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  1. # Reposting this in honor of Pianissima's birthday http://rainbowdash.net/url/770169

    about 11 minutes ago from web
  2. ’Cause I really always knew that my little crime
    would be cold that's why I got a heater for your thighs
    and I know, I know it's not your time
    but bye, bye

    about 8 minutes ago from web
  3. 10/10 would read http://rainbowdash.net/attachment/774101

    about 8 minutes ago from web
    • Ahem. Happy Birthday @pianissima

      about 13 minutes ago from web
    • @cinnamonswirl Any idea why I'm not getting emails from the site? Tried resetting my email but I never got a confirmation email.

      about 20 minutes ago from web
      • @nerthos Same, I got one but that one expired because I THINK I neglected it, I don;t think I have got a new one. But, everything works just fine n dandy for me, I guess I didn't have to, there doesn't seem to be much else than that.

        about 19 minutes ago in context
    • http://wollap.deviantart.com/art/fashion-cents-477236050

      about 22 minutes ago from web
      • P.S. I don't get emails for favorites any more so don't even try

        about 29 minutes ago from web
      • I don't want to go to bed D:

        about 23 minutes ago from web
        • Because obviously RDN sends them just fine if I can abuse favoriting notices to flood melo's inbox

          about 23 minutes ago from web
          • I still have emails on for everything but my email is on a defunct website so I don't worry about it.

            about 26 minutes ago from web
            • I am almost falling asleep on my keyboard I'm going to bed

              about 29 minutes ago from web
            • Of what good is clearance if you don't know where the door is

              about 28 minutes ago from web
              • WE get E-Mials notifications for Favorites? WEll.. cherries...

                about 28 minutes ago from web
                • That was a lot of time thrown into a papayasty credential.

                  about 32 minutes ago from web
                • Pssst, @Meloetta what do you think about Nerthos?

                  about 30 minutes ago from web
                • I am sitting here using RDN as my personal spambot to flood melo's inbox with favorite spam

                  about 30 minutes ago from web
                  • I hope melo gets emails for favorites

                    about 36 minutes ago from web
                  • I think I'll print it.

                    about 32 minutes ago from web
                    • okay it was only 32 of the same notice.

                      about 35 minutes ago from web
                      • I have literally drawn people avatars before to make them stop using pony creator avatars ;_;

                        about an hour ago from web
                      • I'll go sleep before @metaltao drives me insane. Good night, my little fruits.

                        about 38 minutes ago from web
                      • what the hell is going on

                        about an hour ago from web
                      • Getting rdn emails from red sucks

                        about 38 minutes ago from web
                      • So what is causing welcomepony to die and stop working now

                        about 42 minutes ago from web
                      • http://rainbowdash.net/notice/3603116 http://rainbowdash.net/notice/3603120 @metaltao I guess it is because the fandom, mostly through OCs, have associated the idea of alicorn characters with that of a mary sue. Regardless of how much sense it makes within the story (and Twilight's ascension made lots of sense, considering she had been basically raised and tested for it the entire series) they managed to convince themselves that there should be only a few select characters as royals and that nopony could ascend. In my opinion it makes absolute sense that the element bearers, and specially her, ascend to a position of authority befitting of their role in the show, and that is exactly what happened when twilight was turned into alicorn.

                        about an hour ago from web
                      • I live! I LIVE! Mwahahahaha *cackles evilly*

                        about 44 minutes ago from the Death Egg


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