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    about 13 minutes ago from web
  2. hooray for sickness

    about 14 minutes ago from web
  3. "to be a powerful woman, you dont need a hot body or a beautiful face, to be powerful you you need inteligence and self value"

    Well, it is easy for you to say that, Bianca

    about 7 minutes ago from web
    • murdock Hulu in every hole.

      about 10 minutes ago from web
      • Figuratively and literally!

        about 11 minutes ago from web
        • I'M COLD.

          about 11 minutes ago from web
          • How to make sure you run out of hard drive space, Download a couple of things featuring Chris Rock.

            about 50 minutes ago from web
          • cicadas

            about 12 minutes ago from web
            • Hooray for K-On!

              about 13 minutes ago from web
              • I wish I still felt like making art. I wonder what happened to me.

                about 17 minutes ago from web
              • i could go play some persona, but i dont feel like playign after all the Yumi thing

                about 20 minutes ago from web
                • all dressed up, no place to go

                  about 22 minutes ago from web
                • DNA DUMP

                  about 49 minutes ago from web
                  • Who's "butthurt"

                    about 53 minutes ago from web
                    • So instead of actually working on the nouns section i cherriesed around on internet/video game. Way to go.

                      about an hour ago from quitter.se
                    • http://www.twitch.tv/xpianissima Level 1 To Gold/Plat Teemo only!!! Come hang out with me and the swift scout! !stream

                      about 54 minutes ago from web
                      • Everyone's being butthurt about something today. They need to quit it. Now.

                        about an hour ago from web
                      • Legend of Korra video game confirmed for very fun, albeit short. Do want to play through again.

                        about an hour ago from web
                        • Despite awl my rage I am still just a bat in a cage

                          about an hour ago from web
                          • You know what's funny is this is literally how my day has gone so far and will probably continue to go. It's actually uncanny. http://pny.lv/5fm7

                            about 2 hours ago from web
                          • I accidentally combined Cutting Crew and Britney Spears in my head and ended up with "If I died in your arms tonight, would you hold it against me"

                            about an hour ago from web
                          • That strikes odd. Imagine if English evolved the same way, where for a formal address one would use "m'lord" or "m'lady". Imagine a waiter having to say "would m'lady" like a drink" to a right chav.

                            about an hour ago from web
                          • Then again the large sonoral inventory of maycan doesn't preclude it from having words that sound the same yet have different meanings.

                            about 2 hours ago from quitter.se
                          • And they say Obama is a narcissist: i bet he doesn't even turn his name/handle into puns every chance he gets.

                            about 2 hours ago from web
                          • Tumblr's loading times are rivaling Sonic 06 loading times right now.

                            about 2 hours ago from web
                            • never forget 5/11

                              about 2 hours ago from web
                              • Send mushivers down your spine

                                about 2 hours ago from MuSTArDroid
                              • That and other things.

                                about 2 hours ago from web
                                • What is it with me and ayn rand lately.

                                  about 2 hours ago from web
                                • OH. You changed your name so...yeah

                                  about 2 hours ago from web


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