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  1. When I first started watching My Little Pony, I thought this to myself "This is a girls show! Why am I watching it!" Then later I kept watching it, liking the voice of Twilight Sparkle, because I knew the voice of her! I would have to thank Ratchet and Clank for that xD. Same voice. Then when Season 2 came, I didn't see the show as a girl's show anymore, didn't help they added references galore in season 2 that only older people would know xD God I love myself for just wanting to watch THAT ONE LITTLE EPISODE making me love the series where it is now. God how I love myself for stumbling upon the Hub late at night seeing Batman, I wouldn't know about MLP if it wasn't for nothing being on T.V. xD Celestia I love being a brony.

    Wednesday, 25-Apr-12 22:41:58 UTC from web in context

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