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  1. !streaming and talking about why YOU should probably consider killing yourself in the near future https://youtu.be/AAXfdhUfkaQ

    about an hour ago from web
    • The people criticizing NFL teams for protesting the national anthem because it gets them free PR are forgetting that it is, in fact, getting them free PR and at the end of the day that just means they're winning

      about an hour ago from web
    • https://appleposter.club/attachment/1070880 this is a pretty strong statement.

      about 3 hours ago from shitposter.club
    • batcave Groucho

      about 4 hours ago from shitposter.club
    • like, I've been excited for Christmas morning before, and I've woken up at 6am to listen to a new album, but I am convinced that the people who can have that sense of joy every morning are stupid or lying

      about 10 hours ago from web
    • Me: *is gun control advocate*
      Also me: *has been trying to work a sick-ass gunfight into a cartoon for nearly two years*

      about 8 hours ago from web
      • You and the rest of America who pays taxes are paying me $2,000 for me to sit around doing this all day. Know you know where all of your money is going. Any more questions? http://rainbowdash.net/attachment/862718

        about a day ago from web
      • Hi people. how are you all?

        about 9 hours ago from web
        • nothing is worth living for don't even bananaing @ me

          about 10 hours ago from web
          • How the hell do people go home, collocate their thoughts and actively think "I'm glad I get to do this again tomorrow"

            about 10 hours ago from web
            • I also cannot comprehend what it's like to be alive on this planet in 2017 and not hate near everything about it

              about 10 hours ago from web
              • I hate how insecure I am. I could be happily married to somebody for 25 years and I would never not be convinced that they never actually liked me that way

                about 10 hours ago from web
                • ha ha Fluffle Puffing ouch

                  about 10 hours ago from web
                  • I'll never forgive white people for convincing the population that chicken and potatoes is a good meal

                    about 11 hours ago from web
                    • only good thing about them is yorkshire puddings and since we don't have any this meal is just a bland slop

                      about 11 hours ago from web
                      • roast dinners are overrated as apple

                        about 11 hours ago from web
                        • What is it with Lauren Tom and voicing her own mother

                          about 12 hours ago from web
                          • Either my aunt forgot what day my birthday was, or she sent that message to the wrong person and she still forgot my sister's birthday.

                            about 12 hours ago from web
                            • Just saw a super old white guy and a super old black guy crossing the street with linked arms using each other for support. Can we get, like, a movie made about them?

                              about 12 hours ago from web
                              • what's that hominid called that has the long colourful face with like a big red nose

                                about 12 hours ago from web
                                • More discouraging is that about 77% of all legible voters went to the election. And 13% of those are horrible xenophobes.

                                  about 12 hours ago from web
                                  • Today there is an election in Germany. According to the first prognosis 13% of all seats go to wannabe Nazis. It'll be an awful 4 years.

                                    about 12 hours ago from web
                                    • whooooa, obama's grandfather just looks like a white version of Obama

                                      about 13 hours ago from web
                                    • @raneboedesh I have a question for you that I have been trying to hold off on asking. I don't want to keep it to myself anymore. It would make me happy to finally ask after so much time. I know we will always have fun no matter how dumb we get doing it. - TastyTrex http://rainbowdash.net/url/862721

                                      about 15 hours ago from web
                                    • When the new kid is so ugly, talking to him is like a game made with the Unity engine.

                                      about 21 hours ago from web


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