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  1. @drinkingpony ( 2/2 ) as they seemingly do not have personalities as much as they are ONLY defined by their insanities.

    I even have strong resentment to it because it killed the Cleveland Show according to most. It just being a Malcolm in the Middle rip-off by means of storyboarding but not by execution. It honestly reminds me of other bad products. Like Far Cry 2 ( where everyone was dead, did not speak english very well ( because... africa ? ) story did not go anywhere and you just did things because... ... ... Vagueness ? ) or Big Mouth.

    Know what, I will take that back, Big Mouth at least crept me out with 40 year old voice actors saying things that teenagers who go through puberty should say. And the people who made the storyboards at least talked to eachother.

    "So, ehmm, do you think everyone is able to see the hormone beast, or just everyone can see only theirs ?"

    So grats Bobs Burgers, you get to be above something that gives me nightmares. #

    about 8 months ago from web in context

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