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  1. Plane crashed in the area after flying over the White House no-fly zone and the owner is an NRA spokeswoman? Thoughts and prayers.

    about 5 hours ago from web
    • The teenagers working for me seemed to be under the impression they could just show up to work on their own schedule because I couldn’t possibly fire ALL of them, so today I fired all of them and now they’re super confused about it.

      about a day ago from web
    • Yakuza: The Anime, but it’s an anthology series and each episode is Kiryu in a different dramatic genre. Western, sci-fi, horror, isekai…

      about a day ago from web
      • Oh, how I envy those naive enough to believe in a future

        about 2 days ago from web
      • when you’ve worked a full week by Wednesday and then you gotta keep working

        about 3 days ago from web
        • I'd need to invest 410€ for playing TOTK (the game, Switch, Pro Controller (ain't gonna play on the minuscule Joycon controllers)).

          about 7 days ago from web
        • …and I think I created my account when I was in the UK because all of my rates are in pounds which means that the licenses are actually more expensive than I think.

          about 6 days ago from web
        • YouTube Shorts has improved viewership on my channel (yay) which means that I’ve gone up a tier in terms of average viewership and am now required to pay more for music licenses (boo)

          about 6 days ago from web
          • Whatever useless moron decided to ruin video game maps by making multiple floors all just superimpose instead of showing separate layers should have their groin trod upon by an elephant in golf shoes

            about 6 days ago from web
            • This week I went to a house viewing for a, at first, relatively affordable house. The house was from 1938. It turned out that almost nothing was done to the house since then, except for a gas heating system and a shower in the cellar (WTF). The windows with wooden frames were with almost 100 % certainty original. The cellar was so moist and damp it smelled like a swamp and the cellar walls looked like after a flooding. Also the doors were so low I could easily injure myself with an extremely minor hop. Also there was a wooden beam so low at the stairs that it demands wearing a hard hat. The main bath room was so small the sink was directly in front of the door and one has to squeeze by to get to the toilet. I've seen quite some houses but this was definitely one of the worst.
              A friend of mine said to me that it was a mistake not getting the house.

              about 7 days ago from web
              • Number ten: Full frontal nudity

                about 8 days ago from web
              • 10 things the next Zelda should have to improve on Tears of the Kingdom and Breath of the Wild.

                about 8 days ago from web
                • I keep running into this problem where the things I write are usually totally cool on the internet where nobody can really stop me from describing mangoio in the crudest terms possible, but right now I’m writing for what is possibly going to be on television and those same words would probably get me a very nasty letter from standards and practices. It’s very hard to go from writing like you’re your own boss to writing in such a way that won’t lose the network twenty million dollars in Wendy’s advertising.

                  about 11 days ago from web
                • Or the episode of "Recess" where TJ invents the word "whomps"

                  about 10 days ago from web
                  • On Ren & Stimpy, they used to get away with some of the naughtier jokes by submitting a storyboard to the network with a much tamer joke drawn over the actual joke with a sticky note (as back then it was common to modify storyboards as such rather than use a new template since paper and toner costs money) and they would get the signature on it from S&P, then they’d tear off the sticky note and do the more offensive joke instead, then if anyone asked about it they’d show the network the physical storyboard with S&P approval on it. Can’t do that in the digital age. It ain’t all better (but it mostly is).

                    about 14 days ago from web