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  2. Clearly not much of a problem anymore. Dole was simply born too early.

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  3. Kinda funny reading about how Bob Dole’s age was an issue during the 1996 election considering our last two presidents have been the two oldest

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  4. Incidentally, no president who’s assumed office three or more years into their predecessor’s term has actually managed to serve two full terms, so history would be stacked against him. FDR’s the only person to serve more than eight years, and he was elected to all four of his terms.

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  5. @scribus Oh, also, if he WERE “reinstated” he technically would be allowed to run for a second full term because the only method possible for “reinstatement” involves Republicans winning back the House, making him Speaker, and somehow winning 17 extra Senate seats with a map where they’ll be lucky if they get three, then impeaching/removing Biden-Harris simultaneously for ?????, which obviously would not be possible until 2023, when the next Congress is sworn in. So long as he is sworn in on January 21st or later, he would be allowed to run for another four year term since finish that term would bring him to just under the constitutional limit of ten years. If that’s his plan, it’s an incredibly contrived and unrealistic plan, but it is technically a plan nonetheless.

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  6. For the record: I think it’s really really funny, it is a-ok by me for him to do that.

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  7. @scribus if he were actually running for re-election he probably would have filed the paperwork already. There’s nothing stopping him and for 2020 he filed on his first day in office. Instead he’s registered a PAC which can collect money for any number of purposes besides presidential campaigns (legal fees). The “plan” is to make as much money as possible while sabotaging the national GOP out of spite for not being more supportive of him while he was President. He requested a while back that his supporters send money to his MAGA PAC, instead of the other Republican-aligned funds that help Republicans in Congress get elected.

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  8. No, not Donald Trump telling Republicans not to vote if he isn’t reinstated. Anything but that.

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  9. Which, like, the pay is nice, managers get time and a half on holidays, but that’s not what annoys me, it’s that we only get paid for WASP holidays.

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  10. @scribus They didn’t pay us for Juneteenth either despite Congress having made it a federal holiday and The President having signed the bill the week before. Said it was “too late” to change payroll, which is BS.

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  11. Joseph Stalin would probably have been a big fan of UFCW.

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  12. UFCW does not aid its workers at all. They actively conspire with companies to keep workers in poverty so that they’ll feel like they need the union so that they’ll pay membership fees for a team that doesn’t help them. Literally worse than useless.

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  13. My store really said “Columbus Day is racist? Dope” and ended holiday pay starting this year, a move negotiated with and sanctioned by UFCW, of course.

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  15. how come Trump supporters never talk about the fact that Trump leaving office willingly in spite of the “fact” that he really won makes him a huge grapey? very emasculating. I definitely wouldn’t ever wanna support him again after that. Nobody likes quitters.

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  16. Me: *researches fertility options for gay couples wanting to have children so that I can make this script as accurate as possible*
    Also me: *writes in a joke about turkey basters*

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  17. BUT… that wasn’t what the video was about. The video was an attempt to objectively figure out whether or not we can or should separate the art from the artist in light of the fact that the art in question is the product of a lot of people working together, and not just the result of one guy at a typewriter. Bringing my personal feelings about the revival into the equation diminished the point made in the video.

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  18. To put that into better words: Ren & Stimpy was a primal yell against a very conservative, business-oriented Reagan-era Hollywood, and I think a numbers-driven revival would be exactly the kind of thing that the show so desperately raged against, so added onto John K’s baggage, there’s just no benefit or value in such a reboot.

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  19. In retrospect I wish I hadn’t pushed that petition at the end of the video. I stand by the idea that rebooting Ren & Stimpy would be antithetical to the very premise of Ren & Stimpy, but in retrospect it probably undermined my overall point that the show deserved to stand on its own merits, even if my reasons for opposing the reboot were unrelated to my feelings about John K.

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  20. @scribus I made a video about this last year, but the basic gist of it was that John K. was fired so early into the show’s initial run that it kind of wasn’t even his show anymore by the time the original series ended, so I personally don’t think R&S should necessarily carry his baggage, especially since we don’t really apply that same standard to more recent works with creators who were disgraced for similar reasons (The Loud House got a movie this year, even).

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  21. @scribus in some cases, like Ren & Stimpy, it’s understandable, as Billy West won’t go near any R&S projects anymore and John K. obviously can’t and shouldn’t be asked to come back, but there are multiple shows in there that are either currently airing or have voice talent that have reprised their roles recently for other one-off projects, those characters are also silent. Apparently it was a budgetary issue, but it begs the question of why you’d set out to make this game if you don’t have the funds to pull it off. It feels like an early access game, which is insane considering the license it’s using.

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  22. don’t really see the point in a Nickelodeon crossover fighter if you aren’t gonna have VO. Makes the crossover aspect feel hollow if these cartoon characters are all mutes without personalities. Just play Smash Bros. at that point.

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  23. gotta use Adobe Animate's automatic lipsync tool for this cartoon due to time constraints and it's pretty bad, BUT it gives me a pretty good baseline, so even though I need to redo a lot of it, it still saves me a lot of time. Hopefully once I understand it’s speech recognition algorithm a little better I’ll be able to get it so I don’t have to tweak the output as much.

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  24. @scribus 2019 was his last professional win, he played an exhibition match in 2020 that he won

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  25. @scribus I’m actually mildly incorrect, I saw something about a tournament he played in 2020 and for some reason thought that was this year. Still way too recent for a guy whose career was over twelve years ago.

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  26. I saw tiger woods’ career “end” when i was a kid so how come he’s still out here winning tournaments

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  27. kind of wanna make another my little brony

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  28. Tim Schafer definitely embezzled or at the very least mismanaged Kickstarter funds while working on Psychonauts 2 and I think people are ignoring it because the game happened to be good anyway.

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  29. In retrospect, it’s insane that something like Watergate used to be career-ending.

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  30. my next video wasn’t made for the McAuliffe campaign but his opponent is so blatantly anti-democracy that it’s probably gonna come off like it was made for the McAuliffe campaign just by virtue of it encourages people to vote

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