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  1. And with that, Jim Acosta has his press pass restored.

    about an hour ago from web
    • don't have a cow man http://rainbowdash.net/url/873223

      about 3 hours ago from web
      • hey guys if you ever go to a bar and you see a drink called "cream ale", DON'T HAVE IT, it's literally just lacroix

        about 2 days ago from web
        • OK so like I was all balls deep into Sabrina as a kid, but yeah man I'm still up into my witches, grapees!

          about 3 days ago from web
        • Horray! My new phone arrived! Quicker than expected.

          about 3 days ago from web
          • http://phlntn.com/emojibuilder/ http://rainbowdash.net/attachment/873134

            about 3 days ago from web
            • How long do you think Stan Lee would have had to have lived in order to see himself become a villain? Or is that irrelevant because it's a DC property quote?

              about 4 days ago from web
            • I sent my smartphone to repair and the repair shop sent it back to me and didn't attempt a fix. Luckily I ordered it directly from Amazon and they refund me the whole sum (only when I send it back). Now I'll buy the slightly upgraded version with 64GB internal storage and I gained 30€ in the process.

              about 4 days ago from web
              • After years of running this place, I thought I’d seen every way a Linux machine could collapse, but once again, my work has shown me another level of “how did this even happen”. I have a machine at work which is suddenly incapable of any function involving cryptography, including but not limited to: allowing SSH access and serving pages over HTTPS

                about 4 days ago from web
              • Good news: I saved a lot of money on flooring.
                Bad news: I still spent a lot of money on flooring.

                about 4 days ago from web
              • Would have had to have been do anyone so far as to look go more

                about 4 days ago from web
                • Feeling like Hannibal Buress in that one episode of Broad City where he says that thing

                  about 5 days ago from web
                  • Remember when this place was popular enough for random mothers to threaten to sue me over it? Good times.

                    about 13 days ago from web
                  • I knew it had to happen, and probably soon, but still... # Stan Lee.

                    about 6 days ago from web
                    • What is the bigger topic of today: Stan Lee or Pokemon?

                      about 7 days ago from web
                      • Gonna roofie all of my friends and force them to watch Detective Pikachu starring Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu in theaters with me

                        about 7 days ago from web
                        • @steven304 hi

                          about a month ago from web
                        • @slepter steven? PM me

                          about 8 days ago from web
                          • Wow that's a real blast from the past. Someone is once again, trying to break into my Minecraft account

                            about 9 days ago from web
                            • Yeah! Glitchy smartphone display. Not only does it create running ghost images (like on old CRT TVs with lost synch signal) but also the digitizer is glitchy and it locked my SIM card with random inputs.

                              about 9 days ago from web
                            • http://captainsnoop.tumblr.com/post/179261153185 I'm sure this will trigger at least one of you

                              about 9 days ago from web
                              • Today I was blind for 90 minutes. I was at a location in Hamburg with my company's department where people can experience the life of a blind person. It was interesting.

                                about 10 days ago from web


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