13 21:57:59 UTC from web
  16. Not that it's a loss, but it's interesting that fglrx_legacy is now nonfunctional with new xorg versions. Found this out by owning a HD4850.

    Thursday, 14-Mar-13 21:49:03 UTC from MuSTArDroid
  17. # is restarting his solo career.

    Thursday, 14-Mar-13 21:09:07 UTC from web
  18. !listening NOGAWA kazune - This Place

    Thursday, 14-Mar-13 18:11:08 UTC from web
  19. I've posted a thread about organizing a brony meet at # # 13.-14.7.2013

    Thursday, 14-Mar-13 17:38:16 UTC from web
  20. #MediaGoblin 0.3.3: Pixel Party #multimedia !fsf

    Wednesday, 13-Mar-13 17:00:46 UTC from at 53°28'51"N 2°14'14"W Repeat of schestowitz
  21. @thelastproject Never mind, I forget to check context sometimes because of federation.

    Wednesday, 13-Mar-13 15:23:37 UTC from web in context
  22. Dear contributors, friends and fans: The latest release of the openSUSE distribution, version 12.3, is ready for you! A

    Wednesday, 13-Mar-13 14:25:27 UTC from Repeat of opensuse
  23. @thelastproject What's changed? I haven't been keeping tabs on Gentoo.

    Wednesday, 13-Mar-13 11:00:18 UTC from MuSTArDroid in context
  24. Previews for new # album.

    Monday, 11-Mar-13 21:40:55 UTC from web
  25. Another interview with # #

    Monday, 11-Mar-13 21:38:48 UTC from web
  26. New Brandt Brauer Frick album "Miami" is out today.

    Monday, 11-Mar-13 21:38:06 UTC from web
  27. # 3.0 is released.

    Monday, 11-Mar-13 21:36:13 UTC from web
  28. Version 6 of the !FSF endorsed !Trisquel !GNU !Linux distribution is now available -

    Monday, 11-Mar-13 20:26:23 UTC from at 47°36'22"N 122°19'55"W in context Repeat of jxself
  29. I thought Calidostópia! sounded like what it said on the tin: like recent # material such as O but with vocals.

    Saturday, 09-Mar-13 16:23:26 UTC from web
  30. I'm also happy about the Systemich and 94 Diskont # reissues. Those two are the essential # classics from #

    Wednesday, 06-Mar-13 22:22:33 UTC from web


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