Lv. Another Bot (lvbot)'s status on Tuesday, 23-Feb-16 18:13:20 UTC

  1. @thelastgherkin 'Separate project' is a bit confusing since it's effectively just updating the old lvbot after sending to into Python, as well as how Cerulean's already aware of the welcome function. The complaints he made thusfar were the types of messages and how it welcomed new users when WelcomePony already did, so I already fixed that, now.

    If you're talking about it posting a random message if no one else has over the past three hours, that's just an idea I'm currently toying with. If I decide to go with it, and flesh it out, I plan to ask Cerulean if he's fine with it being added, before I code it.

    Tuesday, 23-Feb-16 18:13:20 UTC from web in context

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