Alcoholic Beast (drinkingpony)'s status on Thursday, 30-May-19 22:14:38 UTC

  1. Ive been putting together some of those soldering kits now that I got myself a proper soldering iron. I like it. Biggest problem is making sense of whoever programmed the IC's.

    I mean I know that I can set the A value between 00 and 23 with the use of two buttons, and the B value goes between 00 and 59, so it is obviously a clock. But then the C and D ( Which are bloody hard to read on just a 7 Segement 4 digits LED ) are only the value On or Off, E are hours again, F are minutes again, G is a Boolean, H are hours again and I are minutes again. None of which are alarm timers, and if I press the 2nd button when it is displaying the time it seems to swap around the hours and the minutes so I can hold it upside down ?

    Yeah, good luck googling the IC number. It tells me less than some Chinese insert which is roughly half of a shipping manifesto and a component lay-out.

    Alternatively I just got a rotten resistor and the buzzer was supposed to buzz just now. Ah, puzzles <3

    about 2 months ago from web

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