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  1. are fat snakes a thing?

    about 17 minutes ago from web
    • Brock Turner and Chris Brown should be cellmates, in a dumpster fire

      about 26 minutes ago from web
      • goddamn it guys

        about 42 minutes ago from web
        • tiffany hates black people pass it on

          about 46 minutes ago from web
        • I think Chris Brown is probably one of the people I hate the most. Not only is he an abusive piece of human garbage but I have seen first-hand how he makes people think that if a victim of abuse gets back together with their abuser it's all well and good. He should not be allowed out into the world

          about 49 minutes ago from web
          • if you shave/cut your sideburns does beard hair grow in its place

            about 52 minutes ago from web
            • boston, texas

              about an hour ago from web
              • >Someone talks games
                >Free software fundamentalists get up in arms
                GNUsocial, everyone.

                about 2 days ago from web
              • @doze49 KAT is Kickass Torrents. It was my favourite until the U.S. illegally arrested the owner and took down the site I've moved to digbt for the time being.
                It was more than just torrents though.

                about 2 days ago from
              • I'm gonna try my absolute best to lose weight and get healthier generally starting next month. Eating properly and perhaps walking once a day, alongside my job which is already fairly physical as it is and I feel better for it. If anyone has any bits of advice that has helped them then holler at me x

                about 3 hours ago from web
              • What's the moral of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat? Being bullied shapes you as a person?

                about 6 hours ago from web
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              • I guess not

                about 10 months ago from web
              • I have a theory that Scootaloo was pushed right out of Discord's butthole during the 1800s and is incapable of aging.

                Friday, 02-Jan-15 23:54:44 UTC from web
              • This game was better than any Zelda.

                about 7 hours ago from
              • Also I found out today that there's a USB port in my car. The future is now.

                about 7 hours ago from web
              • Policticians before Dilma's impeach : Dilma is destroying the rights of the working class!

                Policticians after dilmas impeach : what if we reduce the minimum wage and increase the work jouney from 40h a week to 80h a week?

                about 7 hours ago from web
                • "How you holding up, Jen? I want you to know you can stay with me as long as you need."
                  "Thanks, Uncle Mark. I still can't believe Mom's gone. You're my last living relative."
                  "And I'm not going anywhere. By the way yesterday I was diagnosed with a brain tumour and I'm gonna die"

                  about 7 hours ago from web
                  • "Come with me, if you want to leave"

                    about 8 hours ago from web
                    • Paying tax for the first time ayy

                      about 8 hours ago from web
                      • A new era begins... This September.

                        about 20 hours ago from web
                      • The One Punch Man dub is apparently halfway out now and it's kinda weird to hear, but it's actually pretty good

                        about 20 hours ago from web

                        about 21 hours ago from web
                        • when red touches the computer

                          about 21 hours ago from web
                          • .

                            about 21 hours ago from web
                          • rediscovered this gem

                            about a day ago from web
                            • appleED UP IF TRUE

                              about a day ago from web
                            • Stirnerists IRL

                              about a day ago from web
                            • apparently brock turner's getting out early because of course he is

                              about a day ago from web
                            • RIP Gene Wilder... one of the greatest stars of my childhood

                              about a day ago from web


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