Big Macintosh (macintosh)'s status on Sunday, 17-Apr-11 16:05:00 UTC

  1. !Technoponies I'm getting so discouraged with this song that I've been working on. I've poured so much energy into it and I hate the results.. The EQ, the vocals, the synth..ugh. Feedback? (I call it "Rarity") Lyrics: Life without flavor's like work with no labor, it's empty and wretched and bananas with nice dresses! Seemingly endless these orders and papers, But unending labor's the calling of I! How can I please them while still pleasing myself, I'm doomed to be roomed in the halls of the mad! French Haute Couture and choquant Pre'porte, I'll never be happy 'till I get a say! - Sing with vibrato and work with bravado, I can't just sit back and let friends look so dull. In time I'll be looking for new ways of hooking, my passion for fashion with friendship and love. Trends are my life and I love to spend all my time with a style that's "Me and my friends!", even they too can be heartless and cruel, with their constant faux pas pitting me as the fool!

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