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  • Bit Shift bitshift Bit Shift United Kingdom

    Yosuke will now DIE FOR YOU.

  • Brony Sketch goonch Brony Sketch Las Vegas, Nevada http://www.youtube.com/user/TaffyPanda702?feature=mhee

    Brony Sketch is my name and I can not think of any thing to type in this box so YEA, swag.

  • George S yuri George S Toronto

    Cowards die in shame.

  • Daring Do daringdo Daring Do
  • Tyler Tyler & Tyler sancho Tyler Tyler & Tyler
  • Toothpaste Pony! minti Toothpaste Pony! Quebec, Canada http://tylian.net/

    If you need to contact me, PM me or send me an @ reply. I have notifications on so I will get it. Was a moderator and contributing programmer for RDN at one point, no longer am. Contact details: Skype: tylian0 Email: immatyger+rdn@gmail.com (Primary) Please note that if you add me on Skype, don't expect me to talk ever. It's not that I don't want to I'm just REALLY bad at having one-on-one conversations. I'm perfectly fine in group chats though so, feel free to do that.

  • Jay Moss applejays Jay Moss Cambridgeshire, England http://www.flickr.com/photos/jayintheclouds

    20-something super!dork who travels a lot & loves adventure! Writing my first novel, I'm also a freelance copywriter, MLP:FiM geek & a Doctor Who evangelist :D

  • chiefanchor chiefanchor Greater Fillydelphia Area, PA

    Navy veteran, computer geek, film student; self-styled grizzled old salt-lick.

  • Ricky Gopaul songopaul Ricky Gopaul Colchester, UK

    Hey I'm Son Gopaul, just became a Brony since mid-September. I'm currently looking for other Bronies in the UK, anypony wanna help out? Outside of the internets, I'm a fan of video games, card games, and going to conventions.

  • Michael egnaroesroh Michael Mililani, Hawaii, USA

    Brony who enjoys art, music, video games, anime, fanfiction, and almost anything pony. I recently finished Case 2 of my first fanfic Twilight Sparkle: Mare Attorney and am now attempting to try my hand at making a game Persona: Pony.

  • Missミラ yodelerty Missミラ Calgary, AB

    Imagine refuse piling higher and higher until it loses stability and falls over and ruins everyone's life. That's me. Glad to meet you.

  • Scribble scribble Scribble Trowbridge, UK http://about.me/scribbsie

    Slightly insane British brony and Gravity Falls fan. TV and Film student. Bi and forever in love with @spamcan. Also pegasus and collar lover. Braeburn is best pony.

  • Jordan Cameron tenmihara Jordan Cameron London, ON

    Fairly standard nerdisms; anime video games. Connoisseur of many forms of animation (which is how I came to love FiM). Attending business school with the dream of running my own comic book shop.

  • - aaaa - -


  • Katy Brown cavatina Katy Brown UK
  • Joseph N. jinny Joseph N. Pittsburgh Area, Pennsylvania http://jinrohdev.deviantart.com

    RDN's Head Maid and Cheer Captain.

  • Steven mush Steven Macclesfield, UK


  • Tom Williams ipwncakez Tom Williams United Kingdom

    I'm just a brony who plays video games and occasionally writes the odd gaming article. Will probably be working on a FiM fanfiction at some point.

  • Jacob herbalgreen Jacob Ontario, Canada

    I am a teen Brony, and I love the MLP:FiM series. Hoping to meet a ton of other Ponies here, and am looking forward to my stay. :3

  • Princess Luna princessluna Princess Luna Canterlot, Equestria http://princesshorse.tumblr.com

    Row row row your boat Gently down the stream Merrily merrily merrily merrily Life is but a dream....

  • RedEnchilada (notice the lack of a space) redenchilada RedEnchilada (notice the lack of a space) Houston, TX http://lyrawearspants.com

    I used to break RDN.

  • Jeff Stathers dusty Jeff Stathers Delta, British Columbia, Canada http://www.youtube.com/user/SonicPinhead

    Once known as Pinhooves, I am now just a retired brony. Sorry guys. If you want to contact me, I use the following: Twitter (DustyPinhead), Skype (sonicpinhooves) and Gmail (sonicpinhead@gmail.com)

  • Gloosteak gluestick Gloosteak NJ, USA

    I wash myself with a rag on a stick.

  • Dylan Sorrell ladestitute Dylan Sorrell Reno, Nevada

    ###IF YOU NEED MY ATTENTION WHEN I'M NOT ON RDN, shoot me an email at lad3stitute AT gmail DOT com### I'm a 19 year old male student, who is home schooled/takes online classes. I'm also autistic (asperger's syndrome/high functiong autism) and besides being a brony, my passions are video games and computers. My interest and hobbies include video games, computers, drawing, cooking, music (mostly video game music and alt rock), and game development.

  • Barton Flank pawnheart Barton Flank Salford, UK

    Used to live in Glasgow. Now I am here. I play Guitar. Yay, woohoo, you rock etc. I think too much about things, drink too much coffee, socialise too little, and hate labels. except on bottles. I love picking those. Oh, and I am the Duke of Kiddermarester, and extremely rich! Lick my decals off, brony. My only other significant net presence: http://rateyourmusic.com. RhymeDragWithDrag at your service. Oh, by the way, MLP:FiM and Earth, Wind and Fire? Best combination ever!

  • Gherkin thelastgherkin Gherkin Jolly old England. http://thelastgherkin.tumblr.com/links

    I love my boyfriend! He is always happy and he plays video games with me. I'm giving him five stars even though he didn't warn me about how many pizzas he requires every day. It's like two pizzas.

  • Mack Johnson valiant Mack Johnson St. Peters, MO

    ponies everywhere

  • Weenie Wanga Langa Genghis Khan flaxx Weenie Wanga Langa Genghis Khan Sweden http://kalleflaxx.deviantart.com/


  • Joshua Reeks dynamicentry Joshua Reeks Blackpool
  • Scribus Mustella scribus Scribus Mustella IE, CA

    The tragic aftermath of an accident between Greg Universe and Squanchy at the LHC. Narrator for the Sage And Savant steampunk adventure podcast. Largely dead inside, but getting better.