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    Monday, 29-Jul-13 08:05:12 UTC from StatusNet Desktop in context
  2. Comic: Symphony of the Muffin / Twilight's First Day # / The Town / I Win Spell: Comics! We have a crossover, more Twilight's first day, another crossover, and some Magic Duel. Click for full! >

    Sunday, 28-Jul-13 01:10:05 UTC from Sethisto
  3. MLP October Comic Solicitations - Issue #, Equestria Girls Stuff, and Micro Series 1-6 Compilation:  A couple more comics have been announced in the October solicitations.  Included this time around, we have a bit of info on the 12th comic in the primary series, a giant compilation book of all six micro series comics, as well as the My Little Pony 2013 Annual.  Head on down below the break for all of these to av >

    Friday, 12-Jul-13 04:20:06 UTC from Sethisto
  4. You must have a great # when you can remember the chat with him from # days ago

    Friday, 28-Jun-13 02:31:23 UTC from
  5. Simple PMV: #: Time for some good old fashioned simple PMVS! Slight effects, ponies, and music to go with it.  Find them all below. >

    Tuesday, 19-Mar-13 03:10:04 UTC from Sethisto
  6. That is because Teresa # died before you were born. It's over # years now and you've never been to 中華民國 Taiwan

    Thursday, 14-Mar-13 15:15:49 UTC from
  7. Artisan Pony Crafts Compilation #: Granny Smith back her prime sure was an awesome looking pony! It's nice to see such lovingly detailed work put into recreating her. Maybe we should have an event sometime asking artists to sculpt, draw, or make plushies of characters that don't usually receive such treatment? Anyhow, on to some excellent crafted pieces! Young Granny Smith Sculpture >

    Friday, 15-Feb-13 20:10:04 UTC from Calpain
  8. Can You Tell Me by Brian Dalmini / Year in Jam # # .@ThisIsMyJam .@DoctorBeans

    Saturday, 22-Dec-12 10:51:30 UTC from
  9. Pass the Mic by The Beastie Boys / Year in Jam # # .@ThisIsMyJam .@xguilex

    Friday, 21-Dec-12 02:52:20 UTC from
  10. Fabrizio Paterlini / Autumn stories: week #

    Sunday, 18-Nov-12 21:42:09 UTC from
  11. next monday: mehr kanal! # # # # #

    Friday, 02-Nov-12 11:15:55 UTC from at 48°18'23"N 14°17'9"E
  12. montag 5.11. (19h) kunstuni linz: mehr kanal! # feat. DJ Lena, Bernd Oppl # # # # #

    Wednesday, 31-Oct-12 16:19:36 UTC from at 48°18'23"N 14°17'9"E
  13. Music of the Day # : Doo doo doo! Doo doo doo! Doooo danana na na... aaaaand now I'm wet. Thanks so much, Octavia. You and your non-standard instruments. Trying to put together a one pony orchestra of non-standard instruments? What do you think this is, Marejora's Mask? Well you will require more masks for that. And while she's off collecting those, how about we enjoy ourselves an assortment of fine pony musics? Or... how about you do th >

    Friday, 26-Oct-12 05:10:03 UTC from Phoe
  14. [b]Blast from the Past #[/b]: It's been a couple weeks since our last trip down memory lane, so hopefully today we've got some awesome things for you to reminisce about. As always, I can't do this feature without the help from all of you! Send me any suggestions to either my email at or my Twitter account: Sit back, relax, and have some popcorn if you will! Time for another Blast from the Past! >

    Monday, 06-Aug-12 00:21:06 UTC from Calpain
  15. @dudeinboots cool, we just need one or 2 more people to favor it Its like # Do it for pinkie!!!!

    Sunday, 29-Apr-12 02:10:22 UTC from web in context
  16. Sunday Morning Comics #: FoxTrot is a syndicated Sunday comic written and illustrated by Bill Amend and is cir...

    Sunday, 01-Apr-12 11:22:29 UTC from Your Favorite Mailpony
  17. Look at todays drawfriends on EQD. # = bawwwww # = ha ha ha # = dawwwwww

    Tuesday, 04-Oct-11 14:10:49 UTC from web
  18. @broniebrown I like upto the part were they get to the Ascended Super Saiyan. After that SS # and # I think they went WAY overbored on, it should stopped there really.. If you want to watch the movies they are on there. I like Fusion reborn a lot. #

    Saturday, 09-Jul-11 19:57:28 UTC from web in context

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