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  1. I’m not a big anime fan but I just finished Psycho-Pass (the first series) and god damn that show was great

    about 9 hours ago from web
  2. hey guys don’t read too much into that

    about 16 hours ago from web
    • I have a pretty great immune system and viral infections don’t actually do a whole lot to me and I’m wondering if maybe I could shrink down to microscopic size and just take on the coronavirus myself, mono y mono

      about 17 hours ago from web
    • if anyone wants to be a rascal and send me a question on CC then go for it. i've turned off all message restrictions so make it hurt

      about 19 hours ago from web
    • somehow still have time to play animal crossing

      about a day ago from web
      • tbh, i dunno why trump even bothers lying about things anymore. he could just as well be like "Yeah i did that, what are you gonna do about it?", and Congress is gonna be like "this is an outrage" and Senator Collins will say "this is deeply concerning", and the Senate majority will be like "it wasn't even THAT bad" and the media will just be like "okay i guess, nothing to see here i suppose"

        about a day ago from web
        • Only 25% of self reported Trump supporters believe that climate change is caused by human activities.

          about 2 days ago from web
        • pretty cool that I decided to buy shares in Ford on account of they’re making ventilators, only for the President to then start Fluffle Puff talking American auto companies, causing my stock to plummet. Cool thing you did there Donald.

          about 2 days ago from web
          • @mrmattimation Is that what that was about? Was wondering why I was breaking even again. It concerns me that the market is influenced by anything he says. It's clear he hasn't been very concerned with the truth this whole time, but calming people down, as the deadlines for "opening up the country" keep moving further out as he continues to claim they're right around the corner. It's harmful to the response as people who aren't paying attention may miss the actual directions and continue to spread this thing when the fake deadlines come up.

            about 2 days ago in context
        • I’ll run America like a business, he said. Straight into the ground.

          about 2 days ago from web
        • “Portabella and goat cheese ravioli” tastes a lot better than it’s horrible, horrible name implies

          about 4 days ago from web
          • Fitting I guess, since a sizable chunk of my 2016 YouTube earnings seems to have come from ads run by his Presidential campaign.

            about 5 days ago from web
            • I guess Donald Trump is funding Swole Foods because literally all of the money that the government is about to send me is going straight into the fund for the pitch pilot.

              about 5 days ago from web
              • The new Justin Roiland animated series "Solar Opposites" looks like a Rick & Morty rip-off.

                about 5 days ago from web
              • President Trump has a lot of issues with New York, but tbh that’s to be expected. I have never heard a single New Yorker say anything nice about New York.

                about 6 days ago from web
                • I need a Minecraft gf

                  about 6 days ago from web
                  • you can dance if you want to, but do it six feet over there

                    about 6 days ago from web
                    • *standing alone in the empty plaza* I play Pokémon Go every day

                      about 6 days ago from web
                      • Never thought my line of work would require me to wear hazmat gear, but here we are.

                        about 6 days ago from web
                      • I bet that guy who ate that improperly cooked bat feels real silly now

                        about 6 days ago from web
                        • animating something with stupid complex shading because it's a very small bit so i want it to look nice but god is this painful

                          about 7 days ago from web
                          • My biggest issue with VR right now is that my fingers sweat and make the trackpads on my controllers inaccurate. Wonder if there’s a glove out there I can buy for exactly this issue.

                            about 8 days ago from web
                            • @mrmattimation In Summer I use a very strong deodorant on my hands to reduce the sweatiness for a little bit. The hands get a little bit sticky bit less moist. Sadly it doesn't last very long because it rubs off very fast.

                              about 7 days ago in context
                          • We should revoke the right to vote from some people.

                            about 8 days ago from web
                            • I just wanna be filthy stinking rich and disappear into the forests of West Virginia making cartoons for the rest of my life, is that too much to ask??

                              about 9 days ago from web
                              • Just got a 10% raise at work for... not quitting during a pandemic, I guess??

                                about 9 days ago from web
                                • Like I said - I have no reason to believe I’ve got it other than this cold, which is also going around right now. No fever, no headaches, nothing. Just congestion.

                                  about 11 days ago from web
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                                  • @thismightbeauser But, the Carnegie and Rockefeller and all those families, they used to do public works and stuff. They may have been hoarding the wealth, but not damn *all* of it. Their flash contest was at least servicing the greater good as a side effect of the ostentation. This new crop seems more about raw, bigly yuge numbers, and hoarding, like a dragon (or a priapism). But, again, this is all coming around to perception. . . .

                                    about 11 days ago in context
                                  • @scribus I mean, there's Bill Gates and whatnot. On the other hand you get people like this guy, who think it's an okay idea to keep making electric cars at a moderately high risk of illness to his employees with no one to buy them.

                                    about 10 days ago in context
                                  • @thismightbeauser @scribus That is indeed the case, a lot of rich people have middle class cars and discrete houses and do their best to keep people from knowing how rich they are, due to the general sentiment of "wealth equals evil"
                                    You can't blame them really, if the mob will hate you just for managing to make good decisions and earning your family big money. I'd probably do the same if I couldn't simply relocate to a fortified compound with a minefield around it. It makes no sense to feel empathy for a group that has none for you, for whom you'll always be the bad guy regardless of what you do or don't do, that openly talks about how good it'd be if you died.

                                    The ones that show off are the sociopaths, politicians and entertainment industry guys, who by default are crooks as that whole industry is built on crime and debauchery.

                                    about 9 days ago in context
                                • So, no. I do not have goddamned nginx figured out, and no, the Pleroma 2.0 launch has not made this any less goddamned infuriating.

                                  about 16 days ago from web
                                • For some reason the women in my life don’t seem to appreciate me calling condoms “weenie nets”

                                  about 9 days ago from web
                                  • (joking, I don't dodge my taxes, but I do have to go to court for dodging my taxes in June)

                                    about 10 days ago from web
                                    • My new financial strategy of “buying stocks just after Trump has a press conference, then selling just before he has his next on” is paying off so far

                                      about 10 days ago from web
                                    • @mrmattimation This seems like something you might find interesting:

                                      about 10 days ago from web