Angry Liberal (mrmattimation)'s status on Wednesday, 11-Sep-19 19:46:26 UTC

  1. Somebody emailed me a petition today make 9/11 into a federal holiday, and like, I’m all for another excuse to be making holiday overtime, but like, as of today you have this situation where you have legal adults who were not yet born when 9/11 happened. I don’t even remember it, I was 4 when it happened. A lot of us have kids of our own now, and it’s likely that they won’t even be taught about 9/11 in history classes like I was, except as a precursory event to a larger Middle East conflict that dominated Bush’s second term. If you lost loved ones or lived in New York or DC, or worked for the government at the time, then yeah. Mourn. Memorialize. Do whatever you gotta do. But everyone else moved on. It doesn’t need to be a federal holiday.

    about 10 days ago from web in context

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