awlxaĺan (awl)'s status on Thursday, 20-Dec-18 23:26:42 UTC

  1. If the one mod you can afford to hire does find the time to ban me please don't just ban me erase my account as well its funny because being banned here is probably the equivalent of being a mod on a real site not really I'm sure its easy to get banned here I'm sure whoever runs this site takes this all very seriously funny because I don't hate bronys but you, you who made a useless site(well if filling up the internet with garbage is a use then its not useless) you hate bronys there is no need for this site no demand no market and no reason the only reason someone would waste their time on this is if they where a depressed asshole who wanted to find meaning in their life by making something whether it be good or not(not that you could tell).

    Tuesday, 09-Sep-14 11:01:10 UTC from web in context Repeated by awl

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