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  1. Oh for the love of eating solid food... Which is really a thing everyone takes for granted and I am pretty sure Bronn would be able to tell you everything about if he actually breaks his jaw in the books. I digress.

    Just saw S8E5 of GoT. There is SO MUCH wrong with this episodes I can not begin to explain. Though if I had to begin somewhere willy-nilly I guess I would say that Sandor ( The Hound ) and Gregor ( The Mountain ) 'finally' fight. I do say 'finally' because that is just what I wanted (( SARCASM )). So in the fight Gregor slowly takes off armor by one means or the other untill Sandor is finally smart enough to stab him in the eyesocket, at which point the one who is stabbed just pulls it out.

    So Sandor just jumps at Gregor in a full on tackle hug scenario and breaks through the remainder of the tower wall and fall to their doom.

    Then in the "Making of the episode" they talk about how Sandor overcame his fear of fire to kill a bigger foe.

    How far did you think they fell ?

    about 20 days ago from web

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