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  1. @nerthos As a doctor whose name I don't remember said, "Both those who are dumber and those who are brighter live hard lives. Difference is, those who are dumber aren't aware of that, but those who are smarter do know they are different" And something I would like to add to that line, is that at a short age, kids don't think "I'm smarter, they just aren't at the level" because they believe the other kids are their equals, but they are just assholes. Only after many years and problems they come to the conclusion they are at a higher level. So that's why if I were to have a child, I wouldn't risk the chances. I would teach everything at home, and give the kids the means to deal with those who are below, before sending him or her to the "wilds". #

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  5. The reason for crossdressing is not homosexuality or gender confusion, as many believe. No, it is, in fact, due to women's clothes being made of softer fabrics, thus forcing the men with more sensitive skins to crossdress for survival. The oly way to fix this, is to craft men's clothes of softer fabrics. #

    Monday, 16-Apr-12 10:53:00 UTC from web in context