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  1. @thismightbeauser And now it doesn't boot for some reason?

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  2. "It's like some company sells you a bomb to test your house against earthquakes" - ( )

    You know what I would rather have seen ? This guy showing us cheap ways to implement a cheap protection or tester against these things. I mean the "USB Killer Tester" pretty much looks like a SMD Keramic Condensator and 2 wires that come out of it ( see 1:45 of this vid and )

    Nothing against this YouTuber but I imagine that a lot of children watch his stuff. I mean, remember when Linus Tech Tips talked about this too ?

    ... Well in the very least I now have more reasons to X-ray USB devices. Unless if that is somehow bad for their data.

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  3. In the past few days I watched S8E3 and S8E4 of Game of Thrones. To say that I am agitated would be downplaying it.

    No spoiler version would be : Logic is thrown out the window to make cool scenes. Consistency of powers and weaknesses are all over the place, Bran uses his superpowers of watching past present and future to browse designs of wheelchairs, Characters get to do AMAZING feats when the camera is not directed at them directly, you see way too many things die to things you can not see, you also see way to many things not die to things you can see and then randomly dissapear just so the audience will scream out the name of their favorite character to see them absolutely fine in the next shot, characters acting stupid for no reason, characters betraying the previous 7 seasons by means of storytelling. But perhaps the biggest 2... granting every tactician an anyeurism thanks to excessive facepalming... and do not even get me started on Resident Evil goes Game of Thrones. #

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  4. Does anyone know what this site was made with?

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