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  1. I like how now all it takes is one person to favorite your notice and it's just immediately on the popular board... I've waited seven years for this

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  2. It keeps asking “remember me” at login but let’s be honest, no one remembers.

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  3. i still have a 2012 edgelord sense of humor but I also care about social justice, guess you can call me Edge JW

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  4. The classmate who tried to molest me is in my store right now, and it’s not an experience that was particularly traumatizing because luckily I can say he only “tried” to molest me, but it’s still weird. I gotta look at that guy and go “oh right, you tried to molest me”.

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    • @drinkingpony I mean a) this was a YEARS ago thing, b) everybody already knows about it, and c) I personally don’t actually care that much

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    • "I personally don’t actually care that much" - @mrmattimation ... raises eyebrow.

      If I were to lower my standard of things that irk me just a Weee-Little-Bit just 1 setting then I would be taking up a neigh permanent 20 out of 30 font page slots on this website. Meaning that everyone has a tresshold that makes something worth posting/dashing about. Which is the long way around to say "Yeah I actually do think you care"

      But whatever happens next. Try not to bottle it up if you know that somewhere in the future the bottle might explode. After all you already said it was YEARS ago.

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    • @drinkingpony yeah, the threshold was “he showed up at my store”. I feel like regardless of whether or not it actually affected me mentally, seeing the guy who tried to sexually abuse me is at least a little bit noteworthy.

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  5. if the left is so tolerant how come they keep making fun of our mentally retarded President

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  6. Dude was a weirdo. Obviously

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    • i can't sleep when i'm depressed

      i don't sleep

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    • Ghost Recon: Wildlands is one of the most unapologetically jingoistic games i’ve played in a while but damn if it isn’t fun to play with friends. It’s like a cherrytier Metal Gear Solid V that doesn’t work too good and has only one way of doing everything but the stealth is fun and stealthing around with three friends is fun.

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      • the bot that just followed me is in my area should i be scared

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      • Taking bets right now, which Simpsons cast member is gonna be the next to kick the bucket? My money’s on Harry Shearer

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        • my quest for Futurama-quality CGI is nearer to completion... still not close enough though. Lotta problems with the current batch of renders.

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          • i think i'm gonna get raped by a demented seventy year old with a stepfantasy kink, this is not a joke

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          • i'm taking a bet that as of last week i've officially had more hernias in my life than most of you

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          • "Smash capitalism !!!"

            But within the same breath

            "Buy our merch !"

            Raises eyebrow, Twitter is full of dumbdumbs.

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          • @scribus Carcino sends his regards, says he misses you.

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          • @mushi

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            • it's a pornography store! i was buying pornography!

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              • I was always a fan of how the "default" face in The Simpsons was just the character going slightly wall-eyed

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                • ITT: post things about USA, but only ones you like #

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                • Shoutouts to the time I shot my rifle in the air to celebrate this nation

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                • no, that wasn’t a joke

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                  • I mean unless Trump flies an airplane into the Empire State Building to get reelected

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                    • Hmm, Well, Extra Credits did it again. This time they tried to jam the idea of "Nazi's are bad people !" into their talk about video games so hard that they are now about receiving 20 thumbs down for every 6 thumbs up.

                      Meanwhile, yeah I agree with the general message behind what they are saying. We must stop trying to normalize the idealisms of Nazi's. However to blame Video Gamers is Jack Thompson levels of insane to me, especially if you see how the arguements are formed.

                      Heck I am sure that the fact that there is a president in the U.S.A. who is being called a Nazi like clockwork is doing harm to 'normalize the Nazi's' than a game called "The life of Erwin Rommel, the VR experience"

                      No use looking that up either, I just had to think of a stupid game title and I had a brain fart about Fennec Foxes earlier...

                      about 13 days ago from web
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                      • @drinkingpony Honestly all they can achieve with this is getting nazis to be seen positively in the long run. Think jews for example, they were universally disliked up until wwii, the nazis screwed up so badly with it than they became a group you can't criticize in most of the western world.

                        More so since what they call "nazis" have nothing to do with what an actual nazi is. Trump is a good example, he might have not delivered on most of the stuff he promised, but anyone else would be laureate after as US president being one of three main actors in the end of the korean war and restart of diplomatic relationships between the DPRK and the USA. Give it a few decades, and once the groups that screech about Trump cease to exist, he'll be seen in an overwhelmingly positive way in historical retrospectives. If these idiots conflate the words "nazi" and "trump", the logical conclussion is that he's a nazi, and therefore nazis are a boogeyman, okish people that are hated by fanatical groups.

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                      • @nerthos You know, I agree with you. But you should probably go watch the video. Heck go with the straight up reply video of this guy .

                        I guess the biggest problem is that EC thinks that we should stop to normalize the Nazi's. Those being ACTUAL Nazi's and their ideology, by being extremely patronising to the point of nausea in Multiplayer Games.

                        Also to tinker with the matchmaking system to do the opposite of rewarding Nazi's. Which is just a system so insane that the moment you write it down you realize that you punish ALL players because your game has Nazi's in them.

                        Also it was stated that because 'safeguards are being eroded', you might not go off of a website like stormfront because you do not mind playing as Hanz Mit Der Flammenwerfer in some game.

                        But the birth of a meme, the absolute beginning. "There you are, playing a game, and all of a sudden bam you're a Nazi, you did not ask for this" is golden. I mean, you did buy the game.

                        about 12 days ago in context
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                    • I imagine this is what the third Reich would have looked like if Hitler was a certifiable mental retard with three different forms of senile dementia.

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                      • Sure is a good thing this presidential administration is so catastrophically incompetent

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                        • It feels so weird to be on SPC with some of the people from here, but half a decade after, all of us old and wise now. But I'm thankful for those connections, and for this place's uncanny ability to bring to light the most interesting people.

                          Who could have predicted that we'd go from bronies to shamans and wizards.

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                        • !SoCal So who's showing up to the AX orgy?

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