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  1. http://i.imgur.com/eEHyb2u.mp4 RA RA RASPUTIN, RUSSIAS GREATEST LOVE MACHINE

    about 27 minutes ago from web
  2. I just saw Inferno vaporise himself by detonating raw energon within arms reach with his flamethrower. Yet I know from when I saw the show as a kid that this will not be the end of this transformer. I dare to bet whatever animator was so proud for being in charge of his vaporisation scene was at least a little bit grumpy for probably having to do somehting like this to the same bot somewhere in S3 :+

    about 35 minutes ago from web
    • It makes me a little bit sad that Adventure Time ends in 2018. On the other hand it's plenty of time for the creators to end the series properly. Not every series can offer a good ending. I'm looking at you "How I met your Mother".

      about 3 hours ago from web
      • @adiwan I thought about that for a bit and I do not think there was much better of a way to end "How I met your Mother", unless if you wanted to some sort of learning curve across a season, which they deliberately did not do because now you can just see an episode anywhere whenever and feel like you pretty much only missed minor things.

        about an hour ago in context
      • @critialcloudkicker I admit that it wasn't the right example. HIMYM ran for too long and lost its direction in the last 2-3 seasons. And in the end it was too wacky and too rushed with a kick in the balls in the last episode. It was clear that it was a story about "How I want to bang Robin again" and it ended like that as predicted. The most damning fact was that the children's mother was a delight on screen and was killed off extremely fast with barely any time between the death and Ted's desire to be with Robin. The writers crammed every bit of continuity in the last season and last episode that they didn't give the story enough breathing room. The creators of Adventure Time have done so many good stories and I believe they'll do the end gracefully and gradually with closing one plot at a time.

        about 54 minutes ago in context
      • @adiwan I think you can almost verbatum copy that into a "why I think Batman V Superman is a bad movie". Yes I agree with that fully. Then again, a house build without pre-planning on how the chimney should look will always suffer from something like this "builders fattigue". Though sadly, I doubt this is a problem that is likely to be solved any time soon.

        about 39 minutes ago in context
    • The more I learn about Pax Cybertronia, the less I like it.

      about an hour ago from web
      • <<< as you know >>> I wish I knew that by head. I sorta do not, I should spend more time with Linux.

        How do purge /lib/modules/ without getting all sorts of weird dependancy not found errors ?

        about 2 hours ago from web
      • I was wondering why my fairly small but reasonably sized root partition was so full. I realized that I had tons of old Linux kernels installed.

        about 2 hours ago from web
      • No you stupid google, I do not want to google rainbows, I wanted to go to rainbowdash.net... Last time I rely on autocomplete...

        about 2 hours ago from web
        • But I have all these Pepe's to share with my white supremacist friends

          about 3 hours ago from web
          • http://www.gamesville.com/html_poke/poke_penguin.swf ... I remember this ... *sudden realization* ... I am really old

            about 3 hours ago from web
            • he drinks batcave

              about 3 hours ago from web
              • https://scontent-eze1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/14520329_1705691369753156_2732612748861399348_n.jpg?oh=0c3228577a3cbc4403a9e33b1958cc2d&oe=586568B7

                about 4 hours ago from web
              • Now that I'm done with Narcos guess I'll go back to Patrón del Mal to get hopefully more of the real story (although from what I remember in the first season or so they concentrate on Escobar's good deeds)

                about 7 hours ago from web
              • After 6 hours my eyes still hurt.

                about 5 hours ago from web
                • https://gs.smuglo.li/attachment/150217

                  about 5 hours ago from gs.smuglo.li
                • people who drink are batcaveing weird

                  about 5 hours ago from web
                  • Mattiplier

                    about 6 hours ago from web


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