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  2. Supreme Court rules that Alabama’s congressional maps are a racial gerrymander, it’s a bit wild that only just now are they saying “yeah there might be some things wrong with Alabama”

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  3. Gavin Newsom is still a prick though I’m not apologizing for that

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  4. I would like to apologize to California for all the times I made fun of you for having so many forest fires, now I know what it’s like to live under the smokey skies

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  5. stuck between going for thick lines and looking different, or going for thin lines and looking neater (but also more like everyone else)

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  6. the marvelous misadventures of flapjack is the most recent common ancestor of 90% of tv animation today

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  7. Trying to hit a balance on content is frustrating to me because I don’t want to be vulgar for the sake of it but I also don’t want to be made to tone the adult themes down because the show’s not vulgar enough to appeal to adults. It just seems like there isn’t a market anymore for The Simpsons-level adult content that’s adult on a more conceptual level instead of just relying on vulgarity to appear adult, and that frustrates me.

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  8. I mean hell if this script gets picked up it’s probably getting slapped with a TV-MA rating but most of the language is stuff you end up hearing in the MCU anyway and it’s seen as perfectly acceptable to take your kids to see that

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  9. the MPAA invented a new rating after Raiders of the Lost Ark showed a guy getting blended but we still haven’t figured out how to handle it when a cartoon character says “god damn”

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  10. The difference in rating standards between television and movies is staggering to me. A lot of swears that are ok for a PG-13 movie usually guarantee you a Mature Audiences rating on TV, although this is changing with time. Meanwhile, Groundskeeper Willie getting lit on fire and running around screaming is perfectly okay for the PG-rated Simpsons, but the same action had to be cut from Deadpool 2 for the PG-13 version. Nudity keeps your show from airing before 10 o’clock; but you can gather the kids to watch Tom Hanks stare at a chick’s bare ass in Splasj

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  11. Konami, now that you’re making video games again, can we please get Fox Engine remakes of Metal Gear 1 & 2 so I can play them without wanting to kill myself because of the obtuseness of 80s game design

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  12. Plane crashed in the area after flying over the White House no-fly zone and the owner is an NRA spokeswoman? Thoughts and prayers.

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  13. The teenagers working for me seemed to be under the impression they could just show up to work on their own schedule because I couldn’t possibly fire ALL of them, so today I fired all of them and now they’re super confused about it.

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  14. Yakuza: The Anime, but it’s an anthology series and each episode is Kiryu in a different dramatic genre. Western, sci-fi, horror, isekai…

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  15. when you’ve worked a full week by Wednesday and then you gotta keep working

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  16. @adiwan nah, I’m talking about my music clearance service, which exclusively shows me prices in pounds and says my location is the United Kingdom (but the company is headquartered in London, so. Maybe that’s why)

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  17. @adiwan it sure would be great if they’d let me change my region then. :/

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  18. …and I think I created my account when I was in the UK because all of my rates are in pounds which means that the licenses are actually more expensive than I think.

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  19. YouTube Shorts has improved viewership on my channel (yay) which means that I’ve gone up a tier in terms of average viewership and am now required to pay more for music licenses (boo)

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  20. @scribus tears of the kingdom not being multiplayer is a wasted opportunity in general tbh, the amount of insane papaya you’d be able to do with the Rust building mechanics… you don’t even need to justify a second Link, the game does it for you with the Naruto shadow clones that everyone seems to be able to use now.

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  21. Number ten: Full frontal nudity

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  22. 10 things the next Zelda should have to improve on Tears of the Kingdom and Breath of the Wild.

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  23. I keep running into this problem where the things I write are usually totally cool on the internet where nobody can really stop me from describing mangoio in the crudest terms possible, but right now I’m writing for what is possibly going to be on television and those same words would probably get me a very nasty letter from standards and practices. It’s very hard to go from writing like you’re your own boss to writing in such a way that won’t lose the network twenty million dollars in Wendy’s advertising.

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  24. On Ren & Stimpy, they used to get away with some of the naughtier jokes by submitting a storyboard to the network with a much tamer joke drawn over the actual joke with a sticky note (as back then it was common to modify storyboards as such rather than use a new template since paper and toner costs money) and they would get the signature on it from S&P, then they’d tear off the sticky note and do the more offensive joke instead, then if anyone asked about it they’d show the network the physical storyboard with S&P approval on it. Can’t do that in the digital age. It ain’t all better (but it mostly is).

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  25. Gonna go ahead and guess they won’t let me say this on cable

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  26. whatever stereotype the media has trained you to think of when I say my metro-area store gets robbed frequently is false, because there IS a type, but news companies aren’t talking about it. it’s divorced women

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  27. all of my booking emails are in Dutch now. I booked in English. What is wrong with you

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  28. @adiwan which really just means I’m double oppressed when you think about it

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  29. I am Irish so it’s perfectly okay for me to say racist things about the Irish (but I’m also trying to get an Irish studio to co-finance something for me so maybe I shouldn’t)

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  30. @scribus multiple varieties of short people, strange culture and folklore, Gandalf is president, etc

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