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  1. "736 cases of # occurred in # in first 3 months in 2014 (that's a 30% rise over the same period last year)", "growing menace of rape, which occurs every # minutes in India", "Over 24 incidents of rape or attempted rape have taken place in the state Uttar Pradesh since Tuesday alone"

    Sunday, 29-Jun-14 09:03:37 UTC from in context
  2. 2 girls raped and hung. India govt Minister says rape “sometimes right”! Sign to demand action # # #

    Tuesday, 17-Jun-14 09:46:37 UTC from
  3. "Minister in charge of women and children’s concerns thinks a solution to # is that a woman or child victim/survivor marries the # (of what our law describes as a grave criminal offence)" cc @question

    Saturday, 03-May-14 10:36:05 UTC from in context
  4. Brazilian government’s survey (only 3,810 people, (1)) "found that most Brazilians - about 65% - agree that it is justified to # women 'wearing clothes showing their bodies.'" "These results have prompted outrage from Brazilian women and some men who took to social media and blogs to voice their anger." (1) of both sexes between May and June 2013, most of whom were women

    Monday, 31-Mar-14 11:44:24 UTC from
  5. We were talking about the # :-( in India, 1 year ago. And hey, also long-lost @satipera cc @question

    Friday, 03-Jan-14 18:25:12 UTC from in context
  6. "police in Somalia have # for defamation: a 19-year-old alleged # victim and a # who interviewed her about the attack. victim alleges that she was attacked by another journalist working for state-owned radio station, Radio #" cc @question

    Thursday, 21-Nov-13 12:02:33 UTC from in context
  7. Chief of #'s Central Bureau of Investigation, caused outrage by saying 'If you can't prevent #, you enjoy it'

    Wednesday, 13-Nov-13 14:58:54 UTC from
  8. Do you want to read more about the context of this quote? "if you can’t prevent #, you enjoy it" by Ranjit Sinha, # (Central Bureau of Investigation) director

    Wednesday, 13-Nov-13 10:31:42 UTC from in context
  9. What do you think about the # case where 3 men in # only had to # only the lawn of the police after throwing their victim also into a # ?

    Friday, 08-Nov-13 14:11:05 UTC from
  10. seems from a physics school book: "... use the following scheme: Blasphemous Boys # Our Young Girls But Violet Gives Willingly" cc @question

    Friday, 08-Nov-13 12:11:16 UTC from
  11. # ? it's your fault 1.48 mio views since 1 week

    Thursday, 26-Sep-13 02:39:49 UTC from
  12. "The goal of # Alert Tool for Facebook (PAT-FB) is to empower users with their social network's # of an individual's consent practices, thereby helping them make better informed choices regarding their personal # when, for instance, they choose to go out on a date with said individual. To do this, I'd like to pattern a user's interaction with PAT-FB after real-world interactions with friends" cc @question what do you think would # victims say who were raped by a family member ?

    Sunday, 25-Aug-13 01:37:09 UTC from
  13. Thanks To Student Activists, Pressure To End # Culture On # Campuses ‘Is Not Going Away’ !USA

    Friday, 14-Jun-13 09:11:45 UTC from
  14. # # Lostutter wants to help 16-year-old # victim. Result: 10 years prison possible -> rapers got 2 years #

    Monday, 10-Jun-13 10:07:29 UTC from
  15. @critialcloudkicker Now his Sadan's battery is dead. #

    Wednesday, 17-Apr-13 09:54:17 UTC from web in context
  16. # crimes in # have to # NOW!!

    Tuesday, 12-Mar-13 17:07:33 UTC from at 43°39'39"N 79°29'4"W
  17. "@jacobapplehoof It appears you have just discovered a reason to stay clear of @greydragon412 He's strange.." # #

    Saturday, 09-Mar-13 02:02:37 UTC from
  18. This needs to be read, her voice needs to be heard # #

    Sunday, 11-Nov-12 23:00:05 UTC from at 52°13'47"N 21°0'42"E

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