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  1. Adding “obstruction of Congress” to the list of impeachment articles was a smart move on paper because it’s way easier to say “okay, yeah, he did that even if he didn’t do the other stuff”, and I’m betting if any GOP Senators vote to convict it’ll be on that charge - won’t be enough of ‘em, though. not soliciting opinions

    about an hour ago from web
  2. Aaannd now they're leafblowing my rain gutters while I need to be recording

    about 2 hours ago from web
    • I love when brands try to solicit a DM to "help you" when you call them out on twitter for sucking butt through a straw. No, I will not allow you to save face while continuing to be useless, we will air all your failures for the world, tyvm.

      about 2 hours ago from web
      • Half-way through animu.

        about 4 hours ago from web
        • Someone told me to watch https://youtu.be/cZYNADOHhVY

          Which is an animated story of a kingdom desperately needing to beat a dragon. The story is an obvious euphamism.

          Just do not read the first YouTube comment. Though this might be a poor man's attempt at reverse psychology warfare, or maybe not.

          Regardless, go see that story, it is about 13 minutes long.

          about 9 hours ago from web
          • Working for an IT company and the network is down. Everybody use their company phones as hotspots.

            about 11 hours ago from web
            • @adiwan That is how I used to play Anno 1404 multiplayer, Untill I realised that due to Ubisoft's shoddy coding it would just grab the first network-interface ( of type X, where X is either wired or wireless ) to try to connect to other players.

              Which is a HUGE problem if you have, for instance, VirtualBox installed since it creates a virtual adapter.

              about 9 hours ago in context
          • haha wow the censor made that one appear way worse in context than it actually was

            about 13 hours ago from web
            • Hooray for Muting twitter when I've been unwise enough to say anything to anyone about anything

              about 13 hours ago from web
              • best part about VR, by far, is yelling “NYPD!!!!!” during every shootout, really makes you feel like you’re a hardass cop who plays by his own rules in a 1980s buddy cop action flick

                about 15 hours ago from web
                • I'm configuring my new computer back and forth on several shop websites and I'm always getting easily up to 2000€. Essentially I cannot recycle most of my components. HDDs, DVD drive only. My last configuration was an AMD 3700x, 64GB DDR4-3200, 1TB m.2 SSD, NVidia 2800 super, mainboard, 800W power supply, case. I need a new case because my current has only usb2 ports at the front and I'd like to have something better. Other than that it has some serious scratches from over 14 years of use as well as an unsightly opening on the side panel when these CPU "tubes" were in fashion for directly venting the hot CPU air out. This was never used because my cooler was not shaped in the way to benefit from that.

                  about a day ago from web
                  • @adiwan Sounds about right, I just build a 3600 Ryzen 5 powered PC for my dad, Though it has only 16 GB of RAM and a GT 710 instead of 64 GB and a RTX 2080 Super.

                    No DVD drive though, who needs that in 2020 ? And if you do. Go USB the thing.

                    > I need a new case

                    Fractal design define R5 or S. Probably not the S if you want to mount multiple HDD's and a DVD drive up front.

                    Also I kinda remember Gamers Nexus saying "It is the card noone actually cares about" ( I had it running in the background while doing something else ) http://rainbowdash.net/url/875373 ... So beware on that RTX 2080 Super I guess.

                    about a day ago in context
                  • @drinkingpony I'm a programmer. It's the second best without completely pulling out a leg and an arm to afford a 2080ti. DVD is essential for me and my retro game collection. A portable USB DVD drive could be nice but I have alreay an internal drive. It's also a good cup holder.

                    about a day ago in context
                  • @adiwan Just saying that I would not fork over 10% extra money for a whopping 4% extra graphical horsies.

                    Also I melted my cupholder that way once.

                    No I was not trying to boil water with a USB drive in that one. I am still looking for a suicidal/voluntary USB for that one.

                    about 21 hours ago in context
                • I can't decide if Twitter is a wasteland I would do better to avoid, or if it's a wasteland where my "Damn the Man" attitude is vitally important. If the Tao had taught me anything, it's probably both and neither.

                  about a day ago from web
                  • I hate it when there is a lack of subtitles for almost half a minute on a paid DVD, especially when I don't understand the spoken language (Japanese). Good thing I read the book and I can decipher some information from the context. The DVDs were "cheap" at least. If I bought a newer version on Blu Ray I'd cost me 7 times as much.

                    about a day ago from web
                    • In the 70s Nixon ordered nuclear strikes that were ignored by military officials because he wasn’t seen as being mentally fit to make those decisions (Richard Nixon was, of course, an alcoholic). We didn’t know about the orders until decades later. Have fun thinking about that one while you sleep tonight!

                      about 2 days ago from web
                      • @mrmattimation Yeah if you strip down the story of details and essentials I can make anyone ( even you ) seem like a total incompetent bubbling buffoon that could play as antagonist in a Mark Groening cartoon somehow.

