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  1. Basically, I kinda just want a Calexit, and then also to live in a van in a cave in the jungle by the river all alone anyway, with solar panels on my Nintendo.

    about 15 hours ago from web
  2. Man, "The People's Court" is a parade of trainwrecks.

    about 5 hours ago from web
    • A tragedy! The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl comic series ends with issue # https://www.bleedingcool.com/2019/05/23/unbeatable-squirrel-girl-to-end-at-issue-50/

      about 14 hours ago from web
      • @adiwan Series ending on the choice of the writer always does feel way better than someone else going "You have X issues to end the series". Just look at "Black Panther & The Crew" also known as the BLM Marvel Comic. That ending came out of nowhere and it was not statisfying at all.

        Then again it is rumored that the sales figures for the first issue were 287000, issue 3 only got 25000 copies and issue 4 only 17500 copies.

        And at this point in time I wonder what is quicker, the Terminal Velocity of a comic book, or that comic book sales. You know, since I am a huge science nerd.

        ... I miss brainiac...

        about 12 hours ago in context
      • @drinkingpony I'm just sad that Ryan North did a fantastic job and I imagined that the series could reach 100 issues with no sign of slowing down. A huge drop of readers after a # is to be expected. Readers of the series previous run take that as a jump-off point and new readers just try it and decide not to buy anything further. In this case it was the latter.

        about 11 hours ago in context
    • we need some politically incorrect leftists to combat politically incorrect people who are actually for real racist, who’s with me #

      about a day ago from web
      • @mrmattimation So fighting racism with racism? that's one way to go about it, I guess.

        about 21 hours ago in context
      • @mrmattimation Inb4 people on the right of those leftists get ultra-confused since they claim they can no longer seperate the fascist-leftists from the actual-leftists.

        Which results in a repeat of the blue-wave that never was.

        For the sake of the sanity of both the American voters and everyone abroad taking notes. Please don't.

        Try to unite people instead of separating them.

        I never thought that I would think this, but Shia Labeouf was right for shouting ( very wishfully ) into a camera "SHE WILL NOT DIVIDE US"

        about 12 hours ago in context
    • ...on the other hand, saying “We could impeach him, but we won’t” is probably the dumbest thing Nancy Pelosi has done since she first ascended to the speakership in 2006.

      about 13 hours ago from web
      • At this point I’m convinced all the calls for impeachment on Twitter are actually conservatives playing devil’s advocate in hopes that Nancy Pelosi will slip up and open a trial that cannot be won.

        about 13 hours ago from web
        • My spoilerfree opinion on the ending of GoT.

          FFS I just saw the episode where they threw Cercei in jail. That is only Season 5. I do not even KNOW anything about the ending of GoT. I do know that the 2 main guru's are the most hated toons in the eyes of the fans, such a strong reaction from the fanbase I have not seen for YEARS. The only thing that comes close is when I was in spittle range of some uber-nerd's litteral waterfall of words regarding how 'Han shot first'.

          Talking about Star Wars. The main guru's behind GoT are going to get their own Star Wars trilogy. But also Ryan Johnson was supposed to get his own trilogy. Meanwhile if I can take this thing anywhere close to serious http://rainbowdash.net/url/874466

          If I had a betting sort of personality though I know what I would put my money on. But I am not. I'm just going to enjoy the Hindenburg-Train-Airbus-Hybrid-Crash while sipping my favorite beverage.

          It makes me feel like a winner.

          about 3 days ago from web
        • Unless his old supporters just quit and only now is all the criticism rising to the top

          about 15 hours ago from web
          • @scribus Half of his supporters migrated to other, younger progressives (the fact that he ran for President AFTER Warren had announced she was running was a really bad move imo). The other half quieted down and only make their voices heard if you criticize some aspect of the Sanders campaign, at which point they’ll try their very hardest to ruin your life. I like the guy but he has some of the worst supporters in the nation, perhaps rivaling even Trump’s supporters in terms of how annoying they are.

            about 15 hours ago in context
          • @mrmattimation OK, kind of what I'd guessed, I guess. And yeah, I've never cared for any *-Bro, Bernie or otherwise, I can see that.

            about 14 hours ago in context
        • "Why the long face??"

          about 15 hours ago from web
          • Wow, I woke up grim, today.

            about 15 hours ago from web
            • People talk about how we have ten years to fix climate change, and I consider that proof that we're batcaveed. We couldn't mobilize a wet fart in a ten year time frame. The real deadline has been passed already. We'll plan for 10 and then act too late.

              about 15 hours ago from web
              • Main question, do we even need 7.5 billion+ hairless upright apes when we can count so many other species on one hand?

                about 15 hours ago from web
                • I keep wanting to ask what assinine purity test Bernie failed in the last four years, but I am afraid of being literally stabbed in the genitals for ever asking a question online

                  about 15 hours ago from web
                  • Good morning, don’t forget to say your daily prayer to Bernie Sanders... they’ll get mad otherwise.

                    about 15 hours ago from web
                    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6pCkS8wqIo

                      about 21 hours ago from web
                      • Trying for once to get a new warframe within the first 24 hours of it coming out, and the bugs match the expectations.

                        Even the unstuck command is bugged!

                        about 21 hours ago from web
                        • My sister’s probably gonna marry into a Jewish family so I think I’m legally required to run for President.

                          about a day ago from web
                        • Got my 8-way switcher so my NES, Genesis, TG16, SNES and N64 are all hooked up, and no more R/F switches. With room for a future Atari and Dreamcast, to boot! !vgp

                          about a day ago from web
                          • I replaced my Z lead screw rods on my 3d printers and cleaned the old ones to the point they look almost like new. I'm tempted to send that back to the seller and get a refund. They got a little bit stuck at certain heights consistently so they caused "wobbles" along the Z axis. I'm printing right now something tall and the effect is almost not there anymore. The old rods will be probably used anyway when I try to make a smaller CNC router. For that purpose they are good enough, at least for tinkering.

                            about a day ago from web


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