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Coder Ponies!

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A place for all those ponies who have the computer cutie-mark! Be it C, C++, Java, Pascal, x86 Asm, Javascript, Python, all is welcome!

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  1. Gettin' my hands nerdy !nolife

    about 3 months ago from web
  2. Gonna re-write my QBASIC mouse breeding program from my last college English class as my first official C project. !coderponies

    about 3 months ago from web
    • So now that I have internet-free time, I'm telling myself to learn C and make a Turbografx 16 homebrew game. !coderponies !vgp #

      about 4 months ago from web
    • I finished my game jam entry. Now I sleep. Feel free to play and let me know if there are any issues, because I still technically have a couple of days to make changes.

      about a year ago from web
    • The game is now somewhat playable! (WASD=move enter=dash)

      about a year ago from web
    • I sure love me some C# tho... (Any Unity devs up in here?)

      about a year ago from web
    • !coderpony $45 but if you can get this book used, it's a fun read if you like art, programming and geometry.

      about a year ago from
      • More importantly, !nolife
        - Fixed a minor bug related to people deleting their posts
        - Only mods can turn it on/off (Change the modList list as needed)
        - Will no longer be run independently, so if a person is interested in it, get python, install modules, run it yourself on any OS (I think)

        about a year ago from web
        • !nolife
          Lvbot II updated.

          - Slightly cleaner
          - Slightly more efficient
          - Can turn the welcoming function on/off
          - Less triggering and more PC welcome/congratulatory messages (Slightly)

          - Make it so only mods can turn welcome functions on/off
          - More efficient and clean
          - More messages
          - Find a way to make the bot reference Dwarf Fortress
          - Considering making the bot post a single random message if no one has posted for three hours

          about a year ago from web
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          • @thelastgherkin By Cerulean, back when I made the first lvbot? He's still the admin, right?

            about a year ago in context
          • @lvbot I'm not sure if permission then still equates to permission now, especially if you're considering this a separate project to the first lvbot.

            about a year ago in context
          • @thelastgherkin 'Separate project' is a bit confusing since it's effectively just updating the old lvbot after sending to into Python, as well as how Cerulean's already aware of the welcome function. The complaints he made thusfar were the types of messages and how it welcomed new users when WelcomePony already did, so I already fixed that, now.

            If you're talking about it posting a random message if no one else has over the past three hours, that's just an idea I'm currently toying with. If I decide to go with it, and flesh it out, I plan to ask Cerulean if he's fine with it being added, before I code it.

            about a year ago in context
        • !nolife Current MMORPG clientless bot progress (Ragnarok Online), since RDN is becoming my code storage source, since I lost my CD and can't remember my github.
          (It's for learning, I swear).

          about a year ago from web
          • !nolife Also a general IP-finding toy from a programming race I did with a friend way back. Probably inefficient, for all you super-hackers out there.

            Wednesday, 23-Dec-15 23:01:16 UTC from web
            • !nolife Scripts from when I started. Cleaned up just a bit.
              Image-grabber for danbooru (Recently changed from google images!), and organizer designed to work with the images grabbed. Not user friendly. More of a reference than a tool at this point.



              Thursday, 17-Dec-15 22:31:24 UTC from web
            • !nolife Final Lvbot code unless I work up creativity or the OCD to either add social-based functions or clean the code up a bit. (Passing user/pass as arguments instead of using global, for instance, is pretty awkward).


              Thursday, 26-Nov-15 01:40:30 UTC from web
              • !nolife Lvbot II
                More casual functions to be added. (Like special messages for Red).

                Wednesday, 25-Nov-15 04:57:07 UTC from web
                • !coderpony do any of you like Haskell? I'm trying to learn but it feels harder than Scheme

                  Thursday, 19-Nov-15 01:07:13 UTC from
                  • I'm trying to run this command in Bash... :(){ :|: & };:
                    ...but it's saying "bash: :: command not found". Anyone else have this issue?

                    Tuesday, 06-Oct-15 09:46:49 UTC from web
                  • !coderponies JESUS CHRIST IT'S LEARNING

                    Sunday, 04-Oct-15 18:58:34 UTC from web

                    Saturday, 03-Oct-15 23:31:32 UTC from web
                  • !coderponies

                    Thursday, 24-Sep-15 14:07:06 UTC from web
                    • # GCC diagnostic ignored "-Wvarargs" // Trust me, I'm not a terrible coder... I think...

                      Friday, 28-Aug-15 00:53:43 UTC from web
                      • Anyone familiar with PostGIS? How to find US cities to use with it. I have PostGIS, my project is hooked up, and I have OpenJump for browsing data visually. !coderponies

                        Tuesday, 18-Aug-15 19:46:02 UTC from web
                        • Here's a game I made !coderponies

                          Monday, 17-Aug-15 20:06:45 UTC from web
                        • !coderpony Has anypony used Rust? Is it good for servers?

                          Sunday, 16-Aug-15 16:52:30 UTC from web
                        • !coderpony Do any of you program with #? I am trying to learn why people like it.

                          Tuesday, 21-Jul-15 00:14:48 UTC from
                          • !coderpony Is there a Python-written 2D animation program?

                            Sunday, 07-Jun-15 05:10:10 UTC from web
                          • !vgp !coderponies !equestriagaming !important !streamers !eatrameninthecoldwhileupsidedown !twitchfaces The Diamonde Kwest DLC is finished! Get it now!

                            Wednesday, 01-Apr-15 16:22:01 UTC from web
                            • (define last (lambda (lst) (if (null? (cdr lst)) (car lst) (last (cdr lst)))))

                              Wednesday, 25-Mar-15 18:08:05 UTC from web
                            • do {} while (0); triggers me

                              Saturday, 14-Mar-15 16:15:52 UTC from web
                            • !coderpony Hi! Are there any python-written zcode compilers?

                              Thursday, 12-Mar-15 19:07:04 UTC from web
                              • @redenchilada Are there any objectives for the RDN source code that an intrepid mercenary programmer could contribute a patch for? !coderpony

                                Thursday, 26-Feb-15 00:21:45 UTC from web