                        I do not know all the details. But I do know that North Korea shot down a 'Lockheed EC-121 Warning Star' ( essentially the 1950's version of what we understand now as AWACS ) and killed some 30 something Americans.

                        Some FBI agent noted how he became 'obsessed' with the EC-121 incident.

                        When Richard Nixon got on the phone to order PLANS for a tactical nuclear strike and target recomendations however, Henry Kissinger got the JCOS to pull a 25th amendment untill at least he sobered up. Probably because he sounded drunk.

                        I heard that he forgot about the B61 attached to the F-4 in Kunsan Air Base.

                        I like doing Trivia night with you tho.

                        Can we talk about Vasiki Arkhipov next ?

                        about a day ago in context
                    • The full story http://rainbowdash.net/url/875372

                      about 2 days ago from web
                      • If your level design still makes something a 20-minute task for a speedrunner, it might be a pain in the gorram ass

                        about 2 days ago from web
                        • @scribus GTA SA is super bad about this, speed runners usually resort to killing themselves to warp to hospitals around the state but even then the boundaries dictating where you respawn don’t make as much sense as people like, especially in the countryside portions of the game, where it’s essentially a crapshoot figuring out where you’ll respawn.

                          about 2 days ago in context
                      • Looking at you, Ecco 2!

                        about 2 days ago from web
                        • Tbh I think that the fact that real X-Wings have taken flight is proof that Disney needs to be stopped.

                          about 2 days ago from web
                          • @mrmattimation Really ? That is the point where you go "I think Disney might have gone too far" ?

                            I won't rant at you for hours on end about how Rey Skywalker is a gigantic Mary Sue, or that Oscar Isaac is going to be GLAD to be gone from the franchise soon enough, or how everyone is expecting John Boyega to squeal like a piggy about how bad Disney is before long enough ( I honestly have higher hopes for Mark Hamill )... or hell, the parks...

                            Instead, Disney could not even secure the 'rights' to do these cargo-drone flyby 'stunts' for longer than just the weekend because the FAA does not want them to.

                            And after some contractor hired a contractor to install the trackless system upside down ( which meant the concrete needed to be torn out ) or the MULTIPLE breakdowns of Rise of the Resistance ( because it needed more time in the oven before being ready for prime-time ) I am not sure if I can blame ANYONE for thinking Disney is too fat&bloated&incompetent.

                            about 2 days ago in context
                          • @mrmattimation I say it doesn't count until they are capable of space flight, THEN it's too far. But I'll still hold out for warp capabilities.

                            about 2 days ago in context
                        • Let's see now. At least double gyroscope, the way that the inner skeleton meets in the nose part like that. If I were a Boeing fanboy I would say it looks like someone gave vertical UAV capability to a modified MQ-25 skeleton with N233XT engines. Because it most certainly does NOT look like any CAV ( Boeing's cargo drone ) non experimental stuff.

                          I do not expect Disney to keep them for long as just the maintenance, liability, and battery costs are going to be HUUGE. Especially in a time where they are already cutting costs on any live entertainment.

                          Comparitatively if you want to run it for longer than half a year with about just as much freedom as a pre-determined flight-path, they would have gone with good looking props and a detatchable chair lift system painted black.

                          I expect these drones to end up in some extreme collectors posession before long. http://rainbowdash.net/url/875371

                          about 2 days ago from web
                          • Quick ! I need the cheat-code to lower my wanted level !

                            about 2 days ago from web
                            • I was going through real-life personal romantic drama when I originally wrote this comic story. I’ll post it in its entirety as one big image tomorrow or something. http://rainbowdash.net/url/875370

                              about 3 days ago from web
                              • @mrmattimation Does Swole Foods take place in a real fake Virginia town or a fake fake one? I'm working on a series of novels in a fake San Bernardino, CA, myself, just curious about other people's home state integration or whatever.

                                about 2 days ago in context
                              • @scribus It’s a fake town that’s an amalgamation of several real towns in Northern Virginia, mostly the suburbs around Fairfax and Loudoun counties. Swole Foods itself is based on a real grocery chain based in Maryland. The skyline that you see in the cartoons and some comics is wholly made up and I’m not sure if that’s the town itself or if it’s just a city that you can see FROM the town, like Arlington or something.

                                about 2 days ago in context


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