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Bronies who happen to be fans of the musical genre known as heavy metal

Bronies who happen to be fans of the musical genre known as heavy metal


All Bronies who are metal fans join this group! If you don't then you're insulting Dio.

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  • Mitchell Kucharik kirakuk Mitchell Kucharik Pittsburgh, PA

    Besides liking ponies (of course), I enjoy riding roller coasters, reading, listening to rock/metal, and just hanging out with friends. I'm usually shy at first (in person), but warm up to others fairly quickly

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  • Ryuuio Spike (or Kevin Davis) ryuuio Ryuuio Spike (or Kevin Davis) United Kingdom

    Ryuuio on the Equestria Forums, Twitter and FurAffinity. Also insane in the membrane.

  • Richard woodsy Richard New Jersey

    JDM cars and ponies!

  • Casey Doyle decappony Casey Doyle Sun Prairie, WI, USA

    I am a brony

  • Brent Andersen thetundraterror Brent Andersen Red Deer, AB, Canada
  • Jake Lilley jakel99 Jake Lilley Chillin in the clubs of Canterlot

    on Google+ too! also avaliable on Xbox Live (RainbowDash99)

  • Pencil Sketch pencilsketch Pencil Sketch Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

    The artsy pony. traditional and digital artist, fiction writer, animator, director, jack-of-all-trades cutie mark: Pencil with drawn line

  • Anders andeeem Anders Hallingdal, Norway
  • Tristan Demetri theraininrainbow Tristan Demetri Pawling, NY, USA

    Bronies ftw!

  • lunamoonshadow lunamoonshadow United Kingdom
  • something something Belgium

    Don't be a hero. It doesn't pay well in this economy.

  • Shine shine Shine Sofia, Bulgaria

    I live in Bulgaria. My interests include programming, drawing, music, basketball, skiing, beer and ponies. You can usually find me in the threads on /b/, though I sometimes lurk ponychan. Uhm... what else should I say...? I don't know...

  • mark wright masky mark wright Ireland/Laois

    I dunno I like alot of things but I suppose what sticks out most is my love for metal,video games,movies and obviuosly ponies not much else i can say really?

  • Thomas lonewanderer Thomas Maine

    I like Ponies. I'm too shy to say anything else.

  • Metal Nom metalnom Metal Nom Scoltland
  • William nakedpops William Georgia, USA

    Well let's see. I'm a 23yo Brony from the good old American south. My Fave Ponies are Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Her Majesty Princess Luna, DERPY!, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders. I play lots of videogames and love music(Dubstep is what i listen to most as of late).

  • Pichest Buasrí violentandfunky Pichest Buasrí A human colony in another universe

    I come from a different planet far from your planet "Earth." I was a guard for a village that recently took in refugees from a Jewish village that was attacked by terrorists, and I am currently on "vacation" on your planet. But on a serious note, I'm a junior at Silverado High School in Las Vegas. I was born in Anchorage, Alaska and lived in COS for most of my life. I aspire to become a Marine Officer and a translator and web-comic artist. One of my biggest influences is GD-Kun, maker of the web-comic Our Home Planet. It's a good read, I suggest looking it up. I can also speak German, a bit of Swedish and Norwegian, and a word in almost every modern or dead language.

  • Sgt. Alberto Longalez Foally sgtfoally Sgt. Alberto Longalez Foally
  • number number
  • derpymaths derpymaths toronto, canada

    I'm a math/physics/science enthusiast from Toronto, Canada

  • Sam Gottreich acceleratinguniverse Sam Gottreich Canton, Ohio, USA

    щ(゚Д゚щ) I play guitar, mostly metal, sometimes classical or jazz. My favorite bands are Death, Morbid Angel, Exmortus, Vektor, Kamelot, S.S.H., Blindead, Arsis, Sodom, Destruction, Kreator, Megadeth, and (secretly) Regina Spektor. My favorite shows are Friendship is Magic, Detroit Metal City, Naoki Urasawa's Monster, and Spice and Wolf. I don't watch much TV though. The only show I watch regularly is MLP:FiM. I also like parkour and I like to run. So I'm a lot like Rainbow Dash I guess. Actually my personality is more like Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie mixed together to make some abstract pony gorror fanfic...

  • Chris Burse crispybacon Chris Burse Place
  • Ellis ellistia Ellis London, United Kingdom

    If you want something just let me know. Otherwise I've no reason to say anything. Might post my art but that's about it. PSN/Skype: ecmc1093

  • Alexander Mabe axlcrash31 Alexander Mabe Placentia, CA

    I like Anime, Video Games, Metal and PONIES!!!

  • Rainbow Dash rainbowdash1911 Rainbow Dash Virginia

    I love doing everything fast and efficient! I love almost all games, movies, and music. I Program things in my free time and play games/make music as well.

  • Nik cloudkicker Nik The Skies of Equestria

    Just a typical bronie, who is making his first attempt at ponyfic writing, and enjoying the fandom.

  • ;) giygashy ;) Around

    I like music.

  • Fraser Smith dreamcatcher Fraser Smith Arbroath, Scotland
  • Northern Dash rpb3000 Northern Dash Springfield, OH

    20% cooler in 10 seconds flat.