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  1. @c this tends to be a common occurrence with whites: doing crazy things because they can, not because they should

    see: sky diving, creation of metal transportation death machines, cat ownership

    about 8 hours ago from freezepeach.xyz
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    • @fl0wn @nerthos @delores 
      Haha. I'm not entirely sure what the differences are between them both. Except that you can easily train a dog, and they are more dependent on you. Cats are great though, my cat lets me know what he wants like my dog once did. He likes being petted. That reminds me, we have a kitten now... he's adorable. I think cats are a little harder to understand so they get a bad reputation.

      about 3 hours ago in context
    • @sim They are. And they also have drastically different personalities from one to another, and only will cooperate if they trust and choose you. Once they do though, they're amazing companions, and I value them a lot because of how special that is. If a cat follows you is because you've earned it. If you learn about your cat, you'll often know exactly what he or she wants. They even understand mechanisms and fluid physics, one of mine noticed the toilet was stuck on releasing water and made noise to let us know and stop it, before it overflowed, and also knew the door was operated with a key, so whenever she wanted to go out she'd make noise with the key. Another was hungry so she grabbed the jar where the food is and tried to twist the cap off, since it's screw rather than pressure based. Cat figured that out just by seeing humans open it by twisting.

      about 2 hours ago in context
    • @nerthos 
      Definitely clever. My cat already knows how to open the back door, and how to get to his food. But yeah, you can definitely feel like you've earned your cats trust. Just bonding can be fun.

      about an hour ago in context
  2. Maintaining a friendship is hard.
    Maintaining a friendship that began when both of you were children is super hard.
    Maintaining a friendship that began when  both of you were children and now try to take the next step to a romantic (non-platonic) relationship is bananaing bananas.

    about 4 hours ago from gs.smuglo.li
  3. ...part of me wants to keep that screenshot from Link vs. Dark in the intro, because Link vs. Dark was my first ever flash cartoon and even though I never ended up finishing it, it still occupies a place in my heart. But it'll look out of place with all of the other screenshots in there since, you know, the art is total garbage because I drew it in 2010.

    about 3 hours ago from web
    • its weird how almost everybody has broken a bone in their life these days but if you did it before medicine you would have been as good as dead

      about 4 hours ago from freezepeach.xyz
    • ...actually, I think it's about time I re-vamped the whole intro. http://rainbowdash.net/url/845569

      about 4 hours ago from web
      • might as well share the vid:
        Warning: video contains gore, violence and kick-ass demon shootin' action (it's Doom, what did you expect?)
        and audio contains hard rockin' that will blow your mind (it's Miracle of Sound, what did you expect?)

        about 4 hours ago from web
        • >Listen to last week's Podquisition
          >Gavin says his new song about DOOM is cheesy and because of that it will be his most listened-to song of the year
          >listens to Doom song
          >New favorite Miracle of Sound song (move over Paleblood Moon)
          >Rip and Tear

          about 4 hours ago from web
          • After four years I finally decided to make my logo NOT look like I drew it in four seconds. http://rainbowdash.net/url/845567

            about 4 hours ago from web
            • Welp, I can force the browser to request the RDN stuff as https, but the browser still loses the green. papaya it, I'm done with that for the time being.

              about 6 hours ago from shitposter.club
            • why can't I find any people to talk to on skype ;n;

              about 5 hours ago from web
              • (On an unrelated note, I don't know how to do pixel art.)

                about 6 hours ago from web
              • https://gs.smuglo.li/attachment/49429 Pictured @tijagi

                about 5 hours ago from gs.smuglo.li
              • *What do I think of the monsters getting out?
                *Eh, weirder things have happened to me. http://rainbowdash.net/url/845555

                about 6 hours ago from web
              • *(This man smells like horses.)
                *(You decide to stop talking to him.)

                about 6 hours ago from web
                • A little story in my created language (a dialect of it anyways), more original to what I started out with grammatically speaking (spoken example included) http://rainbowdash.net/url/845553

                  about 6 hours ago from web
                  • Oh god http://rainbowdash.net/attachment/845548

                    about 6 hours ago from web
                  • Hummingbirds are neat.

                    about 6 hours ago from web
                  • @c  https://kiwiposter.club/attachment/14666

                    about 6 hours ago from shitposter.club
                  • RDN is such a batcave stepchild of both federation and of MLP and I love it.

                    about 6 hours ago from web


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