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  1. and with the exception of Texas, where the border is downplayed, there's only one GOP US Senator representing a border state (Senator Martha McSally in Arizona, who was not elected to the position). Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who is pro-wall, was nearly ousted last year (only winning by 2% in a very red state).

    Don't get me wrong, illegal immigration is a pretty serious issue right now and the US definitely has a broken immigration system, but the fact that the GOP is still sticking with Trump on this issue is really, really bizarre when it's clearly not something that resonates with voters. In 2020, Republican Senators in Maine, Colorado, Arizona, Iowa, and North Carolina are up for re-election. Four of those states are states that Obama's won at least once, three were won by him twice, and two were also won by Clinton in addition to that, North Carolina CURRENTLY has a Democratic governor, and Arizona just elected a Democrat to the Senate. They kind of can't AFFORD to die on this hill.

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