Angry Liberal (mrmattimation)

  1. @scribus South Americans are all socialists so I think Christmas is against their religion

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  2. @scribus The episode itself was a poor execution but I really like the idea of taking an extremely capable and competent character and completely stripping him of his ability to do anything useful for an entire episode.

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  3. I have a lot of retrospective love for Pickle Rick as a concept

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  4. Somebody told me to go banana myself so I did, and made this video.

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  5. why did I ever like Doctor Who, this show is terrible

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  7. I'm taking a break from animation to make a different sort of video about Fallout 76, this Fluffle Puff is really hard when Bethesda's PR guy keeps on doing the exact wrong thing

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  9. I wasn’t even aware that “don’t harass artists who were employed by JonTron” was a controversial issue, I think we can all agree that earning money to live is a bit more important than sticking it to a YouTuber, yeah?

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  10. I don’t think it’s particularly subtle, but Eddsworld was one of the most significant influences on my decision to be an animator. The fact that I have now been ostracized by MULTIPLE animators to work on the Legacy season is beyond depressing.

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  11. when tumblr goes down come find me on my new social media, OkCupid

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  12. @nerthos There are AI enemies, just no NPC humans. It's kind of a man vs. nature sort of thing in that every AI that you DO encounter is usually a wild animal (or a busted robot). There's the usual stuff, there are feral ghouls, super mutants, robots, deathclaws, mole rats, etc. etc., but then there's also some new ones. Scorched are ghouls that are in between feralism and still having some semblance of brain activity, so they don't communicate verbally but they can use guns. Mole Miners hang out in the coal mines and I THINK they're people that have gone mad? I'm not sure, the game's really ambiguous about what they actually are, and you can't see what's underneath their masks. Scorched Beasts are, uh, really buff dragons. The closest thing I've seen to an actual NPC is a supercomputer who reads poetry to you, and I want to put her AI into a synth body and marry her.

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  13. @nerthos The micro transactions are for cosmetics and reskina only, and they’re all cosmetics you can get anyway if you explore enough. I wouldn’t worry about that. I can’t say much about the base building other than you initially don’t have a lot to work with (you gotta find plans to build almost everything) but my friend who spent HOURS building stuff in Fallout 4 really likes it. Once you HAVE found blueprints and stuff there’s a lot to work with, more than FO4 I think. It’s bugged right now in that crafting benches don’t always store properly when you move your base but Bethesda’s aware of that issue and it’s being patched in the next update. The other thing is that finding building supplies is waaaaay more time consuming in this one than it was in Fallout 4, they re-balanced it so that screws and springs are harder to find (I think it was to encourage more exploration but i’m not sure). Our bases have only been attacked by AI so far, other players don’t care enough.

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  14. I had a dream last night that Tiger Woods was President at some point but is not currently President.

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  16. You have lone wanderers who just go from mission to mission, aiding anyone they see along the way who might need help. You have these slimey Raider-like assholes who set up sniper posts and try to ambush you. You have dudes who set up camp in the wilderness and invite you to just hang out and shoot the grape. Some of the teams are people who were friends before the game, and some are people who met in-game. In that regard, i’m enjoying 76 as a multiplayer game more than I enjoyed Elder Scrolls Online because I actually WANT to interact with the other players, and there aren’t so many of them that they just look like a sea of robots standing at quest objectives.

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  17. Instead of, you know, like you just walked into a Walmart where everyone wants to kill you.

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  18. And, not to say this is an accomplishment, because it shouldn’t be, but the player base of 76 is actually tolerable. It’s not like GTA Online where you can’t go two feet without getting brain-holed by some guy on a flying bike who got all of his in-game money with real money. Once I was out with my friend and we decided to go into a dungeon with power armor. I put mine on, only to realize I left all of my fusion cores in my stash box. So I’m like, okay, great, I have to walk all the way to the train yard and get my fusion cores. INSTEAD, some guy I DIDN’T KNOW, who just happened to be passing through the town we were in, saw my armor was low on fuel and handed me just enough to get through the dungeon. And I was like, aw, man, we just cooperated, I don’t even know who that guy is, and he didn’t stick around, he just bade me farewell and kept on walking to his own objective. The map is so big, and the server size is so small, that every player encounter feels random and by chance.

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  19. Fallout 76 is the first multiplayer game I’ve played in a long time where I’ve been able to look over at my friend and say “hey, what’s that over there, that looks pretty cool” and we just explore for the sake of exploring. You know, sometimes we find this disturbing college campus where a thesis experiment went horribly wrong, and we’re like “oh, that’s pretty cool”, and we explore it and find logs and bodies, other times it’s just some guy’s house, and there’s nothing really in it, and we’re like “okay, that was pretty lame, but hey, what’s that over there?”

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  20. @nerthos I could go on and on about how much I adore Fallout 76’s open world. It’s an extremely buggy game (although I haven’t encountered NEARLY as many problems as everyone else seems to be, graphical glitches aside) but I think the game’s getting waaaaaay more hate than it deserves. I play these games mostly for the exploration (why I didn’t enjoy New Vegas very much, the Mojave’s open world was boring as hell and the dungeons weren’t anything special either) and Appalachia is a really cool space to explore. Plus I got FRENS exploring with me now, and that’s basically all I wanted from the game. It’s a deeply flawed and, in some respects, unfinished experience, but one i’m enjoying a lot.

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  21. it's so cold in this room that my gpu with basic cheapo fans plugged in hasn't gone above 50 degrees even though i play all of my games at max settings

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  22. @vt3c ye

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  24. My YouTube channel is actually a very clever act of self-sabotage. If Future Matt ever pops a membrane and decides he wants to be Senator or Governor or whatever, I’ve given his opponent all of the tools he needs to discredit my future self.

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  25. Overlord is a very weird but very fun movie.

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  26. @scribus so that he may kill again

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  27. don't have a cow man

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  28. hey guys if you ever go to a bar and you see a drink called "cream ale", DON'T HAVE IT, it's literally just lacroix

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  29. @scribus until the 2020 Presidential primaries

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  30. Feeling like Hannibal Buress in that one episode of Broad City where he says that thing

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