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  1. And, not to say this is an accomplishment, because it shouldn’t be, but the player base of 76 is actually tolerable. It’s not like GTA Online where you can’t go two feet without getting brain-holed by some guy on a flying bike who got all of his in-game money with real money. Once I was out with my friend and we decided to go into a dungeon with power armor. I put mine on, only to realize I left all of my fusion cores in my stash box. So I’m like, okay, great, I have to walk all the way to the train yard and get my fusion cores. INSTEAD, some guy I DIDN’T KNOW, who just happened to be passing through the town we were in, saw my armor was low on fuel and handed me just enough to get through the dungeon. And I was like, aw, man, we just cooperated, I don’t even know who that guy is, and he didn’t stick around, he just bade me farewell and kept on walking to his own objective. The map is so big, and the server size is so small, that every player encounter feels random and by chance.

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