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  • Cloud Kicker critialcloudkicker Cloud Kicker Holland

    A very enthusiastic and scientific mind trapped in a somewhat less fortunate body. Always willing to help anypony out. Currently working on regaining overall body strength. Of course the muscles used to smile have been thoroughly trained already ( The power of the ponies compelled me ).

  • Tiff Spearman tiff Tiff Spearman 21 / M / England

    Have you looked outside? I'm scared for my life.

  • zstargazer zstargazer St. Louis

    Just A Space nerd of 17 years of age.

  • Optimus Prime optimus Optimus Prime Cybertron

    Leader of the Autobots.

  • George DesRoches tarby George DesRoches Seattle, Washington

    I write music. I love writing music, it's fun, etc etc. Yeah.

  • Klay King klayking Klay King Ilkley, West Yorkshire, England
  • Jack Willis rhae Jack Willis Sheffield

    21 year old Biomedical Sciences BSc(hons) student currently on placement. Huge fan of mlp:fim as it has been years since I have seen a show this well written and animated.

  • Kyle Archer Elkin asvendius Kyle Archer Elkin Surrey, BC, Canada

    Brony since August 20th 2011. Keep calm and canter on!

  • William Reid verybritishrarity William Reid Greenwich, London, England

    Um, so I'm eighteen, studying Law, I like MLP, tea, videogames, and hugs. Basically all there is to me, really <3

  • Astra astra Astra Probably Stuck Between Dimensions

    (Yes, I know this place is back. No, I don't plan on returning; I just don't fit in with the whole "4chan vibe", as I heard it described recently. Anyway, if anyone wants to keep in touch, catch TryshaGray on Twitter. Otherwise, have fun, and keep it pony.) Not all ponies miss out on all that Princess Luna has put together for her show after she brings out the moon! Me? I do some of my best work and spell-weaving when the stars come out. Besides, I tend to be the sort to keep to myself, a lot of the time. Lately, I've found I'm a lot more of a "Twilight Sparkle" person, though some still say I have a very "Fluttershy" personality, right down to being more likely to talk to your critter companions than you, at first. It takes me a little while, but if I don't get too badly spooked, I'll open up. And if you see me suddenly pop out of a moon portal, or catch my eye hovering in the sky as I try to find someone or something I've lost again . . . sorry about that. I really try not to startle people too much with this stuff. It's just so cool, though!

  • Steven mush Steven Macclesfield, UK


  • fuck you fuckyou fuck you United Kingdom
  • Ryan Hill insertcupcake Ryan Hill Tamworth

    Well im an 18 human male specimen who like MLP:FIM Motorsport and video games. Ill be attending Staffordshire University to study computer science. Training to be a professional nerd.

  • Alex Maykels djtoast3 Alex Maykels Stourbridge, west midlands UK

    Midlands Brony ^^

  • Jack Parry pearade Jack Parry UK, West Midlands
  • Ignaesia "The Invincible" Arwin ignaesia Ignaesia "The Invincible" Arwin Minegarde

    As a proud member of the Hunting Guild I work to keep Equestria safe from all giant roaming beasts. Those ponies like I, willing to put their hooves on the line, are known as: Monster Hunters!

  • Gavin White animedoom Gavin White Wolverhampton

    Hey there, names Gavin. I live in Wolverhapton in the West Midlands of the United Kingdom. I only recently discovered the magic of MLP and within a week I was proud to call myself a brony, only problem is that so far I have no brony friends, all my friends are to scared to watch this simply because of what it is.

  • shaunnnnnnnnn shaunnnnnnnnn

    I'm Shaunnnnnnnnn. I could tell you stuff about myself, but I don't think I'm a particularly interesting person, so I won't bore you with the details.

  • Fearn podling Fearn Edinburgh

    21 year old brony in Edinburgh (off to London for uni though)

  • Jack rainbowderpy Jack United Kingdom

    I am a professional musician and i love to draw ponies in the free time that i get

  • phalanx phalanx West Midlands, UK

    "Theres no rush - unless theres a party involved" Pretty much sums me up.

  • james lob lobby james lob Cheshire
  • Nababa madude Nababa Liverpool
  • trixie3000 trixie3000 UK
  • Joseph Patrick Bridges dodo1234 Joseph Patrick Bridges Swindon, Wiltshire, England

    I like to make games and stuffs. I haven't been creating games, however, since i started playing minecraft... I might be addicted... And ponies. Rainbow dash is one of my favourite ponies. :)

  • Izzy Rae pasha Izzy Rae Birmingham UK
  • Nick Dawson pvthudson Nick Dawson Derby, Derbyshire

    Big fan of Aliens

  • yorkiebrony yorkiebrony Hills and vales of The North, Great Britain

    A couple of years ago I moved to Britain to do a PhD in Childhood Sociology. Now (finally) done with it, and hoping to get into Equine Assisted Therapy (if you want to know how/why, ask me). So, here I am, in my 30s, and totally bitten by the MLP-FiM bug. I play cello, love the books and horse riding too.

  • Daniel redtie Daniel Burnaby, Vancouver, Canada

    Iam a 21 year old Vancouver brony who loves videogames, movies, books, and ponies. I love writing and hope to one day be published. I used to be one of the quiet kids at school but now I've turned social. Hit me up no matter who you are.

  • Shaun Stacey neonflash Shaun Stacey Brisbane, Australia

    My interests? Come on shouldn't ya'all wanna find out more about me personally?