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  1. Well, Tom Kirkman actually makes it.

    I had all sorts of scenario's running through my head for that final episode. But the whole darned show just ends on a couple of cliffhangers. In fact, if anyone wants to go watch it I could strongly recommend that you only watch the first two seasons. The third season is where they suddenly drop in the real politically themed dirt and some of the cast that was there with big roles for the first two seasons suddenly vanish only to never be talked about again.

    In fact, Dr Green from ER. ( ) suddenly drops in from the beginning of S3 and does both the job of a character that left the show AND his old role from ER in the same show.

    Efin. Regarding the whole kerfuffle that they placed at the end, I am fully in the camp that Kirkman did nothing wrong. He should have been honest about it afterwards and maybe resign over it. But FFS, what even happened to the Democratic candidate ?

    about a month ago from web

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