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  1. Gonna roofie all of my friends and force them to watch Detective Pikachu starring Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu in theaters with me

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  2. @adiwan creepypasta

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  3. @oracle there’s a really simple explanation for that inconsistency... it’s not the Prime timeline. In the Prime timeline, Kahn also killed Spock, not Captain Kirk, and in Abrams’ films, the opposite happened. There are a million other differences between the two worlds, and THAT’S the one that upsets you?

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  4. Speaking of incels, I spent entirely too long staring at my reflection in the bus window today, and I am bummed. Out.

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  5. Spongebob was an incel.

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  6. @scribus Yeah they shut down my coverage of last night’s election and revoked my ability to stream for ninety days. No idea why, my account is showing no copyright strikes, no community guideline strikes, it’s not even showing me that I have an uploaded video that breaks any rules. The support team has been absolutely no help so far.

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  7. What a wild night. Got banned from live-streaming on YouTube, and the Democrats took the House.

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  8. Hey, what’s up, gamers

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  9. Fallout 76 is really fun! Like Fallout 4 except now my idiotic, borderline suicidal battle tactics are a detriment to myself AND those around me.

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  10. http://rainbowdash.net/url/872980

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  11. @scribus I don’t have any actual beefs with any Hispanic characters either, even though most of them are crazy outdated stereotypes. My point was that, REGARDLESS of how anybody felt about them, and despite how outdated and misrepresentative those characters ARE, NOBODY is calling for the removal of ANY of them. Like I said last night I’ve just grown increasingly frustrated with the Apu discourse over the last week and it kind of boiled over.

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  12. And that’s gonna be my last thought on the matter. Like I said before, if it wasn’t announced that Apu would be written out, I wouldn’t have noticed, because he hasn’t been a major character on the show in years. I’m just growing increasingly frustrated with the discourse.

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  13. I’ve been bullied about my race before, and I’ve been called “Speedy Gonzalez”, and I’m not even Mexican. But those people were not taught by Speedy Gonzalez to be racist. They’d have found a different name to call me. Apu didn’t inspire racism, racists used Apu’s name to justify their already-present beliefs.

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  14. Do you know why I like animation so much? It’s because I don’t have to be me. I’m lanky, pasty, terrifyingly skinny, and taller than Bigfoot. I have huge, puffy lips and an ungodly forehead. My facial hair grows like pubic hair, and my regular hair looks like if Shaggy Rogers did meth. I don’t have to be... any of those things. I can make a cartoon where I play a buff black guy on Mars. I can be a hairless dwarf who’s just escaped from a government lab. I can be the President of the United States of America, and I don’t even have to win Ohio. I can make whatever I want and I can be whoever I want. And nobody can tell me I’m not that person. Because they can’t see my face. That’s why, despite everything I’ve said tonight, I don’t despise Bumblebee Man. Or Consuela. Or Dr. Nick, or Speedy Gonzalez, or Sheen Estevez. Because they’re cartoons. They can do and be ANYTHING. And I think that’s magical. And I’d like to think if I were Indian, I’d feel the same way about Apu.

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  15. So what makes Apu special? Why does Hari Kondabolu think he deserves special treatment, when the rest of us have to deal with the same kind of treatment by the media, if not worse?

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  16. Every Scottish character wears a kilt, except characters played by David Tennant, but he fakes an English accent in everything he does!

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  17. And I have a feeling Mormons ain’t too happy that South Park and Mitt Romney are the only reasons that people know Mormons still exist. African Americans PROBABLY aren’t thrilled that Cleveland Brown and Madea are the two most popular black characters in the 21st century. And how do you think Italians feel about MARIO?

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  18. Where are all of the documentaries about how Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, both self-confessed supporters of child murder, are the sole representations of Hispanics in American politics?

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  19. Do you know who the most powerful Hispanic guy in America was under Obama? ALSO Ted Cruz!

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  20. And hey, don’t get me started on how Hispanics are represented in politics. The most powerful Hispanic guy in America right now is Ted Cruz. How do you think that makes ME feel?

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  21. And that’s my essay on why The Problem With Apu as a member of literally any other minority group makes you wanna punch Hari Kondabolu in the face. But hey, come watch my new TruTV documentary, The Problem with Consuela.

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  22. Hari Kondabolu is lucky he has an Indian character to hate at all! Cuz if I made a documentary about how much I hate a Hispanic cartoon character, odds are nobody watching it would even know the character EXISTS.

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  23. I can’t relate to SPEEDY GONZALES! He’s a MOUSE! Maybe—just maybe—none of this MATTERS, because they’re all cartoons. The problem with Apu is that people are more outraged about HIM than the fact that every Hispanic cartoon character is a housemaid, the leader of a multi-national drug cartel, a guy who’s working seventeen hours a day on Mitt Romney’s estate with an expired or nonexistent work visa, or a mouse in a sombrero!

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  24. I can count the amount of Hispanic-American cartoon characters on mainstream TV on one hand, none of them are Puerto Rican, and one of them is this lady (voiced by Mike Henry, a white actor). In fact, I’m struggling to think of a single Hispanic character in ANY animated media, save for my namesake in My Little Brony (whose Hispanic heritage is touched on lightly, if at all), to actually be voiced by a Hispanic actor (and I’m guilty of vocal blackface, whiteface, orangeface...) Hispanic characters in media are often portrayed as illegal immigrants or drug dealers. Or both. On The Simpsons, we have a whopping TWO Hispanic characters—one of them is batcaveing Bumblebee Man, and the other one is Dr. Nick maybe. I don’t sound like cherryin’ Dr. Nick. I don’t know a SINGLE Hispanic person that sounds like Dr. Nick. AND he’s incompetent! But APU, the hard-working ladies man with a DOCTORATE in COMPUTER SCIENCE, is the problem? http://rainbowdash.net/url/872979

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  25. gonna be streaming a spoOOOOOOOOooooky game tonight. here's the thumbnail http://rainbowdash.net/url/872978

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  26. This scene is done mostly with tweens but I still wanted it to look KIND OF organic. The solution? Smear frames! http://rainbowdash.net/url/872976

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  27. HotDiggedyDemon made a really good video about the subject few days ago. https://youtu.be/F68l9FozxJ8

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  28. Apparently they're gonna be writing Apu out of The Simpsons starting this season. I know that these days he's sort of a controversial character and a lot of people don't like him, and I'm not really one to complain about PC culture, but Apu's character goes beyond his ethnicity, and I think the people who called for his removal ignored that. With that being said, I’m not going to pretend this is a tragedy. Ultimately, whatever they choose to do with the character on The Simpsons is up to them. Apu's been out of focus for several years now, so I can't say that his absence would be a huge deal, because that would be disingenuous. The Simpsons is also a much different show now than it was thirty years ago. Almost none of the original writers are still on the show, and a few of them are even younger than the show itself. If their vision of the show doesn't include Apu, I can't really fault them.

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  29. I feel really bad about emulating John K.’s style sometimes on account of John K’s a statutory rapist

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  30. you know, i think i drew him LESS crazy here than he has been this week in real life http://rainbowdash.net/url/872972

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