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  2. it's my birthday

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  3. Always thought it was really funny that the Trump campaign did so much work building up Biden to be this flailing moron such that any time Biden does anything remotely competent he's beating expectations and his poll numbers soar. Congratulations, you played yourself.

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  4. @scribus what a terrible thing you’ve just told me

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  5. Like not only did i find out who wore the pants in that relationship, I’m pretty sure I found out who wears the leash.

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  6. This customer is WHIPPED man, he called to complain that our ice cream was too much ice, not enough cream and his wife felt he wasn’t being forceful enough so she snatched the phone from him and started yelling at me, I just ended up feeling worse for the dude than I did about anything the lady was saying to me

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  7. it also fires up the other side's base and prevents split-ticket voting, which happens mostly to be a "check" on the assumed winner's power.

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  8. Why do Trump supporters keep citing the statistic that most people think Trump will be re-elected like that's supposed to be encouraging for them, that's literally part of how Clinton lost in the first place, people thought it would be safe to protest vote in key areas because victory was "certain".

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  9. it only took me 28 comics to do an animal joke, i think

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  10. My copy of Adobe Animate is so busted up because I use an older version and because Adobe doesn't let you download older versions anymore i had to archive it on a hard drive and when i use a new windows installation i just copy that installation folder over, anyway now the program gives me a big warning saying that it's not installed when i launch it and then it'll just let me use it anyway

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  11. you know what, Richard Nixon wasn’t even that bad

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  12. New video: Ren & Stimpy - The Art vs. the Artist

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  13. New video at 4pm.

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  14. This video I’m looking to put out on Friday is gonna get me crucified in Burbank.

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  15. masks are a tool used by the government to silence white women, and unfortunately it just doesn't work

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  16. Dammit. I missed the Apple stock split

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  17. The documentary implicitly posits the question of whether we can or should separate the art from the artist. It doesn't give you a straight answer, and I think that's the point. In Ren & Stimpy's case, I think we sort of already have, in a way. If not the art, then the art inspired by the art, which then inspired its own art and so on. That might be the most controversial claim you can make with regards to Kricfalusi's work, that ANYTHING owes its existence to Ren & Stimpy. But so far I'm not seeing anything to rebut that.

    Kricfualusi is a horrible, irredeemable piece of Potato Knishes. But as is the case with unfortunate frequency in the historical world of art, he was a piece of apple who started a movement. Somebody in the documentary says that, before everything went down, he thought John K would be the next Walt Disney. And in that regard, he was.

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  18. And at the same time, he revolutionized animation. That sounds like I'm heaping a lot of undue praise, but he did. Ren & Stimpy is the reason Nickelodeon went so hard into animation. It paved the way for all of that stuff. There are a lot of cartoons that have aired since or are airing now that I don't think would exist without Ren & Stimpy being there first. In the late 80s and early 90s, most cartoons - The Simpsons excluded, to a point - weren't artist driven. They were written by executives and made to sell toys. R&S was a departure from that and it's arguably the reason we haven't gone back. Now most children's cartoons are artist driven (less the case with adult animation) and that wouldn't be the case without Ren & Stimpy. Even people like Rebecca Sugar, who condemned Comedy Central's plans to reboot the show purely on the basis of Kricfalusi's predatory legacy, owe their careers to his artistic legacy.

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  19. These interviews paint a picture. Even if he wasn't a sexual deviant, even if he didn't sleep with underage girls, even if he wasn't a complete creep... he's still a wackjob. He was an asshole, a perfectionist driven to madness by his own ambition. He was abusive to his staff and co-workers, his friends, his girlfriend at the time who helped him develop Ren & Stimpy, because he was emotionally abused by his father, and this is ultimately what got him fired from Nickelodeon in the first place. And, in a lot of ways, looking at him is uncomfortable, because if you share even one of his traits, be that his ambition, or his perfectionism, or his temper, all things that apply to me and I'm sure a lot of other creatives, you see a lot of yourself, and you wonder if you might end up the same way he did. It's kind of scary to think about.

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  20. “Happy Happy Joy Joy: The Ren & Stimpy Story” was really interesting at first... then they sat John K down to interview him. It’s not historical. It’s an interview they conducted for the film, and at first, I wanted to close the window... but then he started talking. And it got interesting again. The movie is offered without commentary. The interviews with the cast, the crew, John K.’s abuse victims, and John K himself, are meant to speak for themselves. It’s a strategy that sees mixed success because he has this sort of “rock star” persona and it makes him seem cooler than he should be, all things considered. But it’s an interesting watch, because when John K speaks, it’s like looking into the soul of a crazy person. Like watching an interview with Jeffrey Dahmer. He’s insane, you can tell just by the way he talks, how he tells stories, how animated he is... but at the same time, it’s like, tragic how messed up this guy ended up being, because he was a creative genius.

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  21. (Unsuccessfully, little wusses didn’t even go through with it when they realized I was watching)

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  22. Gonna find those kids who tried to steal White Claw from my store and roast them for stealing White Claw of all things

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  23. can’t believe the ableist left wants to remove Trump just because he’s in extreme mental decline

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  24. Alright so it looks like by the end of next week I will have full audio for both the next Swole Foods short AND episode one of The Twin Souls season 2. my wallet is not a fan of the idea, but I am an ARTIST, I never listen to my wallet.

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  25. Given how much I adored gag-driven humor when I was a kid, I'm frankly pretty proud of the fact that I've only ever done one cutaway gag in my entire YouTube career.

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  26. (keyframes by harry partridge, cleanup, inbetweens, & colors by me)

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  27. plumber needs his arteries plumbed

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  28. TomSka’s American half-brother, TimRock

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  29. New comic but I'm pretty sure it only speaks to people specifically in my tax bracket.

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  30. Sure am glad I’m over my suicidal ideation because HOO boy looking at my checking account makes me want to kill myself.

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